Friday, June 17, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute Écumes D'or Lip Kaleidoscope (Part II)

If you missed's Part I
Moving along, here's Part II.

Dustin with Écumes D'or

Luckily for me, I had an awesome volunteer who is a bit darker than me in skintone so you can get an idea of how it looks layered. You know, there are questions if you're darker than NC30+, how will it show up? 

So the lovely lady had her full face on then took off her lipcolor for my review :D

Her natural lip color. She's probably around NC35

Dustin working his magic on her. He's like a NC20 for comparison. 

The bottom color on her lips.

The purple on top of the pink. You can kinda see the cool cast where the flash hits the lips.

the final result on her

Dustin lightly lined her lips on the edge for some definition
kaleidoscope on top of lipstick (bottom swatch for reference) no flash.

with flash

pictures of the Le Metier de Beaute lip brush

you remove the cap from the bottom and that's how it retracts


  1. Oh wow, the yellow looks soo good layered over the lipstick!
    Dustin's hair is just epic ♥♥♥ I look forward to the day I can finally meet him and let him work his magic :)

  2. I realised I have nothing at all in my stash like this...anyway, most (actually, all) will go with me in my luggage! Thank you, this is so awesome :D

  3. That is really pretty! Great post, as usual!

  4. What a great post! I know I was wondering how the colors would look on darker skin tones. They are beautiful alone and with lipstick! I really don't have anything similar to this. Must go meet Dustin.

  5. SO pretty!! That yellow looks amazing!

  6. K first of all Dustin is GORGEOUS! Looove how it looks on the model. Im especially excited about layering these colors on top of other lippies. Thank you so much for part 1 & 2. Hopefully I can snag one next week. If not, fml lol.

  7. I want to hop on a plane right now to NYC and go see Dustin, is not fair that I live in the UK! THe palette looks beautiful, do hope Le Metier return to UK shores soon x

  8. very nice. do you know what shade the lipstick is? rio?

  9. Thank you. The lipstick is Thailand.

  10. i am soo excited for this now :)

  11. Mine just arrived Friday and it's stunning! I was able to take some photos yesterday-(the sun gods were smiling on me). I love the sophisticated nude it gives as an end result and the scent is simply divine/sexy.

    I love reading about your travels to BG! x

  12. Thank you for the positive feedback everyone :)

    random fyi: I found out yesterday how the lip kaleidoscope looks on a NC43: an epic purple-pink shade. I died a little because I wished it looked like that on me !