Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chikuhodo Z-8 Cheek Brush +

I'm so excited to discuss one of my recent acquisitions...

For some time I use a mix of makeup brushes, from MAC to Shu and Le Metier de Beaute's. Overall I am happy with what I do have, but I've been wanting to streamline what I use. Anyway, long story short, I've been on a hunt for a brush to use highlighters and blush. I do currently own a couple of Shu Uemura blush brushes, but I wanted something a little different. Eventually I do plan on phasing out my MAC ones and random other brands and ultimately just keeping it Japanese with brushes (with an exception of a couple).

When it comes to makeup brushes, there's no question that the Japanese make the best ones out there. Some are familiar with Shu Uemuras, others use Hakuhodo, RMK, and of course the infamous luxury Suqqu brushes. You get the idea, the Japanese are known for using the finest hair, the ultimate craftsmanship and exquisite design. 

To those of you who are a bit unfamiliar with Chikuhodo, they're the manufacturers of the best brushes out there (including Suqqu). Of course, being an amazing line of brushes, I've always wanted one. but since they're from Japan...that means I can't easily buy one. *cries* 

Until now !! Thank you to a fellow friend who gave me the most amazing opportunity to get one of these bad girls.  I now own a Chikuhodo Z-8 *cue in the skies parting and angels singing and rainbows shining with flying unicorns*

Onto the review!!!

Hair: it's made from 100% grey squirrel hair. Can I just say this is the softest brush I've ever touched? It's not just soft, it's orgasmic-inducing soft. What I've noticed about this specific hair is that it comes to a very fine point. It's so excellent and appropriate because it's a tapered brush. So even though the brush itself is tapered, the hairs itself are tapered. 

Density: It's definitely a dense brush, not dense as a powder brush, but it's one of the denser blush brushes I've come across. You'll see what I mean. The brush itself is a lot lighter in my hands than how it appears. Yes, it's light, but it doesn't feel flimsy.

Ferrule and handle: it's black, long and it's very sturdy. What makes this stand out is that a lot of mid-end brushes or even lower end ones, the ferrule is always flimsy to me. I'm always that person in Sephora touching brushes and the ferrule just comes off. (no, i'm not kidding).The handle itself is black lacquered (wood).

Why is this so amazing?: For those who have super pigmented blushes, it's so easy to just dab this in and apply it on your cheeks without looking like you've been sunburned. Since it's tapered, it's great for those who want a really soft contour on the hollows of the cheeks. if you own a really dark powder bronzer who can just use a light hand, this is the kind of brush that will fit the bill. Blending is such a breeze with this brush. It's literally applying and blending at the same time. Due to the softness of the brush, sometimes with non pigmented blushes I have to pick up a bit more product to apply on my face. At the same time, non pigmented blushes are hard to get a hold of anyway. Plus owning something that's so hard to come by just makes this gem so much more rewarding.

There's always the benefit of owning a brush that's luxurious just as it is well designed. Even holding it in my hands, it's truly holding a true piece of art. I finally feel like I own a unicorn :D

Total price: $154. (price which is approx: $117 + tax + shipping + fees).

Z-8 in all it's glory

oops, there's a bit of dust on it. thx, mr. fan. meep. >;[

From left to right:

Shu Goat 18

Shu 20H

Shu 17

Chikuhodo Z-8

Left to right:

Shu goat 18

Chikuhodo Z-8

The brochure that came with my package.


  1. Shoot. Now have brush lemmings!

  2. it's a magical brush. *dies a little*

  3. I love how you could capture the fineness of the hair! And!!! I didn't want my X'mas present to be this Z-series >____<

  4. That is beautiful!! I nearly cried looking at them the other day and realising there's no shipping outside of Japan. *wails*

  5. how does this compare to the suqqu cheek brush?

    1. i dont own the suqqu cheek brush. the only brushes i own from them at the moment are the eyeshadow brushes -- F/M/L.

      if and when i acquire the suqqu cheek brush -- i'll do a review on it.