Wednesday, January 22, 2014

By Terry Cellularose Blush Glacé Swatches:

Guess what this pair of black panties came across this morning?

Shade 1: Rose Melba
Shade 2: Flower Sorbet
Shade 3: Frozen Petal


Left to Right: Shade 1 (Rose Melba), Shade 2 (Flower Sorbet), Shade 3 (Frozen Petal)
Shades 2 and 3 are my favorite…there's no visible shimmer, and they dry down to a stain type finish, but when photographed and how it actually looks on the cheek…it looks like hydration, suppleness, and a soft focus glow. It's what I wished the Addiction cheek polishes to be. It's so delicious. The colors remind me of macarons.

I didn't have enough space to swatch shade 2 and 3 due to miscalculating the amount of product and arm space. You can see a touch of faint shade 2 between shades 1 and 3, and that was with several attempts to get it off with makeup remover. Sorry for the patchy swatches, I have an unsteady left arm only works sometimes (at the moment).

Left to Right: Shade 1 (Rose Melba), Shade 3 (Frozen Petal), Shade 2 (Flower Sorbet),

I'll give an in depth review a bit later since I just got them. Oh and Terry came out with a new Color Control Radiance Elixir…they come in three FOUR shades (white, apricot, and of course, rose, and a deeper golden color.
I had to get the rose one:

I'm curious to see how much of a brighting effect it gives alone and under makeup…be on the lookout on a review on this later. :)

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