Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chikuhodo Z-5 Eyeshadow Brush

I'm sorry for not being able to blog as often, as I've been really busy as of late, and it's still busy, and will be busy until after Christmas this year.

So a little over a week or so, I got my much anticipated Chikuhodo Z-5 brush. For those who aren't familiar with Chikuhodo brushes, the few that I do own are from Z series, and here's my review on the Z-8 from earlier this year.

So back to the Z-5:

Initial thoughts: at first I was a bit, um...not happy at a first glance because it's wider and a bit larger than what i was accustomed to. When i felt the hairs against my fingers and did quick swiping motions with the brush against my arm, I thought the brush was a bit too soft for my liking, as I like stiffer eyeshadow brushes so the eyeshadow can stay on my lids. I was a bit let down when I first had it in my hands. Then I turned the brush for its profile, and I was like "hmmm".

Hair: 100% grey squirrel. Yes it's insanely soft, and as we know already from the Z-8, is that the hair comes to a very fine point. The brush itself is tapered and the hairs itself are tapered.  

Ferrule and handle: it's black, long and the brush is very light weight. When you pick up the brush itself, you think to yourself, "this is lighter than it looks". The ferrule is sturdy (as in the metal base isn't loose). The handle itself is black lacquered (wood). 

Application: So I tried it with eyeshadow and it just went on seamlessly. Usually I have to pat on the color so I don't experience fallout from the brush and from the eyeshadow falling off my lids (even with primer sometimes). You just place the color on the lid and the color stays on your lids. I was like "ooooooo". The brush picks up very little product and very few pats are needed to get the effect you want. 

When you apply eyeshadow on your lids, the color blends (like a gradient) a bit into the crease, like it's doing the job of blending for you by just patting on the color (reason being that the brush is tapered). Adding darker colors to your eyes is great, since it doesn't pack on the color a lot where you applied too much dark eyeshadow. Blending with this brush is just so easy, since the brush does some of the work for you. Color me smitten, because I thought I was going to hate this brush, when I adore it now. Soft brush and no fallout? amazing.

Of course if u have any eyeshadow left on your brush, it easily comes off on a napkin, which means maintaining the brush clean is so easy. Plus the brush is insanely soft. soft. *drool* Definitely a brilliant brush that took me by surprise :) 

Price: 3900 Yen, which is approx $51. I paid a bit more due to fees and shipping, but you get the idea. 
onto the photos :D

L - R: MAC 224, Shu Natural 10, Shu 13G, Chikuhodo Z-5

L - R: MAC 224, Shu Natural 10, Shu 13G, Chikuhodo Z-5

side view of the Z-5. see how its tapered? :D

Sunday, October 2, 2011

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