Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tom Ford Smoke Red lipstick +

So I purchased this on Fashion Night out and this was recommended to me by the Tom Ford MA as the perfect color for fall. I purchased it with the intention of seeing Tom Ford himself, but that didn't happen, but back to the lipstick itself:

It's a lovely shade of cool-burgundy red, a bit deep in color, but it's not super bright. I consider this a "wearable" red, as in I can see this being flattering on a lot of skintones. It's definitely creamy in texture, with some slip to the lips, with the added benefit that it's not drying. What is a bit of a downer is I can't apply it with one swipe and be out the door. There's no smell to the lipstick, or at least none that I can detect. What I found out now about is if I do wear this alone (no primer, lipliner) it does feather VERY slightly into the second hour. It doesn't feather anymore after that, which isn't bad at all (given no primer/lipliner).

As for lasting power: it's not a long lasting lipstick, but it does leave a nice stain over time. I can get about 3.5 hours of this lipstick with a meal and a beverage (the color applied with lipliner and primer).

Pictures of the lipstick are seen below. I did one quick swipe so you can see how it applies, with no base, no lipliner, no blotting, straight from the tube (no lipbrush). As you can see, it will require two swipes so it can go completely opaque (as seen on my upper lip in the natural lighting).

Me wearing it indoors, with flash.


This is a picture of me wearing it next to a window in natural lighting, with no flash. 

I do adore the color for the fall. Is it worth the $45? If you want to indulge yourself for a lovely lipstick, with nice packaging then sure. I do think there are great lipsticks with longer lasting power and nice packaging as well for a bit less though. Do I regret the purchase? No. Will I buy another Tom Ford lipstick? Not really, unless they come out with a long-lasting formula and maybe I'd consider it.


  1. This is so pretty on you! This is the one shade I have, too. Sadly, turns bright and pinkish on me. :( I agree, these are nice, but I'm not sure about $45 nice. Of course, if there was a shade I loved, I'd do it again! LOL

  2. That sucks! This is one of my items that I'll feel obligated to wear because I spent $$ on it. Ah well whatever. lol

  3. I love the color on you! What is your skin tone?

  4. NC 25/30, Nude in Chantecaille Future skin, GA LSF in 5.