Thursday, September 16, 2010

Le Metier de Beaute eyeshadows ***edited 2.25.11***

I can't sing enough praises about this makeup line. From the lipcremes, to the eyeshadows....

But let's just focus on their eyeshadows for now. They're soft, creamy, and just DIVINE. You can easily control the intensity, from a sheer wash to packing on the color, even though not a lot of pigment is needed.

DISCLAIMER: These are the colors for the United States. Apparently the colors are NOT the same outside the USA. The names are the same, but the colors may vary. So if you live outside the USA, check your local counter to make sure that the color is the same.

I can't help but touch them whenever I stop by my local counter. Most customers that pass by can't help but stare either. I've never been a fan of other brands eyeshadow lines either because it's streaky, not blendable (hello, YSL). In short, definitely try them out. I decided not to swatch them because they're very true to color on your eyes as they are in the pot. These eyeshadows are definitely in a league of it's own.


  1. I love your pictures. It's frustrating at the Le Metier counter since they don't have the names visible and I haven't found that the MA's even know them that well.
    I don't have Google Friend but I'm bookmarking your blog! Excited to see what else you have to share. Good luck.

  2. Well Dustin is my go person for this line. He's brilliant and very nice. He gives me great recommendations and has patience. If you want to make a phone call and make a purchase and get good recommendations, give him a call. He works at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC.

    Thank you for bookmaring.

  3. Wow, those colors looks lovely. Is that counter it at Nordie's? I *need* to swatch Corinthian, Chameleon and Jojo after seeing these photos. Thank you for sharing! Love the products you are featuring here on your shiny new blog!

    ~sunshinelaur =D

  4. They're sold at select nordies stores and nordies online, but my local LMdB isn't nordies. :)

  5. Recently bought some shadows, they are the best, cleaned out my makeup caddy of other brands I don't care for and now I want to buy more colors of LMDB....looking for a nice medium brown with a gold tone, can't decide between Nutmeg or Milan. Not sure how much sheen the nutmeg has to use in the crease. Have your tried these colors?

  6. Actually nutmeg is more shimmery/sparkle than milan. Milan is more of a satin type texture compared to nutmeg.

  7. by the way which e/s for lid color would you rec on NC25 and have you tried their kaledioscope e/s tower ? I heard there's one coming out on v-day