Sunday, September 19, 2010

Edward Bess Moroccan Rose Blush

I've had this for a few weeks already. I stopped by the Edward Bess counter and asked what were some of the newer items in September and he stated that there's new foundation in a compact...cream to powder finish and photo friendly. He also mentioned his newest blush in Moroccan Rose, which I purchased. The color didn't seem like something I would wear (I usually do the usual baby pink or nude). I figured "well, I need to venture out of the box and this color looks pretty".

I'm so glad I purchased it. It's a beautiful rose/muave shade. The formula is beautiful too, creamy, soft, and pigmented. I didn't think I would end up wearing it outside, but I did twice and it's still a color I'm personally getting used to, but I definitely like it. :) It's funny because I have no problem wearing bright red lipstick, but this shade I was wondering "Do I look weird"? Silly me.

Below you'll see how it compares to more well known colors:

From Left to Right in both photos: Rock and Republic Kinky (1 swipe with my finger), Moroccan Rose (1 swipe), and Chanel Fantasia (3 swipes)

with flash

without flash:

Fantasia looks similar, but it is definitely warmer in person, as you can see it more in the picture without flash.


  1. Ooo, that EB blush is soo pretty! The girls at the counter were trying to talk me into the foundation. Also in December there will be lots of pinks!

  2. im kinda curious about the foundation too...but, i love shu nobara if i want a photo friendly foundation. i just don't want to amass 3784328794255847 foundations.

    i'll definitely be checking in on that counter to see what will be coming up towards the holidays :)