Wednesday, September 22, 2010

By Terry Terrybly Blush

So these come in four shades. The texture is pretty creamy and soft. It has a checker-like pattern embossed in the blush, which is cute. I did find some difficulty picking up pigment. Blush #1 (Rose) was very hard to photograph, as it was borderline chalky on me (I'm GA Luminous Foundation #5, MAC NC 25-30 for reference). I feel like these shades would be the most flattering on people who are NC or NW 25 and lighter.  Anyway, swatches are below:

From top to bottom:

1. Rose
2. Erotic Pink
3. Platonic Coral
4. Hypnotic Copper

This blush retails for $70 at Barneys. Are they pretty colors? yes, but is it worth $70? eh, they're nice colors, but not $70 nice (at least to me). There are many other brands that have nice consistency, pigmented blushes and doesn't cost as much, that I'm more than satisfied with. :) 


  1. Thanks so much for swatching these!! I caved and ordered Erotic Pink- it is gorgeous, not chalky or too light on my NC35/40ish skin. The texture is so superfine, I can build up a lot of color without it looking like I'm adding product. I have to admit, I'm impressed. :)

  2. I guess I said it wrong: Rose was the one that I had a hard time getting to show up on me. The other colors are nice too, but I had to really work at it for the shades to show up on me. I think I had some crappy testers or something .