Tuesday, November 19, 2013

By Terry Holiday 2013

Hi all!

It has been a while, and this will be a quick post since I am in the middle of errands…look at what I got a few hours ago. 

Terry Holiday consists of:
Two eyeliners (a black and gold one)
Two ombre backstars
Nail polish (a topcoat and I think a couple of shades)

**Four glosses (I don't know if this is part of holiday, or just an addition to her existing gloss lineup), but it all arrived at the same time.

I decided to pass on the black eyeliner, but when applied it looks like a wet and shiny black eyeliner. The other eyeliner which is called "Festive Gold", is sold out at one location and Barneys doesn't have it in (yet). Festive Gold looks more like an amber than an actual gold shade. Once that arrives I will definitely pick it up, swatch and post it on here.

As for the 4th gloss shade, it's a dark purple type shade…Since there were no testers of the glosses at either location, I passed on it until the counters have testers of them. 

As for the other items…well here ya go:

Blue Obsession (14), Ombre Mercure (15),  Be Nude (6), Bitten Splash (9), Flamenco Desire (10) (taken with flash)

Closeup of Blue Obsesssion so you can see the sparkle.

Blue Obsession: a gorgeous velvet finish, navy cream eyeshadow with pink-red, blue, and silver sparkle. The pinky-red sparkle is definitely apparent, even in dim lighting. It's not a super sparkly shade, but the sparkle definitely makes this shade something to truly obsess over. This is probably the star of the collection. I don't wear much blue, but I just couldn't pass it up.

Ombre Mercure: It's a gorgeous gold pewter shade…I'll have to rummage through my stash to see what shade it's most similar to, but I do know her Beyond Gold cream eyeshadow shade is definitely more yellow, vibrant, and a true gold in comparison. I don't think I have anything similar to this. It's like the perfect wash of color for those days you just want to slap one shade on your lids. 

Be Nude: This is a light peach shade on my lips. Peach lip products are not my friend. Big reason due to my pigmented lips…or maybe part of it has to do with my darker hair. Some peach gloss just doesn't show up either. Another gripe I have with peach glosses is they tend to have a white base (yuck). 

Anyway, Be Nude is a great peach that I can wear with a dark eye, the downside is that I can't wear this by itself (as in when I'm not wearing makeup). This shade may show up is a peachy pink on some people, especially those with lighter skin tones or maybe less pigmented lips. 

Bitten Splash: A mauve when applied. It has pink in it when swatched, but on my actual lips it's definitely mauve. This color may not be for everyone either, since mauve is a hard color to pull off in my opinion. When I first applied this, I wasn't won over, but the more I stare at myself in the mirror with this on, the more I'm warming up to this shade. 

Flamenco Desire: This shade when swatched looks like a gorgeous coral, but when applied it looks like a cross between a coral and strawberry pink. Her discontinued shade Pomegranate Flash has more red and more opaque in comparison. My only semi issue with Flamenco Desire is the same semi issue I had with Pomegranate Flash -- if I didn't wear a lipliner, the gloss doesn't adhere to the top part of my lip. As I've stated in the past, I have this issue with random lip items (not just with By Terry, but even with other random brands, even with some lipsticks).