Friday, May 27, 2011

By Terry Gloss Delectation #8: Pomegranate Flash

So there have been some questions in relation to By Terry lip glosses...and today I'll review Gloss Delectation #8. It has taken me a while to review this, and I really have mixed feelings about them. 

Packaging: it comes in a clear tube with a purple lid. The applicator isn't the standard doe foot, as you'll see in the pics below. I like the shape of the applicator because I can create a crisp line without using a separate brush.

Color and Fragrance: It's a vibrant coral in the tube. The color in the tube stood out to me because I love vibrant lip colors. It's a really pretty coral, with a bit of red in it. On some people I can see it showing up as a orange-red depending on the person. It's so lovely in the tube and when swatched. It's definitely has a STRONG fragrance and I mean STRONG, so be aware of that.

Texture and Formula: Here's my dilemma with this lip item. It took me a LONG time to figure out how to apply this properly. If I apply too much of this on, it will rub off on my upper lip in (the area in my cupids bow). Of course if I barely apply any on, the color isn't as vibrant. It took me several attempts to get the right amount of color on my lips for the effect that I want. It fades pretty well, and the lasting power is longer than average for a gloss. I want to say about over 3 hours and two sodas during that time, the color is vibrant, but not like the original application.The texture of this is so soft and plush, and the finish is a very high shine (no glitter). When you swatch it, you would think it's sticky because it's slightly thick and lush, but it's not sticky at all. It's a bit more red than seen in this photo, but the high shine effect is the same.The finish is amazing, I cannot stress how I love a high shine like advertisements <3

courtesy of Vibe magazine
Price and Size: $44.00 for 7 mL or 0.23 oz

Is it worth it?: I think some of the colors are worth having, but I am a bit peeved at how you have to learn how to apply it properly, especially the price you're paying for this gloss. It seriously was a learning curve for me, but I do like it a lot. It's worth it for me, but for those who can't be bothered in terms of taking your time in applying it, I would pass. But in the end, if you can master the application, it's easy after that and full of awesomeness.

Onto the photos:

indoor lighting with flash.

in natural sunlight, no flash

Top (left): By Terry Gloss Delectation #8
Bottom (right): Dior Lip polish #3

you can see how warm the color is and how opaque the shade is.


  1. AH! This is gorgeous! Very very pretty! Thanks for this post.

  2. AH! This is an awesome color! Thanks for this post.