Thursday, May 19, 2011

Travel makeup +

So I was out of the country and I've had people ask what I brought with me in terms of makeup. I didn't think people really cared in terms of what I normally wear...I am glad someone does :)

I was out of town back in March and I took even less stuff with me back then. I left the country for family reasons, and there were a couple of nights where I had to wear at least a semi-full face.

From left to right:

Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge: I wore it almost everyday as my tinted moisturizer. The two main reasons I took this with me is because I had tried a new skincare product (samples) that broke me out and I wanted my breakouts to heal quickly. Second reason is that on my last trip, I took Chantecaille Future Skin foundation so I wanted to rotate. Last summer when I was out in the sun, I got serious rashes from the sun since I work nights. Being in the sun as of recent with this foundation, I had no adverse skin reactions (as in my skin didn't burn or fall off). I was in warmer weather climate and my skin didn't get darker, but my arms and my legs surely did (and for reference,  I wore SPF 30 sunscreen on my hands/arms/legs). I look weird now that my face is a lot lighter than the rest of my skin now. Ah well. lol.

By Terry Baume de Rose: I used this as my lipbalm about every other day. I felt the maximum benefit at the airport because for some reason my lips get really dry. It could be the air conditioning or something with airports/airplanes.

Le Metier de Beaute Fraise Lip Creme: I wore this almost everyday too. I wore it for the times that I had to wear a semi full face as well. I like dark or vibrant reds, but I had to keep it tame for my family and for the events I had to go to. It's definitely a wearable color, even for daytime. So for those who are concerned about wearing bright or vibrant colors, I consider it an office-friendly color. I'll review this at a later date.

Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani #103: This is my go to lipstick for serious events, as well. I wore this twice, which is odd. I think due to the warmer weather I didn't wear it as often as I'd like. Sunnier weather=slightly more vibrant colors? I mixed this with Fraise lip creme and it looked pretty awesome. Neat discoveries are always a good thing.

By Terry Misty Rock cream eyeshadow: I'm not a big eyeshadow person, but I did wear this when I had to wear a semi full face. I just used it for those times and that was it. I really do mean it, this cream eyeshadow does live in my purse if I'm going out at night last minute and I need to do a quick face. Apply from the tube, blend with fingers and bam! you're out the door.

By Terry Touchee Veloutee: I love this stuff, as it is my under eye concealer. If I am having a great skin day, I use this on red spots on my face and under my eyes. If I go out at night I wear my regular foundation and use this to brighten the area under my eyes. Since I was wearing a luminous tinted moisturizer, I didn't feel the need to use it, since Peau Vierge brightens those areas by itself. So note to self: if wearing Peau Vierge, no need for this too. Otherwise, must have Touchee Veloutee in bag.

Armani Eyes to Kill mascara: It's a mini. my ultimate mascara. Need I say more?

Shu #14 brush: I recently bought it since it was highly recommended. I'll review this at a later time. Wonderful brush and I used it when I had to wear...

Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush #5: The perfect beige nude blush that fits the bill on so many levels. This needs a review on its own at a later date as well.

Bioderma Crealine H2O (not pictured): I had this in a small sample jar.


  1. That brush looks awesome, I look forward to a more detailed review.

  2. Your travel makeup is simpler than the one I bring (almost) everyday to the gym! Wow! x

  3. it doesnt include skincare, but for skincare i brought 1 moisturizer and a serum.

    i can't be bothered wearing a lot of stuff. i feel like i never have the time to concentrate doing a full face unless i'm going out on my night off.

  4. It's always so interesting to see how others pack. I am NOT a light packer when in comes to makeuP LOL Even when travelling I still feel the need to do something different everyday. If I did a post on what I brought to Mexico in January I'm sure it would have gotten quite the laugh ;-)

  5. That looks like a simple but hardworking supply of go-with-everything colors. Great editing! I am intrigued by the Rouge d'Armani 103. I have 105 but it's a touch too beige for my pigmented lips.

  6. ive tried 105 and it looks cadaverish on me. 103 is a wearable nude since it's a pinky-beige color and i have pigmented lips too. i hope that helps.

  7. @PerilouslyPale, there's nothing wrong with carrying lots of pretties. i'm that kind of person who loses everything easily, plus i feel like my life is always in a rush. i feel like i never have time to put on makeup on most occasions. :|

  8. Ooh, I love travel makeup posts!
    This is a great selection of products to cover pretty much any makeup requirements for day as well as night. I have (and love) all of these, except for the brush and the Fraise gloss, as I favour somewhat less bright options, such as Nice, or a dab of Summerland.

  9. Thanks, bp. 103 sounds precisely want I wanted 105 to be. I normally wear red, so nudish lipsticks scare me a little, but I keep trying.

  10. im glad we have similar taste in makeup. i'll do a review on Shu #14 at a later date, but i think you should try fraise lip creme :) @inthesweetshop

    @zuzu i hope you can try it out at a counter to see how it looks. i'm NC25-30 and it's lovely on me.

  11. I love these kinds of posts, all those "whats in my bag" kind of things. Seems like you have really been able to hone in on what you really need. I always bring about 15 lippies...can't pare it down to less :P

  12. In my purse on an everyday basis I do have like 5 lipsticks and glosses. but whenever I travel, I do have the tendency to lose things and having the risk of other people wanting to use my makeup.

    Oh trust me, I can totally relate with having many lipstuff in my bag lololol. During my day I change my lipcolor at least 2-3 times. *headdesk*

  13. Nice choice of makeup to travel with. =) Btw, great blog. I found your blog on specktra.


  14. aww thank you :) i hope you'll continue to read it :]


  15. Gee, I take SO much more. By the time I get around to packing, it's just easier to take everything. You've inspired me to try harder!