Thursday, January 20, 2011

Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani swatches +

My personal favorite lipstick formula is from Giorgio Armani. It's creamy, but not too creamy. They're not drying, and the lasting power is amazing. I've tried:

Dolce & Gabbana: nice color selection, but the lasting power is so short. 

Chanel: not that long lasting, and I'm never that impressed with their color selection, although I know a lot of people love their lipsticks.
MAC: they're drying, the Amplified Cremes are nice, but not as long-lasting.
NARS (non mattes) they're ok, but not long lasting
Hourglass: the formula is too runny, although I can only speak for their red lipsticks.  
Guerlain: this stuff just slides off after a short while. 
Edward Bess: too creamy for me personally
Tom Ford: medicore lasting power, you can refer to my Smoke Red review 
YSL: too creamy, the smell is nauseating, and not long lasting at all.
Clinique: I like the texture, but not long lasting either.
Makeup Forever: nice texture and formula, but again, not as long lasting. I will say that they're better than most lipsticks out there, worth trying if you can.
Shu Uemura: this is my other favorite formula (Rouge Unlimited and their creme mattes), but this will have its own review. 

Ok aside from the formula, the color selection is pretty amazing considering that this particular formula hasn't been out that long. 

Duration: 6 hours and that entails drinking several drinks, eating 2 meals, and lots of talking. No touchup required during this time. 

Packaging: durable with a magnetic clasp. There's a bit of heft to them, but for me it's not an issue. 

What I personally own and swatches:

From top to bottom:


The shade I get most compliments on?: 513

What got me interested in this line?: Finding my HG pinky nude, and a GA MA chose 103 for me. It's my first Rouge d'Armani and it's my HG pinky nude. 

Which color I've been wearing as of late: 516

Downside: none. It's fragrance free and even if you have flakies on your lips, this lipstick formula doesn't accentuate them. Maybe the only downside is the price ( for some); it's $30. This has got to be my favorite item from Giorgio Armani, along with their fluid sheers. I'd pay $60 for these lipsticks, that's how much I love them. They really are that awesome. :)


  1. Now I'm totally lemming 103, 403, and 513!

    btw would you say 403 is more of a dark red or a berry color?

  2. i consider it a deep red leaning burgundy. it's not a true burgundy shade.

  3. I have three and love them all - 504, 605, and 606. I want to get more but I need to see the shades in person before I do. I'm looking for a few more natural shades (these are more dark or bright on me). 506 looks gorgeous! 103 might wash me out, though.


  4. If you find these shades being too dark, 103 isn't that pale. It's the pinkest out of the beige series (100s). Most nude shades are too chalky or wash me out and this doesn't. Try it out before completely disregarding the color :)

  5. So pretty! I have only 105 and 606, but I would love to try that 400.

  6. 400 is a nice starter red. I like it a lot ;)

  7. Thank you for the lipstick brand rundown! It definitely saves me time and money...

    I am a red fiend, and very picky about the shade/tone and texture/staying power. I totally agree with your descriptions of MAC, Hourglass, and YSL; as for Clinique, Chanel, NARS, and many others, they don't have the right reds for me. Haven't tried Shu, and they're not sold in the US anymore as far as I know :(

    I also like MUFE; currently wearing #42, I think (the label is worn off). I'm off to try GA 400 now!