Friday, January 28, 2011

Giorgio Armani Spring 2011 La Femme Bleue +

I would like to present swatches and overall conclusion to Giorgio Armani Spring 2011:

You can see the entire spring collection on KarlaSugar to see a complete overview on the collection. 518 lipstick is permanent, so I'll be getting that later. What I can say about 518 is that it does have a bit of sparkle, which is unusual, because Rouge d'Armani lipsticks have none (well none that I've tested or own). The artist used 518 lipstick and #16 lip shimmer on top and it's the perfect light pink opal sheen. :) I did find out (random aside) that #16 is their best selling lip shimmer. Overall description: #16 is gorgeous on its own, and the color is what MAC oyster girl wishes she was. I've finally found my super light pink opalescent lip combo that doesn't look like chalk on my pigmented lips. 

The highlight of the collection: the eyeliners. They're smooth, creamy, and extremely long lasting. They apply almost like a gel or liquid eyeliner. They come in black, taupe, and green. I've tested it on the waterline and this stuff doesn't come off. I don't understand why Armani makes these Limited Edition, because they're brilliant. I purchased the black and taupe shades.

I also purchased the blush and what's nice about it is that it's matte. It's the first time that Armani has made a matte blush, but I'm relatively new to the line, so I have no idea if they've made any in the past. 

I got the blush
2 of the black eyeliner (#1)
2 of the taupe eyeliner (#2)

From top to bottom: 
Le Metier Precision Liquid Eyeliner in Noir.
Shu Uemura Painting liner
Giorgio Armani eyeliner in #1. (black)
Giorgio Armani eyeliner in #2. (taupe)

I've been going gaga over the black shade because it's so so so black. I missed out on these last year because they were sold out within a couple of days.

In terms of shimmer: The black one has 0 shimmer, whereas the taupe shade it's very fine, micro shimmer. It's only really visible up close.

From left to right:
Rock and Republic Spank
Giorgio Armani Spring Blush
Shu P Wine 25.

This blush is amazing. This will now be my everyday soft pink blush. woooohoooo

Spank is a bit warmer in person, but as you can see, the GA pink is definitely not overly cool. It seems more neutral when it's applied on my face, but you can get the idea.

What's worth getting: The eyeliners. The green one is glorious too, but I've only been buying what I'll wear on a consistent basis. The blush, I can see darker skintones not being able to wear it since it's a sheer pink. Plus, if you have a similar shade, then you can pass on it, but the advantage of Armani blushes is the finish and the awesome quality. 

I thought the finishing powder was passable, it's basically a micro fined version of pink opal pigment. I do like the effect it gives on my face (a nice warmth), but I never wear finishing powders. The palette, although it's gorgeous, it's just not what I would wear (personally). Don't be afraid of the colors in it, because the artist did make this palette so wearable (a soft everyday look) on me. This is coming from someone who only really wears neutrals. I do think it's worth seeing if you like greens and purples.


  1. Ugh..I just started to get off my crazy blush kick..and now I want the new GA one >.< Why, Panties...why??? Lol. xxx

  2. Well, if you have spank and prefer warmer pinks, then you can skip it. I was reminded why I don't go for warm pinks, it can look garish at times.

  3. I have to have that black liner. I tried it last spring and have been kicking myself ever since for not getting it then