Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute Ibiza lipstick

I've been asked about their lipsticks in terms of finish, how they look like on, etc.

I've never bothered to check them out, and I don't know why (I know, please check my temperature). The panties way would have been getting a red lipstick, but this time I let my MA suggest one for me. He said, let's try some Ibiza. 

I'm sure we all know how lip stains can be really drying on your lips. . . ? I only own 2 and I hardly reach for them for this reason. 

A little back story is Le Metier started off with lipsticks at first. The purpose or what they were trying to achieve with these lipsticks, is to create a moisturizing lipstain. These lipsticks aren't your typical lipsticks in the sense of just giving you a beautiful color that sits on top of your lips. These lipsticks sink a bit into your lips like a stain, and give a nice color payoff (a beautiful iridescence that most lipstains don't offer).   

My overall thoughts on this concept: "um, what? ... ... ..." anyway, I bought Ibiza because the color is really pretty. It's a moisturizing lipstain...they're not creamy or super moisturizing like Edward Bess or YSLs RVs, but they're not drying like most MAC lipsticks. The iridescence of these colors are so awesome. 

Ok here's a swatch: 

On top is Le Metier de Beaute Ibiza

on the bottom: Shu Wine 25. 

and a picture of the lipstick: 

Why did I use a blush to compare the color? Well, I really don't own many pinks, and the few I do own aren't similar to Ibiza. The main comparison to a blush is so you can see the beautiful sheen that Ibiza can compare to. Most people love NARS blushes for a pop of color...and then we have Shu blushes that are beautiful because of the finish it gives.

...this is exactly why I love Ibiza: the gorgeous finish.

Packaging: one small gripe, but I must say it--the lipstick itself rattles loose inside the plastic on the base. Um...yea. It's enough where it's pretty apparent, but I think it's just mine, because the testers all looked fine. 

Overall wear and duration: like 4.5 hours and you'll see some fading. The one thing about these lipsticks is that if you have dry/flaky lips, this lipstick may not be forgiving in terms of appearance. The lipstick does sink into your lips like a stain, so there's very minimal transfer (in comparison to my other non matte lipsticks) when you're drinking a beverage. I exfoliated my lips and then wore it again and man, such a difference overall in terms of how pretty it looks. 

I hope this brings some insight on what these lipsticks are all about. :) 

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  1. I have a few of their lipsticks and love them! I have been wondering about Ibiza (the colors on the neiman's website are really not helpful) and it looks very pretty! I'm going to have to order one :)