Saturday, April 20, 2013

By Terry Hyaluronic Blushes (Summer Splash Collection)

Hi !

So yesterday I saw a little piece of the By Terry Summer Collection, but only some of the products were there to be seen, so I grabbed the blushes, which were my main interest.

I was highly disappointed in last years collection because she released a lip stain, which was so patchy, uneven, and it would hardly show up on my lips. I'm relieved that she released products which are MUCH better for this summer. 

I can't speak much about them, but for those who were curious to see swatches...

Packaging: it comes in a tube, with the dispenser being similar to the Becca Beach Tints. Pretty self explanatory, the packaging is nice, since it looks like it could be a big lip balm (so it's not bulky to carry in your purse)

Formula: They're most reminiscent of Armani Blushing Fabrics, silicone in feel and slip, but Terry's is a bit thicker...well more like a mousse texture in comparison the Blushing Fabric. They apply well and glide on so easily. The two shades have a microshimmer, but Blushberry (#2) has more of a sheen and a shimmer, whereas Peach Posh is just a micro sparkle. They're both beautiful, with the sparkle not being overwhelming. 

Size and Price: $42 for 0.5 oz



L to R: By Terry Peach Posh, Blushberry, Armani Blushing Fabric in 1, 4, 5

L to R: By Terry Amber Rose Sheer Liquid Blush, Peach Posh, Blushberry, Armani Blushing Fabric in 1, 4, 5

L to R: By Terry Amber Rose Sheer Liquid Blush, Peach Posh, Blushberry, Armani Blushing Fabric in 1, 4, 5

Friday, April 19, 2013

Haul in the past couple of months :D +



Makeup! :D

Let me know if you prefer more videos or primarily sticking to just writing. I know for sure I want to do a video once I have my organization set up. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Items in my current rotation +

Since I've been on a hiatus, I need to make up for lost time (oops). 

Okay, so items I have been using often are as follows -- FYI I got the RBR compact as a gift from Sethakins. It's not a sponsored post, nor am I getting paid to post it. 

Armani Precision Retouch Concealer: Now that the weather is getting warmer, it's time to lay off on the heavier texture face least my skin prefers thinner formulas come the warmer months. This stuff is seriously high coverage, with an amazing thin brush to get in the under eye areas, as well as point conceal targeted areas. I'm shade 3.

Kilian Extreme Oud: you can read my a couple of posts down. It's so sensual...and delicious. :)

Addiction Damask Rose: It's time for me to break out the brighter pinks, and the easiest way for me to break into those shades is always with a nice bright blush. Not to mention the balmy texture and ease of application. :) 

Hourglass Vintage Lipstick: This one was hiding in my stash for a while. I had purchased it at a Sephora where Josh Collier (MUA) was working at. He showed me the newest lipstick shades, and picked out this color. Totally forgot I had it, until I was settling into the new place and saw it. It's such a gorgeous warm pink brown. 

Chantecaille Just Skin Foundation: Chantecaille is one of those lines that doesn't have an exact match for me in their foundations. I made Future Skin work as best as I could, but over time I found better matches and eventually stopped using it. It made me sad that I couldn't use their Future Skin, but I was determined to have a foundation from their line. Luckily their Just Skin shade in Glow is a semi close match, and it's forcing me to use lighter coverage foundations. I like it so far, but we'll see if it's an item I'll repurchase.

You know Guerlain is another line that I don't have a match in? And they too make nice foundations. 

By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge in #9 Dare to Bare: It's a lipcolor that makes a statement in of itself, a pink with some mauve in it. It darkens my lipcolor, while providing a soft sheen. It's my favorite shade from the new Sheer Rouge line. 

By Terry Laque de Rose in #8: I'm running out of this shade, and I think I have backup somewhere. It pains my little soul that this shade is forever gone. It's that gloss that I use after a lipstick fades because it's just so easy to apply, not to mention just beautiful.

Skinceuticals Sport UV Defense SPF 45: With the sun being out more, and yours truly being sensitive to the sun, I have to use a higher SPF sunscreen. I've bought several of these, and have yet to find something better that works for my skintype. It's a thick cream that blends quickly, doesn't leave a white cast and it wears like iron. You can see in the photo how much I love this sunscreen.

Rouge Bunny Rouge mirror compact: I got this as a present from Sethakins himself, and little did he know I had a worn down mirror that I used since middle school. LOL I refuse to post a picture of the old mirror. I'm glad I have something more polished and functional. Thank you for the awesome present. 


Rouge Bunny Rouge Time Defying Foundation +

Hi and I'm back ! :D

FYI: The review on the product I received as a gift from a friend. It's not a sponsored post, nor did I purchase it (although I was planning to). 

I've been busy settling into my new apartment. It's still a barren place (still almost no furniture), but all of my stuff is in the current residence. The downside is that all of my makeup is in bags/boxes. I threw out my old organizational scheme, since I want something that looks more like furniture, than plastic bins. I think I know what I want to get, but it will have to wait until I get it with a coffee table. 

During my little hiatus, as some of you may know, I met Sethakins7 in his area. I consider myself one of his newer fans of his channel and we have always discussed meeting up at some point. It actually happened on St. Patricks Day weekend. He had asked me what I had thought of my samples of the Time Defying foundation, and as much as I loved it, I had to put off on buying it since I was afraid it would be lost in transit since I was moving. Not to mention I was spending a lot of money on my new place. 

To those who are wondering, I have curbed down on my makeup spending by a lot. Even after I get all of my new furniture, I just need to slow my roll. 

So back to the sex machine that is Seth, it was a wonderful time :). It's funny because I had a present from him, which I wasn't expecting. Maybe because I just considered our meet something casual. 

One of my awesome gifts was a full sized bottle of the Time Defying Foundation!! :D :D Since we are similar in skin tone, he knew my shade. 

Now that I've been wearing this foundation for a couple of weeks, I do have some thoughts. 

Packaging: It's in the standard Rouge Bunny Rouge packaging. To those of you who don't own any liquid RBR products, they seriously take the cake when it comes to luxury packaging. The pump is easy to use, although I'm sure there are some people who don't like glass bottles since it's not travel friendly, I love them since you can sit them on a vanity. 

Formula: It's definitely a medium coverage foundation. I do think the name and the skintype it's supposed to be designated for (mature skin) is a bit misleading. Maybe it's my assumption that with mature skin, that the foundation would be luminous in finish. So before I had my hands on it, I was imagining the foundation being something more along the lines of Bobbi Brown Luminous Foundation or a luminous version of Laura Mercier Silk Creme. 

When I actually applied it, I was like "oh". It's a velvet finish, which I actually prefer, but not the finish I had imagined. I've read reviews that it looks cakey, which I don't agree with. I do think it's a foundation that you have to take your time in blending, because it does set pretty quickly. If you don't blend well, you can see the lines of foundation demarcation (even if the foundation is an exact match) since it's a slightly thicker foundation formula. Just because a foundation is slightly thicker, does not mean it's cakey. I've seen thinner formulations of foundation look cakey. It doesn't look like a mask, it covers pores and redness really well, and it looks like your skin, but better. I can't speak how well it applies when the person has wrinkles.  

If the Time Defying Foundation coverage is too high, it's relatively easy to sheer out with a moisturizer. With this foundation I do like to prep my skin with a thicker moisturizer since it helps me apply the foundation with a thin layer for a more "slap and go" application for my everyday rushed routine. 

The biggest win when it comes to this foundation is that it's far longer lasting than Milk Aquarelle. I'm curious to see how this fares over the summer when the temperatures are over 100 degrees. Over a span of 8 hours, the foundation wears into a very slightly satin finish, which I enjoy, with ever so slight fading. 

Price and Size: 48.50 Euros, for 1.01 oz or 30mL

onto the photos to see how it compares to my other foundations:

Left to Right from most luminous to least: 

1. Ellis Faas Skin Veil 103. This doesn't look as pink (it's actually more peach in real life) when blended on the skin. 

2. Rouge Bunny Rouge  Milk Aquarelle in Chestnut

3. Rouge Bunny Rouge Time Defying Foundation in Wheat

4. By Terry Cover Expert in #8 (again, not as pink when blended).

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