Saturday, August 4, 2012

By Terry Rouge Terrybly Lipstick in Terrybly Nude (100)

The story of my life as of late has been a bit busy...hearing good news from friends -- my girl bunny is engaged, being more social as of late (or trying to)...i hope everyone is in great spirits as of late as well, despite the horribly humid weather.

Anyway, back to my story -- as we all know my hunt for my holy grail nude lip is always a constant search, as in a true nude. Armani 103 will always be the queen of my heart, but I'd like to have more than one nude lipcolor.

This was even a topic of discussion with a SA I often visit and asked her what nudes she likes since she's darker than me. She stated Tom Ford has a couple of nice nudes, but the formula is a bit lacking (who knew she felt that way? i'm glad i'm not alone). Then she suggested By Terry Terrybly Nude. I eventually got around to swatching it and got it. 

Packaging: Silver packaging with "By Terry" lasered on the lipstick on the base (you'll see below). The lid holds down by a magnet. The packaging has a luxury feel, for sure. My biggest issue with the packaging is that the bullet gets scratched so easily in a makeup bag. I mean if I'm paying approximately $50 on a lipstick, it shouldn't scratch so easily. I don't really care since for the most part my lipsticks are not seen on a table or something, but it is something to be noted.

Color: I wore it by itself a few times and I was like a hung jury on it. It wasn't a pinky nude on my lips, which was a bit odd for me to see. Swatched it's a pinky nude, but on me it's a neutral nude with a slight pink to it, but it was more nude than anything else. I went back and forth on this color, which is a bit unfair since I didn't really wear anything else on my face. I mean sure I could wear it by itself, but I didn't know how I felt about it because it wasn't a cool undertone lipstick. 

Then I had an awesome last minute makeover by a new acquaintance. He seriously did me the biggest last minute favor. I'd rather not get into the details because he shouldn't have rushed his dinner to do my makeup, but needless to say, I'm forever grateful. He wondered what I had in my makeup bag lip wise so if I needed to touch up, I'd have the lipstick on hand. Of course I had 100 in my bag and he used that. My goodness, it was gorgeous. My eyes widened when I saw it on.

Thanks to him doing me this amazing favor, he'll be getting an awesome present/surprise from me in a few weeks. 

Formula: It's definitely a hydrating formula, not as much slip like Hourglass', but definitely has moisturizing properties. It fades off really well, and it lasts me about 3 hours or so with a meal included. I don't mind applying this shade straight from the tube, but with her darker shades, I prefer a lip brush because if you apply too much, it feathers on me. With any red lipstick I do like a lipliner, so that solves the feathering issue. My mother who is older can apply her darker shades from the tube though. It has a rose and baby powder scent (signature scent), so be aware of that as well.

Price and Size: $49, for 3.5 grams, or 0.12 oz




GA RdA, By Terry, Burberry, and Hourglass lipstick (size comparison and to see the scratches)

L to R: GA 103, By Terry 100, Burberry Pink Heather lip mist, Hourglass Edition

How does GA 103 compare to By Terry 100?: 103 when applied is more beige, whereas By Terry is more neutral (nude). The difference is enough for me to own both, and 100 is easier to wear without makeup than 103. Pink Heather is definitely more pink and much cooler in undertone than 100.

Overall thoughts: I'm so in love with 100. It's the best out of Terry's nudes, because the other nude shades (100 series) are totally not flattering for me. 


  1. you know i want my pocket ?!?! FOREVAH !! <3 i think barneys has free shipping too. i adore Laque de Rose #8 (Rose Pulpe) too !

  2. I just find your cute blog! I follow you now.

  3. Ooh pretty! Once again, you have succeeded in making me want everything in this post. I am OBSESSED with Burberry Lip Mists but don't own Pink Heather--I really want it! And that Hourglass Edition is a lot glossier than I would think it'd be! It's lovely! Definitely want it! :D

  4. Such pretty pinks, all of them! It's a cryin' shame that the By Terry tube scratches so easily. When you are asking that kind of price point, I expect the packaging to hold up better than that.

  5. Beautiful swatches - esp loving the Burberry!

    Just discovered your blog via Modesty Brown - love it! :)

    Nic x

  6. OH...I love nude pink shade. By terry package is so luxe, but it so easy to get scratches in a handbag.

  7. I love it too!!!

  8. Quick question.... Any chance you could share what changed your verdict on this Nude 100? I have it and just can't get comfortable with the color... How was it used in your "turning point" make up application that made it a true love?


    1. seeing it used in a smokey eye look (a friend did my makeup since i'm horrible at doing smokey eyes myself). that's when it sealed the deal for me.