Monday, August 27, 2012

Chikuhodo Z-7 lip brush +

Given the many reviews I do about lipsticks, it's only appropriate that I write about a lip brush.

A lot of people ask if I use a lip brush everyday. No, I don't. I do use a lip brush when I wear a bold color, and in my personal opinion it's mandatory to use it with a red lipstick.  Of course there are people who may not agree with this notion. I can apply red lipstick without a mirror and have it look good, but it's not the kind of effect I like. I like the crisp lip line (really defined lip) and that can only really be achieved with a lip brush. 

I used to be a personal fan of a curved (upside U shape) brush. A nice tapered brush I felt did the job for achieving the look I wanted, like the Sephora Professionals retractable brush, or the Paul and Joe . . . until I met the Z-7.

Packaging: Shiny metal packaging with gold detailing. Kolinsky is written across the top of the lid and Chikuhodo is written across the brush. The biggest downside is where it says "lip brush", the writing has faded a bit. It's not that big of a deal, but from a luxury brush line, I wish the writing doesn't fade as quickly. You remove the lid and put on the bottom of the brush, which makes it feel like a standard long lip brush.

Hair: Kolinsky, as written across the top of the tube. The hairs are really soft, flexible and pick up a good amount of pigment. The hairs are packed together where it's a bit dense, which is what I personally like. It makes sense to use kolinsky hairs since it works for both cream and powder products.

What makes it so special: The hairs are cut to a flat line, as in it's not tapered or curved. I didn't think much of it for a while, until I had to touch up a red lipstick after dinner. Picture it, a dimly lit bathroom (it's the environment of the restaurant I was in), and I grabbed my lipstick and used the brush. All without wearing my glasses (they were in my purse). It was hard to see in the mirror, but I made a crisp lip line easily. Keep in mind I was touching up a red lipstick. No smearing, no soft edges, or a slightly faded lip line. With a curved brush, I have to push the bristles together sometimes to get a sharp point to get the effect I want when I apply a red lip.

I mean I could go on how flexible the hairs are, what little amount of product (lipstick) you need to apply on your lips versus applying from the lipstick directly. The main thing that won me over with the brush is that it's a flat edge, especially when applying a red lip.

Price: 3,570 yen, or approximately $46. I bought the Z-7 with another brush at the time, so I can't give an exact amount how much shipping was. You can get an idea in terms of it's retail price. It's only sold domestically in Japan. You can check the Z series here

Is it worth the price?: If you're not into lip brushes, then probably not. If you are someone who likes to wear a bold lip and have application be easier with crisp lip lines, then yes, I do think it's worth it.

Ok, onto the biggest disclaimer is that I haven't gotten to washing my lip brushes. At least you know they're well loved :)

L to R: Shu 7H, Chikuhodo Z-7, Paul and Joe Touch Up Brush, Sephora Professional

Chikuhodo Z-7, Paul and Joe Touch Up Brush

see the fading? my main gripe with the packaging.

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