Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cle de Peau Fall 2012 Extra Rich Lipsticks in R10 & T10 +

So Cle de Peau has released a couple of new lipsticks that will be a part of the permanent range (so says the associate at Saks). I've been waiting for R10 for quite some time. In an ad that I saw it in, it looks like a vampy red. I've been waiting for a shade like the ad, and so arrived at the counter. 

Packaging: Dark blue tube, with gold detailing on the top of the tube and the gold Cle de Peau logo on the side of the tube. 

Colors: R10...a bit of a disappointment. The color itself isn't a red. It's a purple with some (very minimal) red in it. Ok fine, but is it vampy? Nope. It's a deep color, but it's not vampy to me. Ok so then is it at least unique? Nope. Armani has a couple of similar shades, with the advantage that it's longer lasting. Although to be fair, Cle de Peau lipstick formula is more refined than Armani Rouge d'Armani. It's less balmy than some of the other Extra Rich's reminiciscent of Guerlain Rouge G's...lightweight in formula, with a nice slip and it just makes your lips feel so nice. a nice cool nude pink. It's definitely luminous in finish, but luminous in the sense in that it has some sparkles. I don't mind the sparkle, but do be aware of the fact that the sparkle does stay on your lips once the lipstick fades. I like the look of it once it fades, but I can see it being an ugly sparkle for some people (depending on your taste). It's similar to Burberry Antique Pink lip cover, but a touch more sheer and cooler in undertone. Antique Pink doesn't have a sparkle.

Price and Size: $60 (each) for .14 oz

Is it worth buying? Depends if you have similar colors. If you're not a fan of Armani lipsticks, then R10 is a pretty fall lip color, whereas T10 isn't as unique, plus the sparkle may be off putting for some.


L to R: GA 513, CdP R1, CdP R10, CdP T10, Burberry Antique Pink
GA RdA 603, CdP R10, GA RdA 601 (601 is a bit darker in real life) (flash)

CdP R10, T10


  1. I always love CPB formulas. They're so rich in color and moisturizing. However, I didn't see lipcolor I like this season. I bought Guerlain instead.

  2. Great swatches! I imagined T10 would be more rose-ish... Love CPB after all, will pass this fall collection lip colors, but will definitely get my hands on the spring 2013 lip luminizers!