Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What's In My Makeup Bag +

I was on the phone earlier with a fellow blogger and for a brief moment I had told her that I wish I could have shown her some of my (makeup) goodies. So that inspired me to do a "What's in Panties' Makeup Bag" post: 

Top row:

Sephora lipbrush

Bottom row -- left to right:

By Terry Lacque de Rose #8

By Terry Blonde Opal Ombre Blackstar

By Terry Touchee Veloutee

Becca Fig Beach Tint


What's in your makeup bag? I feel mine is pretty predictable...mostly lip stuff

any feedback on what I should add or not have in my makeup bag? I'm always open to suggestions. 


  1. I spy an almost empty lip creme! WOOOO *celebrate* lol I never finish anything lol other than powder and that type of stuff.

  2. Lol! Le Metier makes the best lipgloss/creme formulas.

    Anything else i should add to my makeup bag ? I need ideas lol

  3. I'm a shiny girl, so I always have powder and lately I've added blotting papers. dior addict lip glow is my bestie too

  4. thx for reminding me! i've been wanting to try lipglow!

    as for blotting papers and pressed powders...what are your recommendations? i'm always looking for stuff for my little sister, since her skin is shiny/oily.

  5. Cute! A guerlain Rouge G? I also love a highlighter and mascara in my bag. Xoxo

  6. i have a couple of Guerlain lipsticks...they're nice, but for some reason they never make it into my makeup bag. good call on the mascara ! ;) im out of ETK minis right now lol.

  7. I had to laugh at the fact I own everything in your makeup bag, except the two lip brushes. Obviously a sign of great taste! lol x

  8. haha everything in your bag I either have and love or is a major lemming for me, probably all your fault of course :P

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