Saturday, September 24, 2011

Suqqu EX-04 Toukaede Eyeshadow Palette +

So for this fall, Suqqu came out with some new pretties, and of course yours truly had to get her hands on a couple of items...

So with that being said, it so happened the items I wanted were limited edition. *sob*. I've waited since the end of August for my new pretty...

Formula: the eyeshadows are their signature buttery soft goodness. It feels like a cream when you touch it with your fingers. It's nice to have great eyeshadows that just go on evenly and smoothly. If you like Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows in terms of the texture and consistency, then you'll definitely love Suqqus. 

Colors (clockwise): The top left corner is a nice warm champagne shade, definitely the most shimmery out of the bunch. The color itself required a bit more product than usual for it to show up properly. Definitely a good color for a strong brow highlight, but my fav use for this one is the inner corner of my eye. Then we have a golden-peach-apricot kind of color. I'm a bit surprised that Suqqu used warm, summery type of colors for the fall. Anyway, this shade is similar to Sakurakaba. The main difference is that the Toukaede is a bit more shimmer. 

On the bottom left, there's this pigmented cream white shade that's supposed to act like an eyeshadow primer. I have yet to use the white shade by itself (as a base) since I have my own primer. I use it as a base, then apply the shadow on top.The texture is divine, creamy, and definitely opaque. Moving along, then the last shade is a warm satin finish (as in semi-matte) brown. It has a bit of sheen.  

Price: 49 GBP (which is what I paid) and the size is the standard suqqu palette size (although i didn't check the back of my palette to confirm). 

The colors in of themselves may not be unique per se, but what makes them stand out is their texture and how it looks on your eyes. The effect is so lovely, especially because the shimmer isn't too over the top nor overwhelming.


  1. You directed that comment about the formula right at me to taunt me didn't you? LOL I LOVE the look of this palette. So pretty! The fact I don't need the "primer" shade though should keep me in check. ;-)

  2. Thats so pretty, I wanted that one but it sold out so I bought the one with the green shade instead :)

  3. how fast did it sell out? i want the green one too, but i can wait since it's permanent.

  4. Hello,
    I think it sold out online in a matter of days, I'll have to move more quickly in the future :)