Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shu Uemura #17 and #14 Blush Brush +

I had some feedback in terms of what I review, and most of you wanted to know more about brushes. I'm a bit surprised because it's one of the few items that people are hesitant on buying...for what reason? It could be because it's not a "fun" purchase like a blush or lipstick. Or it could be because it's one of the more expensive items when it comes to our makeup stashes. Whatever the case may be, I'm just surprised someone asked me to review more brushes.

Ok so before I owned the Chikuhodo Z-8 ...what did I use before for blush application? For a long time, I've used the Shu #17. Why am I also discussing Shu #14? Well because it's a similar shape and it's slightly smaller.

Hair: The #17 is a mix of pony and squirrel hair, whereas the #14 is just pony. Difference in terms of how soft they are? Not that I can detect. They're both really soft, yet firm (in the sense that they keep their shape). They're also firm in the sense that they don't flop around when you're applying blush. You'll see what I mean in the featured video.

Application: so for those of you who are into YouTube videos, check out Jung Saem Mool. This person is so talented and the music is just awesome LOL. Anyway, fast forward to 6:53 to see how to use the brush. I stipple it on the same way. :) The #14 is a bit smaller than the #17, which is nice if you want a more precise application, or if you have a smaller face. I like the #14 when I travel...but as for my everyday blush brush, I like the #17. It's a bit more fluffy and just easier to use in terms of less brush strokes since it's larger.

The reason why I like the stippling method...I feel like I don't use as much product since the blush sticks on. These brushes I never find myself applying too much, or too little product on my cheeks. In some cases if I over blend (with another blush brush), I have to reapply, which means more product. When it comes to super pigmented blushes, I like the Chikuhodo Z-8 because the soft hairs very lightly deposit pigmented colors on the cheeks. 

Where it's sold: I purchased the #17 at a Shu Uemura counter 7 years ago. I just checked the Shu Uemura website and it's no longer sold on the US online store. They have the #20 (which I don't have), but it seems to not be as pointy as the #17 and #14. But the #17 and #14 are both sold on the UK store.

Price: for the #14 it's £18.50. The #17 it's £35.00. 

Onto the photos :D

L to R: Shu 20H, Chikuhodo Z-8, Shu 17, Shu 14, Armani Blush Brush

L to R: Shu 20H, Chikuhodo Z-8, Shu 17, Shu 14, Armani Blush Brush

L to R: MAC 217, Shu 17, Shu 14

I've owned the Shu 17 for 7 years, and that 217 I've had for about...oh...4 years? I use the 17 at least 2x a week...whereas I hardly use the 217 (you can see some signs of splaying). Now you can see why I don't bother with mid-end makeup brushes, as they hardly keep their shape. :(

Are there any other brushes that you want me to review?  If so, just let me know in the comments field. :)

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  1. Thank you so much. =) You're so sweet. My favorite MU product is brushes!!! I'm kinda hesitating because of the "animal friendly factor". But I'm really lemming this brushes, and after your review.

    Love your blog! Thanks a lot, panties. =)