Monday, August 27, 2012

Quick Preview of Suqqu Fall 2012 (Tsukiakari & Mizumomo) +

I'm literally running to work and as I'm ordering food, I've decided to take a quick snapshot of what I've gotten from Suqqu Fall. Enjoy!

I'll write a review by the end of the week when I'm not at work.

EX-07 || Tsukiakari

EX-07 || Tsukiakari (with flash)

EX-07 || Tsukiakari without flash

EX-02 Mizumomo

Chikuhodo Z-7 lip brush +

Given the many reviews I do about lipsticks, it's only appropriate that I write about a lip brush.

A lot of people ask if I use a lip brush everyday. No, I don't. I do use a lip brush when I wear a bold color, and in my personal opinion it's mandatory to use it with a red lipstick.  Of course there are people who may not agree with this notion. I can apply red lipstick without a mirror and have it look good, but it's not the kind of effect I like. I like the crisp lip line (really defined lip) and that can only really be achieved with a lip brush. 

I used to be a personal fan of a curved (upside U shape) brush. A nice tapered brush I felt did the job for achieving the look I wanted, like the Sephora Professionals retractable brush, or the Paul and Joe . . . until I met the Z-7.

Packaging: Shiny metal packaging with gold detailing. Kolinsky is written across the top of the lid and Chikuhodo is written across the brush. The biggest downside is where it says "lip brush", the writing has faded a bit. It's not that big of a deal, but from a luxury brush line, I wish the writing doesn't fade as quickly. You remove the lid and put on the bottom of the brush, which makes it feel like a standard long lip brush.

Hair: Kolinsky, as written across the top of the tube. The hairs are really soft, flexible and pick up a good amount of pigment. The hairs are packed together where it's a bit dense, which is what I personally like. It makes sense to use kolinsky hairs since it works for both cream and powder products.

What makes it so special: The hairs are cut to a flat line, as in it's not tapered or curved. I didn't think much of it for a while, until I had to touch up a red lipstick after dinner. Picture it, a dimly lit bathroom (it's the environment of the restaurant I was in), and I grabbed my lipstick and used the brush. All without wearing my glasses (they were in my purse). It was hard to see in the mirror, but I made a crisp lip line easily. Keep in mind I was touching up a red lipstick. No smearing, no soft edges, or a slightly faded lip line. With a curved brush, I have to push the bristles together sometimes to get a sharp point to get the effect I want when I apply a red lip.

I mean I could go on how flexible the hairs are, what little amount of product (lipstick) you need to apply on your lips versus applying from the lipstick directly. The main thing that won me over with the brush is that it's a flat edge, especially when applying a red lip.

Price: 3,570 yen, or approximately $46. I bought the Z-7 with another brush at the time, so I can't give an exact amount how much shipping was. You can get an idea in terms of it's retail price. It's only sold domestically in Japan. You can check the Z series here

Is it worth the price?: If you're not into lip brushes, then probably not. If you are someone who likes to wear a bold lip and have application be easier with crisp lip lines, then yes, I do think it's worth it.

Ok, onto the biggest disclaimer is that I haven't gotten to washing my lip brushes. At least you know they're well loved :)

L to R: Shu 7H, Chikuhodo Z-7, Paul and Joe Touch Up Brush, Sephora Professional

Chikuhodo Z-7, Paul and Joe Touch Up Brush

see the fading? my main gripe with the packaging.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cle de Peau Fall 2012 Extra Rich Lipsticks in R10 & T10 +

So Cle de Peau has released a couple of new lipsticks that will be a part of the permanent range (so says the associate at Saks). I've been waiting for R10 for quite some time. In an ad that I saw it in, it looks like a vampy red. I've been waiting for a shade like the ad, and so arrived at the counter. 

Packaging: Dark blue tube, with gold detailing on the top of the tube and the gold Cle de Peau logo on the side of the tube. 

Colors: R10...a bit of a disappointment. The color itself isn't a red. It's a purple with some (very minimal) red in it. Ok fine, but is it vampy? Nope. It's a deep color, but it's not vampy to me. Ok so then is it at least unique? Nope. Armani has a couple of similar shades, with the advantage that it's longer lasting. Although to be fair, Cle de Peau lipstick formula is more refined than Armani Rouge d'Armani. It's less balmy than some of the other Extra Rich's reminiciscent of Guerlain Rouge G's...lightweight in formula, with a nice slip and it just makes your lips feel so nice. a nice cool nude pink. It's definitely luminous in finish, but luminous in the sense in that it has some sparkles. I don't mind the sparkle, but do be aware of the fact that the sparkle does stay on your lips once the lipstick fades. I like the look of it once it fades, but I can see it being an ugly sparkle for some people (depending on your taste). It's similar to Burberry Antique Pink lip cover, but a touch more sheer and cooler in undertone. Antique Pink doesn't have a sparkle.

Price and Size: $60 (each) for .14 oz

Is it worth buying? Depends if you have similar colors. If you're not a fan of Armani lipsticks, then R10 is a pretty fall lip color, whereas T10 isn't as unique, plus the sparkle may be off putting for some.


L to R: GA 513, CdP R1, CdP R10, CdP T10, Burberry Antique Pink
GA RdA 603, CdP R10, GA RdA 601 (601 is a bit darker in real life) (flash)

CdP R10, T10

Depotting Project (edited) +

Hi all!

I figured this would be something you all may be interested in knowing...I've slowly started depotting my eyeshadows. it's a process i've debated on doing for a long time. main reason is to start being space efficient in my eyeshadow drawer. what i didn't realize is how quickly my eyeshadow drawer has changed (purging/adding) over the span of one year alone. 

i'm at a point where i have a hard time picking out what i want to wear since the packaging is usually black, so it's a bit of an annoyance to rummage through and figuring out what item is what. here's what i've started doing earlier this morning:

top part from top to bottom: suqqu 9, 10, 11. bottom is my custom shu 2nd gen e/s. palette itself is a shu 2nd gen palette.

and here's my eyeshadow drawer once my boutique palette was all done. i got some empty space and re-arranged my eyeshadows (again). here is what it looks like now:

bottom is a mix of burberry singles, suqqu, and an hourglass palette.

middle is le metier de beaute, a couple of becca and shu 3rd gen eyeshadow palettes. this section wont be depotted, since it's premade palettes. i think dustin (2 out of the three were made by him) would probably have a heart attack if i depotted them LOL

top clear section is becca, by terry, RBR eyeshadows and some shu 3rd gen eyeshadows. i know my sister likes what i own, and i think most of the shu 3rd gen may be gifted to her...maybe for christmas? who knows.

far top is a mix of shu 3rd gen, LMdB singles, and the new RBR singles. the middle is like cream e/s, eyeliners, etc.

not pictured: my addiction eyeshadows. they're in my makeup bag for the moment, and i think i plan on buying their empty palettes. we'll see. 

and this is what i bought so i can start putting stuff in: 

Yaby empty magnetic palette: image courtesy of:

since they have free US shipping when you spend over $75, i bought three palettes and a pack of eyeshadow adhesives. it's probably not enough to hold all of my eyeshadows, but it's a start. plus i have a couple of smaller 2nd gen shu palettes just in case i over depot. lol.

i figured out thanks to some awesome people:

RBR eyeshadows are depotted the heat method way.

Le Metier's eyeshadows have a pinhole in the back, and they just pop right out

Hourglass eyeshadow duos: *edit* you remove the swivel top. then take apart the top layer from the bottom layer when you look at the duo from the side with a knife. be VERY careful in removing the 2 layers. don't be afraid in taking your time. the hardest part is physically removing the pans since the adhesive is really strong. i tried the no heat, just using a flat blade...and that failed. so just use the heat method. i doubt much heat is needed since u have easier access to the rest of the pan to wiggle around

random fact about Hourglass eyeshadows: they're the same length as suqqu pans, but the hourglass pans are a bit taller. just for those who were wondering/interested in knowing.

Burberry: I tried and failed miserably. 1 casuality, and i won't try it again unless someone has a tutorial or can explain their method of depotting it. any ideas...?

Becca and Terry: no idea how to do these either.

*casualties: burberry midnight brown and hourglass gypsy. i'll replace them later today.

any help would be appreciated in knowing how to depot eyeshadows and what methods have worked for you.

Suqqu for those who are interested: the back of the palettes have little holes, and the best tool is using a stud earring. seriously, it works better than cuticle scissors or whatever. just remove the stud backing and just stick the earring post in the hole. the eyeshadows easily come out since the adhesive they use is like a gummy residue. 

i hope this helps and maybe i'll show how my eyeshadows look once most of them are depotted. :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Burberry Fall 2012 + (edited)

This will probably be the shortest review I'll write to date. Main reason since there's no need to explain the formula and packaging of Burberry since there's enough reviews (and my previous post) on all of that information. 


Dark Sable: Finally, a crease color that I've been looking for. I never owned MAC *edit* Coquette, but it's the color and formula I wish Coquette was. I've swatched it enough to have an idea of what it looks like, but of course with MAC eyeshadows, the textures are lacking with some of their mattes. Dark Sable is a cool dark brown with a hint of grey. Coquette in comparison is a bit warmer than Dark Sable.

Mulberry: a warmer shimmery dark brown, leaning burgundy, but it's not red enough to be considered a true? burgundy. Ok maybe it can be considered burgundy. I don't have a similar shade like this in my stash. At first thought seeing it in the pan, I thought it would be too warm or just too "much" for my eyes. After seeing that it wasn't super warm, I had to get it. 

Sepia Pink lip cover: a dark rose with some brown and a hint of purple in undertone. This color slightly amplifies my lip color, and adds a touch of brown. Such an elegant color for fall. For those who are my skintone and (or) have pigmented lips: RUN OUT AND GET THIS COLOR !! Of course if you're not afraid of a little brown. There's nothing wrong with of brown on the lips, but too much can be overwhelming on very fair skintones and (or) those with really pale lips. I'm generally not a fan of super brown lipsticks either. Some brown glosses are okay in my book since it's a sheer formula. Even the Burberry associate asked me to wear it because she wanted to see how it looked on me. She gasped with glee when she saw it on me. I actually like the color a lot and the definite surprise of the collection.

Onto the photos:

Dark Sable, Mulberry, Sepia Pink

Dark Sable, Mulberry, Sepia Pink (low flash)

Dark Sable, Mulberry, Sepia Pink (no flash)

Burberry Mulberry, Rouge Bunny Rouge Bejewelled Skylark

Rouge Bunny Rouge Bejewelled Skylark, Burberry Dark Sable, Burberry Mulberry (flash)

Burberry Rosewood eyeshadow +

I know many of you have been requesting Burberry'll be seeing more of them, I promise :) 

So back to Rosewood ...

Packaging: definitely hefty pewter colored packaging with the Burberry check pattern. I personally hate the pattern and the bulkiness of it. It's a magnetic clasp so the lid stays shut, plus it's not a fuss to open. It does come with an eyeshadow sponge applicator. My ideal packaging would be a bit slimmer, and instead of the sponge applicator, a small brush instead. Ok I can't win it all, but I do appreciate that they really care about solid packaging. I wish I could depot these eyeshadows since they take up a good amount of space. Has anyone tried depotting them? I'd like to know if it's possible.

Color/Formula: of course it's a pretty taupe. it's not the typical cool undertone silvery taupe. It's definitely a warmer in undertone. It's somewhere between a warm taupe and a warm brown. I don't consider it a warm brown, because in my mind a warm brown is a color like MAC cork and espresso. There's no sparkle, but there is a definite soft sheen. At times it has a soft pink cast under certain lighting. The formula is definitely creamy, buttery soft and just easily glides onto your skin. To those individuals who are just starting out with makeup and want a small set of amazing neturals to start, Burberry is a wonderful place to start. They seriously blow a lot of brands out of the water with beautiful colors and textures.

Price and Size: $29 for 2.5g. Sold at Nordstrom and Saks.


Hourglass Suede, Becca Lame, Burberry Rosewood, Rouge Bunny Rouge A Major - fis Minor, LMdB Burlap Sorrel (Antique Poupee)


Hourglass Suede, Becca Lame, Burberry Rosewood, Rouge Bunny Rouge A Major - fis Minor, LMdB Burlap Sorrel (Antique Poupee) (flash)

Hourglass Suede, Becca Lame, Burberry Rosewood, Rouge Bunny Rouge A Major - fis Minor, LMdB Burlap Sorrel (Antique Poupee) (no flash)

Random post +

Some awesome pretties I've bought recently: 

Some awesome pretties I've acquired:

Burberry Sepia Pink lipstick
Burberry Dark Sable Eyeshadow
Burberry Mulberry Eyeshadow
Natura Bisse Diamond White rich luxury cleanse(r)
RBR Bohemian Waxwing
RBR Olive Violetear
RBR Umber Firefinch
Shu Kolinsky 12 (it's advertised as Kolinsky 12, but it's a blend of Kolinsky/Sable)

I've been wanting to say that awesome things have been happening to some of my best friends (in the world that is New York City) -- three of my friends have new jobs!

Dustin who most of you may know about since I've featured his creations (kaleidoscopes) for Le Metier de Beaute, will no longer be with them as of the end of this month. He'll be the store manager for Bare Escentuals (BE) flagship boutique on 34th Street. I know some people have been asking as to why he would leave a luxury brand, only to work for a mid-end range brand. The short answer is that BE is offering him better opportunities for his development, plus being with a company that is changing since they're owned by Shiseido. Of course there's more reasons which isn't my place to say, but he's really excited with his new adventure. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section.

What does this mean for the black panties? Well a very simple answer: I really don't have a reason to visit the Le Metier de Beaute counter anymore. I own basically what I've liked from the line. The only things I've really enjoyed from the line were his creations. I don't think most people really know that the reason why I even started blogging, is because Dustin suggested it. He would see all the luxury makeup I'd buy aside from Le Metier de Beaute and he wished that he would see reviews on the stuff I'd buy (specifically in reference to my By Terry purchases). Lo and behold, here I am :)

Joey who some of you may know since he was featured here on PinkSith doing bunny's Armani makeover. He'll be joining the NARS team over at their boutique on Bleecker Street. It's been a brand he's always been passionate about, so it's great to see him with a company he really adores. So if you ever want an awesome experience in picking out makeup, or want an amazing makeover over at the NARS boutique, ask for him :D Even though I can buy NARS from SpaceNK, I'd rather buy it from a knowledgeable person who always picks out the best things for me. Considering he used to work for lines like Shu Uemura, MAC back when it used to be cool...I know I'm always in good hands :)

Last, but not of my best friends...let's just call him P, got an awesome job as well, but he works in the tech field. I'm convinced I'll slowly get him to buy all the makeups !! not that he needs it since he has the perfect face :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

By Terry Rouge Terrybly Lipstick in Terrybly Nude (100)

The story of my life as of late has been a bit busy...hearing good news from friends -- my girl bunny is engaged, being more social as of late (or trying to)...i hope everyone is in great spirits as of late as well, despite the horribly humid weather.

Anyway, back to my story -- as we all know my hunt for my holy grail nude lip is always a constant search, as in a true nude. Armani 103 will always be the queen of my heart, but I'd like to have more than one nude lipcolor.

This was even a topic of discussion with a SA I often visit and asked her what nudes she likes since she's darker than me. She stated Tom Ford has a couple of nice nudes, but the formula is a bit lacking (who knew she felt that way? i'm glad i'm not alone). Then she suggested By Terry Terrybly Nude. I eventually got around to swatching it and got it. 

Packaging: Silver packaging with "By Terry" lasered on the lipstick on the base (you'll see below). The lid holds down by a magnet. The packaging has a luxury feel, for sure. My biggest issue with the packaging is that the bullet gets scratched so easily in a makeup bag. I mean if I'm paying approximately $50 on a lipstick, it shouldn't scratch so easily. I don't really care since for the most part my lipsticks are not seen on a table or something, but it is something to be noted.

Color: I wore it by itself a few times and I was like a hung jury on it. It wasn't a pinky nude on my lips, which was a bit odd for me to see. Swatched it's a pinky nude, but on me it's a neutral nude with a slight pink to it, but it was more nude than anything else. I went back and forth on this color, which is a bit unfair since I didn't really wear anything else on my face. I mean sure I could wear it by itself, but I didn't know how I felt about it because it wasn't a cool undertone lipstick. 

Then I had an awesome last minute makeover by a new acquaintance. He seriously did me the biggest last minute favor. I'd rather not get into the details because he shouldn't have rushed his dinner to do my makeup, but needless to say, I'm forever grateful. He wondered what I had in my makeup bag lip wise so if I needed to touch up, I'd have the lipstick on hand. Of course I had 100 in my bag and he used that. My goodness, it was gorgeous. My eyes widened when I saw it on.

Thanks to him doing me this amazing favor, he'll be getting an awesome present/surprise from me in a few weeks. 

Formula: It's definitely a hydrating formula, not as much slip like Hourglass', but definitely has moisturizing properties. It fades off really well, and it lasts me about 3 hours or so with a meal included. I don't mind applying this shade straight from the tube, but with her darker shades, I prefer a lip brush because if you apply too much, it feathers on me. With any red lipstick I do like a lipliner, so that solves the feathering issue. My mother who is older can apply her darker shades from the tube though. It has a rose and baby powder scent (signature scent), so be aware of that as well.

Price and Size: $49, for 3.5 grams, or 0.12 oz




GA RdA, By Terry, Burberry, and Hourglass lipstick (size comparison and to see the scratches)

L to R: GA 103, By Terry 100, Burberry Pink Heather lip mist, Hourglass Edition

How does GA 103 compare to By Terry 100?: 103 when applied is more beige, whereas By Terry is more neutral (nude). The difference is enough for me to own both, and 100 is easier to wear without makeup than 103. Pink Heather is definitely more pink and much cooler in undertone than 100.

Overall thoughts: I'm so in love with 100. It's the best out of Terry's nudes, because the other nude shades (100 series) are totally not flattering for me.