Monday, August 29, 2011

Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush #5 (Beige Violet) +

There's always that search for the perfect nude blush...not too warm, not too cool, not too brown, or muddy. As most people know I love a red lipstick, but I usually tend to pair a red lip with a super pale pink or pale peach cheek. 

I usually wear NARS douceur for a brown-pink and as much as I like the blush itself, it's not a true nude blush. So then my search began...I didn't want a shimmery blush, or anything matte. Yours truly searched high and low for quite sometime. Anyway, so I went to the Armani counter and I asked my MA (Joey) for a nice nude blush...and he basically understood my search and told me to check out #5. He swatched it, I grabbed it and ran out the door :D 

I took it with me earlier this year when I traveled out of the country. I know I'm so lame for reviewing this so late in the game. I'll be wearing it later today and now that I have the time to blog for a bit, here is my review:

Texture: The consistency of Armani blushes are so awesome. They're silky, soft, and creamy to the touch. The finish is a soft sheen, with no's just a soft delicious finish.  It adds the perfect flush, without being overpowering. They're definitely very finely milled. They're probably the most underrated products from Giorgio Armani. 

Color: It's definitely a soft neutral, beige sheen. For some reason it looks neutral-cool in photos, but on my face it's definitely neutral. Maybe for some people it may pull neutral-cool, so just be aware of that. :) The color is perfect for the times that you don't want to look like you're wearing any blush (obvious), but you definitely want a boost to the cheeks. I don't own Lancome's Miel Glace (for those who were wondering), so I couldn't tell you how it compares. 

Lasting power: It lasts me at least 8 hours...I never quite took a count after the 8, since I'm usually asleep or too busy getting drunk (bad panties). What I can say is that it definitely withstands serious heat. :) #5 is one of my most used powder blushes, just because it goes with anything.

Price and Size: $43, 6 grams or 0.21 oz

and here we go with the photos :D

L to R: GA #5, NARS Douceur, Rouge Bunny Rouge Habanera

L to R: GA #5, NARS Douceur, Rouge Bunny Rouge Habanera (with Flash)

L to R: GA #5, NARS Douceur, Rouge Bunny Rouge Habanera (no flash)


  1. good to know that Habanera is semi close to douceur <3

  2. You are totally right, GA blushes are fabulous and definitely underrated. They are my favorite item from the line. I also really love the cream blushes, a pretty dry texture for a cream blush but it works well for us combo skin types :)

  3. I only have Douceur and I need the others now. Especially Armani #5. That looks like perfection!

  4. This looks beautiful- I think I need it :)

  5. Oh my, I think I want the GA and RBR...

  6. this looks gorgeous, i love the colour! i have naturally red cheeks so i find it hard to buy a blush that doesnt make me look like a clown but this looks like exactly what i need!