Thursday, February 23, 2012

Le Metier de Beaute and Kim Hicks Fall 2012

**edit: photo taken with flash so you can see the shimmer

This afternoon I stopped on by to Bergdorf Goodman to say hello to Dustin, who I haven't seen in a couple of weeks...followed up on how Fashion Week went...which lead to the discussion of the makeup that was used on the gorgeous models. He pulled out his little face chart and basically gave me a break down of what was used. Of course the question on my mind was "what lip color was THAT"!?!

Skin was prepped with Replenishing Daily Solution to keep the models faces hydrated, plus it gave them glowy skin. 

Dustin then applied Peau Vierge Treatment for that luminous skin in conjuction with the moisturizer, and afterwards used Peau Vierge Corrector on blemishes and the under eye areas. What is interesting to note, is that powder was used in just on the area between the brows and down the bridge of the nose. 

Whisper blush was used all over the cheeks for a subtle glow. 
Magic Lustre creme was only applied on the high points of the cheeks.

Rose lipliner, followed by applying China Beach lipstick. Then, Fraise lip creme was mixed with In the Know Bordeaux and was applied on top of China Beach. To highlight the lips and make them seem even fuller, Crushed Ice eyeshadow was used on the cupids bow.

Prep the eyes with Refresh eye base

Noir liquid liner was used to create the winged eye. Rose Champagne eyeshadow was applied all over the lid, next Corinthian eyeshadow layered into the crease. Then, Thunder eyeshadow was used in the outer corner and to blend out the lash line. For the extra smoldering effect, Noir eyeshadow was added.

Lining the eyes, Sequoia pencil in the inner rim of the eye, then Corinthian eyeshadow was applied in the lower lash line. Rose Champagne was added into the inner tear duct to highlight the inner corners of the eyes. Of course, my favorite part with any complete eye, half false eyelashes were used on the outer corners of the eyes. Then to top off the eyes, Le Metier's Brownish Black mascara was on both top and bottom lashes

Large, heavy brows were also an important feature to the look as well, so use your appropriate eyebrow pencil/powder. 

Dustin had mentioned that the influence of the overall look is a Modern Classic Beauty, something along the lines of a mix between 1920s and 1960s woman.

All photos provided courtesy of Dustin Lujan (including the face chart) :D

*edited to add a photo of Dustin and Miss Kim Hicks herself*

Dustin working his magic on a model for the show (he's in the grey suit).


  1. gorgeous... I want someone to paint my face like that :)

  2. Perfect makeup - I would prefer a more subdued eye without the heavy brow and wing tip liner. I like the level of skin prep . I t makes a huge difference in the quality of the skin.
    Powder can be aging , so I appreciate the use down the nose.I love the lips too !

    1. Keep in mind it's makeup for a fashion show, so there's always more bold makeup when used on the models (they are under strong lighting and are walking down a runway). I personally prefer an eye with a dramatic liner and strong brow when I do a red lip. It's such a signature look. It's actually my signature look, as seen on my twitter user pic.

      Of course everyone's interpretation of a red lip is different, but I would so wear this going out on the street. :D

  3. OMFG, that's gorgeous. There's nothing I love more than seeing a sultry eye with a classic, red lip. Never, ever ever gets old. Loved this post!! <33 xxx

    1. It doesn't get old for me either !!! I'm glad you liked it :D

  4. These have to be the prettiest face sharts I have see EVER!
    I wish I had this brand around, everything looks so nice and these looks are so my cup of tea!!

    1. I fell in love with the face chart and the models makeup that I've asked Dustin to do my makeup like that soon. I rarely ask him to do my face since he's always doing everyone's face. LOL

      it's so breath taking. *swoons* red lipstick nom nom nom nom

  5. STUNNING face charts! Blew me away!

  6. The models look beautiful! I am a big fan of Peau Vierge.