Sunday, November 13, 2011

Antiquité Poupée Part II:

photo courtesy of Dustin Lujan. Model is wearing Antiquité Poupée over Noir e/l as a base.

With the reviews out there on Dustin's Antiquité Poupée kaleidoscope, there are some people who are wondering how it will look like on certain skintones. I was at Bergdorf Goodman wondering with Dustin who would be my model for his kaleidoscope. 

And then a gorgeous blonde magically appeared...out of nowhere. I was like "oooo". Dustin asked her to be my model. I was too scared to ask her since she's so pretty. I ogled at her gorgeous blue eyes and blonde hair. And so it happened...Dustin was working his magic. It can be applied as a soft daytime look for the office or a first date...

model is wearing champagne base under the kaleidoscope

and then it happened: I was looking at the escalator and she descended like the angel from the heavens that's known as magical bunny land. She has beautiful long, curly jet black hair, with super soft perfect skin, pouty lips, her expressive eyes and gorgeous smile arrived...yes, I'm sure you're all thinking of the perfect woman, and that woman is my bunny. Our schedules were aligned with the stars yesterday (which is literally once in a few centuries).

the bunny hopped around for a few minutes with glee as she saw the kaleidoscope, rubbed it against her bunny hands all over the taupe shade. . . and then . . .

she floated to the chair and sat down. I had to disappear to feed the angel some Diet Pepsi...when I came back she was all done up :D. As we all know, Bunny is one who loves all colors.

bunny is wearing the kaleidoscope over Noir e/l.

look at that sheen !! she's wearing Bali l/s & Kona l/s in the center, topped with clear gloss

sultry bunny :)

 and then the bunny magically appears on 58th Street. :) 

and these were taken with my phone :D  

and there you have it :D I hope this helps seeing how it looks in person.

To pre-order your kaleidoscope, you can contact the Le Metier de Beaute counter at 212-872-8612.

Thank you N. and Bunny for being my models for Dustin's kaleidoscope :) 

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  1. Oh hai, it's me! =) I love you, Panties! I'll be your model any day! rawr! xoxoxo date days with you are the best!

  2. I love u too bun bun <3 You just want me for my panties ;x :) <3 I hope you like the post <3

  3. I wanna hang with you guyssss =( One more reason to completely miss NYC. lol
    I love this look, both models are gorgeous!

  4. thank you ! it's definitely awesome to have beautiful models to show off the kaleidoscope ! maybe one day you will come to NYC and be my model too <3 :*

  5. You look lovely, Joey! Nice job, Panties!

  6. thank you. :) isn't she so hot ? :)

  7. Great post! Love seeing my beautiful bunny! And Dustin of course ;-)

  8. LOVE!! I really need more LMdB in my life...the Nordstrom that carries the line is always so limited in it's selection.

    Probably a good thing.

    Joey looks flawless as usual!

  9. PerilouslyPale: thanks for the luv <3

    lexi920: that sucks :*( but thank you for your response ! Bunny is flawless all the time (seriously), life isn't fair lol. you're gorgeous too! consider me a little jealous :*

  10. Awesomeness! Bunny looks awesome! And Thank you for showing IRL pics!

  11. Bunny looks like a grown up Aria from Pretty Little Liars :) Love the pictures. Gorgeous!

  12. Gorgeous looks and Bunny looks stunning :)

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  14. Do you know how this was applied on the blonde model? Did he use all four colors on her lid and blend together? It is quite pretty...just can't imagine where the red went to!!

  15. He applied the kaleidoscope all 4 colors from top to bottom. Plus he used refresh eye base under the eyes.

  16. Looks beautiful, as do your models, and the colours are so great on both of them. Thanks so much for your Le Metier posts, almost makes me feel like I'm in New York too! x

  17. What blush is bunny wearing? It is beautiful on her.