Tuesday, November 22, 2011

FYI and the Holidays :)

As the year is rapidly coming to a close, I'll be away for a month, which means I won't be blogging during this time. Some priorities have risen and with that said, just a few things:

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season, whether it's with friends/family/loved ones. I'll be with my family during some of this time. 

I made a little Christmas wishlist (feel free to post your wishlist too i'd like to see what pretties you'd like to have ! :D)
Le Metier de Beaute Antiquité Poupée
makeup brushes (this is always my wishlist year round lol)
Guerlain Le Fumes 
By Terry eye serum
By Terry Black Pearl cream eyeshadow

I also wanted to share my By Terry story...

I had the opportunity to meet Terry de Gunzberg herself a week ago at her event hosted by SpaceNK. I didn't take pictures since I couldn't be there the entire time. Anyway, I had an artist who did my makeup (which by the way, was amazing). Terry was customizing everyone's skincare and what makeup for the person to have applied. Of course I'm in the far corner of the room having a fan girl moment seeing her. Out of nowhere she shows up and asked to do my lipstick. I don't know what kind of face I made, but I'm sure I lit up like a Christmas tree. 

She picked out 204 (Narcotic Sienna). She said I had a beautiful face and amazing lips and other awesome compliments. She changed the blush color since she used a red lipstick and applied #2 loose powder. Some of the guest artists were watching Terry work her magic on me, and needless to say I was so star struck. She can seriously work a lipbrush. She didn't spend much time on the other clients, just basically walking around just looking at the makeovers, but not really applying anyones makeup. She probably knew how much I loved her makeup line and how excited I was to see her.

I had to leave and I thanked her for her time. I also said I was so flattered...(which wasn't what I meant to say, because I was that star struck -- ha ha). Anyway, she said it was a pleasure doing my makeup. I just hope somewhere she knows that she made me SO happy. I have a whole new love for Terry as she's pleasant, humble, and just overall awesome. I'll discuss the contents of the seminar in a future review.

But this is what I was sitting next to during my makeover. I just wanted to take all of it and walk home ahahaha

And for fun times, what I've gotten to celebrate my birthday so far: 

Suqqu Holiday quads EX-05 and EX-06 (thank you to my Saint/Angel/Santa/Makeup Fairy for making this possible)
By Terry Glowing Rose (#2) Voile Poudre Eclat
By Terry Pearly Rye (#2) eyeshadow
By Terry Narcotic Sienna (#204) lipstick
By Terry Cover Expert foundation (Lumiere Veloutee's replacement)
Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge Concealer.
Thank you for your understanding (me being missing in action).



  1. Hi! Great Story! Would love to meet Terry too! Which shade of the new foundation did you get? I need to order online and I think we have similar skin tone. Thanks for your help!

  2. I'm #5. If you're on the light side of NC25-30, you can do #4 too.

  3. Wow, you're so lucky to meet Terry! Loved your story. Can't wait to hear more about the seminar.

    Based on your blog, I know you like GA--have you seen and tried things from their Holiday collection yet? I'm wondering if there's anything worth getting (we have the same skintone). Happy birthday, by the way, and the things you got so far look gorgeous! :)

  4. thank you! i'm so glad i met terry and i like my birthday pretties.

    As for GA holiday: I only saw the items a month ago, but they didn't have the testers so i couldnt swatch/play. I haven't had the time since then to see the stuff, but the eyes to kill shadows, a couple of glosses were looking like items that i'd get (404 and 603). I was also of probably getting the face palette, but I needed to swatch it because it looks too shimmery. If I don't get the face palette, it's no big deal since I personally prefer liquid highlighters.

    Me being away for a month is the reason why I haven't had the time to blog, as well as seeing other holiday items. Things will be back to normal come 2012.


  5. Gosh, great story! :) And what a pity you didn't take more pics!

    I hope you'll have a great time with your family and that everything works out for you and you'll have a fabulous start into 2012. :) *hugs*

    I've got one question - is the foundation scented and how do the cover expert and sheer expert formulas compare?

  6. I know cover expert is fragranced, and I think the sheer one is too, as with all other By Terry items. I got to quickly test the sheer expert at the counter yesterday. Cover expert is light-medium coverage, the best comparison I can relate Cover Expert to is Chantecaille Future Skin in terms of the coverage, but it's a lot nicer because it doesn't transfer and lasts longer than FS. sheer expert is very sheer. It's sheerer than say, Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. It's about the same coverage as Armani Face Fabric. It's not enough coverage for me personally, so I'm not getting it.

    They're both satin finishes, but slightly on the matte side.

  7. I just realized that those were actually two questions. :D Thanks so much - you've been extremely helpful. The Cover Expert sounds like what I am looking for. :)

    Gonna miss you when you'll be gone for such a long time. Take care!

  8. Hi there.
    Great story :)
    Since you have an idea about these colours I thought you might help me out in regards to what shade to choose. I'm about an NC15 (don't actually use MAC), Chanel Mat Lumiere Compact in 10 Lumiere and Chantecaille Compact in Shell. Any suggestions?

  9. I'm so happy for you! That's a seriously awesome story...like for real. Totally #EPIC! :D <3 xxx

  10. I had a makeover at Space NK yesterday and the MUA applied Cover Expert in 04 to my left side and Chantecaille Future Skin in Ivory to my right side and the colours and coverage were absolutely identical. Me, the MUA and her colleague and my boyfriend couldn't tell them apart. I left both on all night and went back today and bought the Cover Expert, mainly as it was 20% cheaper yet did the same job, but also because I felt the Future Skin was very,very slightly more oily to the touch. I have combination skin so need my foundation to stay put on the oily bits. Hope this helps someone, somewhere with colour choices!