Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hourglass Fresco Femme Rouge Velvet Crème Lipstick:

I have a love/hate relationship with Hourglass Cosmetics. For a long time I disliked their lipsticks...part of it is my fault...I tested rancid testers at a Sephora a year ago, not knowing they were rancid. But aside from lipsticks, I'm not a fan of their face products (cheek stain, foundation, tinted moisturizer). It's a small brand, and it has potential. I do like texture of their eyeshadows, but the downside is that there aren't many colors to choose from. Given that Gina Brooke is a part of the Hourglass family, I hope there will be more products the company will release in the future.

but I digress...

so back to the lipstick story, I finally got to test them again recently at Bergdorfs and tried out a few of the colors, and realized that the formula wasn't as horrid as my experience at Sephora. I then realized that the testers at Sephora were bad. Ok, so I left with Fresco and Nocturnal. ok maybe I left with a gloss too (typical lip junkie that I am).

One of the colors I left with was Fresco...a pretty soft cool pink, the "my lips but better" lipcolor. I left with Nocturnal (which I may review at a later date).

Packaging: One of the big pluses about the lipstick is the design. The lipsticks are refillable, which is pretty cool, so you're not constantly throwing out the entire tube, plus the refill prices are cheaper. *score* ! It's a dark brown casing with Hourglass written in gold along the side of the lid. The one thing I've noticed is that the lid doesn't "click" shut. Not a big deal, as long as the lid doesn't come off in my bag. A big win overall for the packaging because it is refillable.

Formula/texture: They're definitely creamy and give some moisture to the lips. Imagine Chantecaille lipchics but not so balmy feel. So for those of you who dislike the super balm sensation, but still want moisture, then these definitely fit the bill. They're definitely not as long lasting as I'd like, but at the same time moisturizing lipsticks aren't the longest lasting. For the fall/winter months I imagine a lot of people reaching for these lipsticks. They fade into a nice stain as well (awesome bonus). I will caution for those who rock a red lipstick, to be aware that these may be a bit too "runny", as in it might feather because it's too moisturizing. 

Color: It's a cool rose-pink (when swatched). (I can't think of a better description right now). It's a "my lips but better" color for some people. When applied on my lips, it's a warm pink. Weird, eh? Either way it's a nice soft "safe" lipcolor to wear. Is it a unique shade per se? Not really, but needless to say it's a lovely color for those days that you just want to enhance your natural lipcolor.

Price and size: $30 for the lipstick, $24 for the refills.

onto the photos: ;D

L to R: GA #99, Hourglass Fresco, Chantecaille Tea Rose (no flash)

L to R: GA #99, Hourglass Fresco, Chantecaille Tea Rose (flash)
GA 99 and Tea Rose are clearer rose-pinks, but the difference is minimal. edit: (when swatched), but when applied, GA 99 and Tea Rose are accurate in swatches when applied on the lips. Fresco on the other hand is definitely warmer in undertone on my lips.

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