Thursday, November 3, 2011

Antiquité Poupée: Holiday 2011 Kaleidoscope +

So I'm sure most people have been wondering (myself included) what Dustin Lujan and Le Métier de Beauté have up their sleeves for this holiday. Luckily for me, I got to see what Dustin got to create for this years holiday kaleidoscope :D 

Packaging: This year's holiday kaleidoscope will come in a pretty golden box.

Dusty Rose: it's a light warm pink shade, which is used as an all over wash as a base. I actually like this one as a cheek highlighter as well. It's like a warm pink champagne shade. 

Burlap Sorrel: This one is a cool silvery, semi taupe color. It's pretty because it has this duochrome effect. In the pan it looks like a warm neutral, but when applied on your eyes/skin, it's definitely cooler in undertone than what you'd expect. I can't explain it, I'll let the photos speak for itself. 

Tarnished Russet: This color...well, when I saw it, I told Dustin myself "ewwww, what were you thinking!?!?" It looks so scary and ugly in the pan, and even swatched by itself it's not appealing. AT ALL. It's a deep red terracotta color, ugly on its own, but layered with the other shades, it definitely warms up the eye a bit. It's an interesting effect to say the least, and it makes sense as to why Dustin added the color in the kaleidoscope. 

Ember Ash: This one has to be my favorite, because it's a dark blue silver. It's dark, but not too dark for it to be overpowering, or too dark that you will go overboard packing on the color and looking bruised. Imagine a pewter color, with some blue thrown into it. Kinda cool if you ask me. :) 

Onto the photos ;D

Dusty Rose

Burlap Sorrel

Tarnished Russett

Ember Ash

how the colors look layered on my hand. I couldn't get a good photo :|

I like the colors since I'm a lover of silvery pinks, and this definitely fits the bill. 

When it will be released? Sometime in December and it will only be sold at Bergdorf Goodman. Yes, I'll be buying one for as a birthday & Xmas gift to myself <3 :D


  1. Suuuuper pretty. I like the mixing of warm and cool. Very modern. I want one now :/ xxx

  2. This looks lovely, not quite as lovely as Splendid Frost but I still want it! :D

  3. Charlie: i actually like this one more since it's a mix of pinks and silver. I didn't get splendid frost last year, i mean it was nice...but i opted for another item.

    im so stoked over this years kaleidoscope. :D

  4. Rachel: isn't it cool? At first i was against the rust color, but now i'm all about it :D

  5. Beautiful! Are Dusty Rose and the single Rose Champagne quite similar. And Ember Ash and Lovelorn from Smoldering Embarkment similar as well? I'm assuming the big difference there is the multicoloured sparkle in Lovelorn. I know I LOVE LOVE LOVE what Dustin did with Smoldering Embarkment so I think I had better pick this one up as well!

  6. Dusty Rose is a warmer pink and the finish is a bit different, as in it's more pearlescent. Rose Champagne has more of an iridescence.

    Ember Ash and Lovelorn are nowhere near the same. Ember Ash is darker and a true pewter with a visible blue undertone (it's a bit more blue in real life). Lovelorn is just more silver (no blue) with the pretty small sparkle.

  7. Well then I can absolutely justify getting it then now can't I ;-) Thanks!

  8. Oh boy. So far I've resisted the LMdB Kaleidoscopes, but I think this is the one that will get me. GORGEOUSNESS!

  9. Oh this is so so pretty, and I love the little eye Dustin drew on your hand! I just spent stupid money getting the Modern Merlot kaleidoscope so am looking forward to that arriving soon but of course, now I want the Christmas one as well! x

  10. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your swatches, and a big thanks to Dustin!

  11. Gotta have it!!!!

  12. Hi Panties,

    Could you describe the color when all four shades are layered over one another? Is it more of a silver color? I have Smoldering Embarkment, and I am trying to figure out how similar it is to Antiquite. Thanks for the lovely pictures!


  13. katie: you'll see an updated post in a few days that will help better answer your question. stay tuned