Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tom Ford Enchanted Eye Color Quad +

Tom Ford is a line...that for the longest time I couldn't get into. For a few reasons:

I own one of his original private blend lipsticks...Didn't care for the formula or wear time. When you're paying over $40 for a lipstick, it has to be special. Tom Fords lipstick formula isn't special to begin with, let alone the price point for what you were getting. His current lipsticks now are worse formula-wise. It accentuates flakies, the color only lasts an hour or so. It doesn't hydrate your lips, which is fine...but it isn't long lasting either. The only good thing about Tom Ford lipsticks is that he has a few nice nude shades. 

When I went to the counter years ago, I swatched Golden Mink quad, his concealer, his foundation...all of which are horrible. The concealer doesn't conceal, the foundation transfers far more than Chantecaille Future Skin. Don't even get me started about the Golden Mink quad -- it's patchy, dry, and the glitter falls out everywhere. I thought to myself, "How can people love this? It's far worse in quality than the worst YSL products."

Okay, then I was suggested to try his blushes...the texture isn't special. If anything they are a bit powdery and subpar in smoothness than other blushes offered by other lines for the same price point. Some of the shades are dupable.

Then you have Tom Ford himself. Yes I do think he makes amazing attire, but at the same time, I had this high expectation that if he makes the most amazing clothes, that the makeup would be on the same level. Sadly, it's not. Not to mention Tom Ford make these kinds of comments. Um. OK.

Of course a lot of people discuss how much they love Tom Ford makeup, but then you would find out said people would get it for free. *eyeroll*

Over time I think something happened, because then we now have Enchanted quad and Narcissist blush. Maybe it's a fluke that these items are just that awesome, or maybe it's a trend of what may happen in the future -- better quality items. 

Now that I finally had the opportunity to write how I truly feel about the makeup line...I still think his products are not even that great...but I do love some Enchanted !

Packaging: Signature Burgundy/Maroon colored packaging with gold accents. I'm sure all of you are familar with the appearance of TF packaging. I like it because it's sturdy, and a little 70's looking to me. It doesn't seem to scratch easily, which I really enjoy. The quads come with an eyeshadow applicator (double ended), but it also has a small brush. I tried using it and I personally find it useless (eyeshadow doe foot applicator), but maybe it's helpful to someone. Can we discuss the small brush, the white hair side is slighting fraying already? I haven't even used it because I personally am not a fan of the few brushes I've tried. 

Texture/Formula: Enchanted is a beautiful cool-toned quad. Pinks that flashes a bit of purple in some lighting once applied. It's a bit dry in terms of texture, but it glides on smoothly, not powdery, nor chalky. It's not as emollient or has that silk feeling like RBR or Burberry, for those who are wondering. I do like a dry eyeshadow formula because some super silky eyeshadows sometimes crease. These definitely do not.  I really adore this quad as it is by itself dry. Haven't used it wet (I'm generally not a fan of using eyeshadows wet...I don't know why). My favorite eyeshadow in terms of texture is the darkest one. It's a satin finish, and it's straight up beautiful. Some small sparkle, and it's so easy to work with, unlike some other satin finish formulas.

Price and Size: $75 for 6 grams or 0.21 oz.

with flash so you can see the shimmer

indoor natural lighting, no flash

with flash

indoor lighting, no flash

Dolce and Gabbana Desert Palette:

Hi all!

Happy late Thanksgiving everyone <3 I hope everyone had a great day with loved ones. My turkey day was on Saturday at my friends house. I got to eat fried turkey leftovers. mmmmm delicious.

A bit of a random aside...I'm still here with the new boyfriends place with a fraction of my stash. How I've managed to stay here living out of a bag for like a month is beyond me. I've been busy doing the domestic housewife kind of thing: cooking, cleaning, doing his laundry. Yes, I know, even my mom is surprised. 

Moving along, me being here has made me realize what are the items I truly use often, and what's necessary for me. Most of my makeup is currently living in a Tom Ford shopping bag. I need to think of a better storage solution in the meantime.

I'm in a happy place in my life right now. I think I need to come out of my closet and admit to him I blog as a hobby. He has no idea the extent of my stash and how obsessed I am with makeup. I think he's still a bit weirded out by being with someone who is in deep into something so girly. 

Back to the purpose of the review:

Dolce and Gabbana Desert !

Packaging: It's gold with Dolce and Gabbana lasered on the center. I love the look of the packaging since it's unique and definitely glam. The major downside -- it scratches SO EASILY. Not a makeup bag friendly packaging, because it definitely harms the appearance once you see a small scratch. oh well. By Terry has this same issue too, so it's not that big of a surprise.

Texture/Formula: Here's the deal with Dolce eyeshadows ... I still think their quads are hit or miss. I've noticed a pattern that their matte shades tend to be a nicer formula than their shimmer or non-matte shades. A bit odd especially because matte shades are usually the formula that is so hard to work with. I swatched Vulcano and Elegance quads and hated the texture. Desert is a lot nicer in comparison. The eyeshadows in Desert are buttery, although a bit powdery. Once you use a brush to blend, the powdery texture goes away and blends really well. 

A D&G associate said yesterday that their eyeshadows contain silicone, so they don't need a primer. Sadly I threw away the boxes so I can't confirm this. I have worn them without primer and they definitely are longer lasting than a standard eyeshadow. 

Price and Size: $59 for 4.8g or 0.16 oz. The eyeshadows seem a bit small, but I don't really mind since I never finish eyeshadows anyway.

Worth having: I do like the quad because all 4 shades I do use, and it's great to carry with you (besides my packaging scratching gripe). It's my favorite Dolce quad aside from Contrasts, which I'll discuss at a later date.  

a distance shot. That pint may or may not be finished in one sitting :x

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dolce and Gabbana Makeup and Sephora:

Hi everyone!

I've always had a few people who asked what I felt about Dolce and Gabbana makeup. I've owned a couple of lipsticks a few years ago, and didn't care much for them since they weren't long lasting, so I gave them away to a friend. 

Since that time, whenever I would go to a counter, the associates at Saks weren't so friendly. They always told me to not touch the displays, or simply asked what I wanted to buy without letting me swatch anything. Not a great experience from the Saks counter, so I steered clear for the longest time. Plus some of their eyeshadows that I managed to swatch weren't the greatest in quality. So the few things I had to say weren't so great...not so great regular lipsticks, hit or miss palettes.

But I was informed that D&G makeup is now sold at Sephora in Times Square, I had to see it for myself...it was during VIB and their regional artist was there, so I got to really sit down and have an informative session.

Long story short, I became VIB after getting a few things, so some of the items I got for 20% off. 

Rosebud blush thanks to the recommendation of debbick1 on YouTube. Really a lovely shade, but I know for sure that there's a couple of other shades that I'd like to wear as well. I'll get those items at a future date. 

Contrasts palette

Passion lipgloss

Delight and Rose gloss fusion lipsticks. these items I will review, so much better than their regular lipsticks.

last but not least: their Perfect Creamy Finish Foundation. I never have liked cream foundations, but this one...it's delicious. I'll have to wear it for a few more days to give a final verdict.

Anyway, I'm sure D&G makeup will expand at other locations, so be on the lookout for this line in the future :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

By Terry Holiday 2012 -- Or de Rose Blush Prestige and Opaline Flash

So after having issues with my machine, seeing a boy who doesn't seem to stop asking questions about my makeup, being sick, not to mention now visiting my parents...here I am.

Now, let's discuss Terry Holiday (in terms of what I purchased):

Or de Rose Blush Prestige: it's not the first liquid blush from Terry that I own, but in comparison to the others, it's less sparkly. I remember reviewing them for the first time a while back and having a hard time explaining why I like them. Reason being the crazy shimmer factor -- it's probably why not a lot of people like them. Anyway, so the holiday blush has less sparkle, but definitely has a significant shimmer...it's more refined in finish than her other three. 

The color in of itself can be seen as a rose gold, but on me in some lighting it can be seen as a peach. What else is more luxurious than 24 carat pink gold liquid blush in glass packaging? It's a nice surprise to see something warm and summery in feel being incorporated into a holiday collection. I really like the shade and of course the formula is easy to apply, blend and it sets really well. The major downside to her liquid blushes is the super strong rose fragrance, it's a stronger rose than her other products like lipstick and skincare.

The blush is $79 + tax for 15 mL or 0.5 fl oz

Opaline Flash Crayon Kôhl Terrybly: This one I was on the fence on in terms of idea. A pink eyeliner to brighten the eye area? I thought to myself, "yea, more like having pink eye". When I saw it at the counter I just had to look at it. When I saw the tester and swatched it, I then thought to myself, "well this isn't what I had in mind". You know how a champagne color has that nice frost to it? This very soft, light pink shade has a frost finish to it too. I took it home, applied it on my waterline, and my mom of all people said "you look wide awake". Yea, I'll be getting another one of these. It comes with a sharpener too. 

The pencil is $33.50 for 1.2 grams or 0.04 oz. 

Overall I'm happy with my items, although I do wish Terry had inserted a lipstick to this collection. 

If I ever get to meet her again, I'll ask her to make a lipstick and think of me :-) (ok, wishful thinking).

pictures below: 

opaline flash on the left, Or de Rose Blush Prestige on the right (with flash)

Or de Rose Blush Prestige on the top, opaline flash on the bottom  (low flash)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Addiction Cheek Stick in Tea Rose +

Good morning everyone!

I'm still not at my house...but my life is more "normal", especially when it comes to transportation. I'm still with friends, which means my makeup stash is far far away. But as a result, I'm reviewing things I'm liking as of late. ;)

One of my newer possessions, Addiction Cheek Stick in Tea Rose is definitely something that I'm seriously enjoying. 

Packaging: It looks like a lipstick ... It comes in a black square tube with a magenta/fuchsia kind of base and "Addiction" is written on the side of the tube. Pretty good packaging if you ask me, and I love the magenta/fuchsia accent. The small downside is that it shows fingerprints easily. Seriously not a deal breaker for me.

Formula: It feels like a balmy lipstick in terms of how it glides onto the skin. Beautiful texture if you ask me, and it can be applied on the lips like a standard lipstick. I tried it on once, and it's not opaque nor as long lasting (on the lips) for my personal taste. It's nice to use when you're in a pinch for the lips. As for a cheek product, it's quite lovely. It lasts on your cheeks for around 5 hours. What I enjoy most about these is the soft focus sheen it has when applied on the cheeks, yet it still has a natural finish. The main downside is that it's not as long lasting as I'd like, but I can't complain. I do prefer the Becca Beach Tints for longevity, but the formula of the Addiction Cheek Sticks are much more refined, as in they're not as sticky as Becca BT. Addiction has a beautiful selection of colors and their lighter colors are wonderful for fair skintypes. 

As for Tea Rose, I adore it since it's a warm nude shade that actually shows up on my skin. It's perfection for me. I'm so glad I've found a great warm nude blush :D

Price and Size: ¥4050 (on Ichibankao) for 3.8g

top to bottom: Tea Rose, Rose Bar, Damask Rose (no flash)

top to bottom: Tea Rose, Rose Bar, Damask Rose (with flash)
left: Tea Rose || right: Rose Bar