Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tom Ford Enchanted Eye Color Quad +

Tom Ford is a line...that for the longest time I couldn't get into. For a few reasons:

I own one of his original private blend lipsticks...Didn't care for the formula or wear time. When you're paying over $40 for a lipstick, it has to be special. Tom Fords lipstick formula isn't special to begin with, let alone the price point for what you were getting. His current lipsticks now are worse formula-wise. It accentuates flakies, the color only lasts an hour or so. It doesn't hydrate your lips, which is fine...but it isn't long lasting either. The only good thing about Tom Ford lipsticks is that he has a few nice nude shades. 

When I went to the counter years ago, I swatched Golden Mink quad, his concealer, his foundation...all of which are horrible. The concealer doesn't conceal, the foundation transfers far more than Chantecaille Future Skin. Don't even get me started about the Golden Mink quad -- it's patchy, dry, and the glitter falls out everywhere. I thought to myself, "How can people love this? It's far worse in quality than the worst YSL products."

Okay, then I was suggested to try his blushes...the texture isn't special. If anything they are a bit powdery and subpar in smoothness than other blushes offered by other lines for the same price point. Some of the shades are dupable.

Then you have Tom Ford himself. Yes I do think he makes amazing attire, but at the same time, I had this high expectation that if he makes the most amazing clothes, that the makeup would be on the same level. Sadly, it's not. Not to mention Tom Ford make these kinds of comments. Um. OK.

Of course a lot of people discuss how much they love Tom Ford makeup, but then you would find out said people would get it for free. *eyeroll*

Over time I think something happened, because then we now have Enchanted quad and Narcissist blush. Maybe it's a fluke that these items are just that awesome, or maybe it's a trend of what may happen in the future -- better quality items. 

Now that I finally had the opportunity to write how I truly feel about the makeup line...I still think his products are not even that great...but I do love some Enchanted !

Packaging: Signature Burgundy/Maroon colored packaging with gold accents. I'm sure all of you are familar with the appearance of TF packaging. I like it because it's sturdy, and a little 70's looking to me. It doesn't seem to scratch easily, which I really enjoy. The quads come with an eyeshadow applicator (double ended), but it also has a small brush. I tried using it and I personally find it useless (eyeshadow doe foot applicator), but maybe it's helpful to someone. Can we discuss the small brush, the white hair side is slighting fraying already? I haven't even used it because I personally am not a fan of the few brushes I've tried. 

Texture/Formula: Enchanted is a beautiful cool-toned quad. Pinks that flashes a bit of purple in some lighting once applied. It's a bit dry in terms of texture, but it glides on smoothly, not powdery, nor chalky. It's not as emollient or has that silk feeling like RBR or Burberry, for those who are wondering. I do like a dry eyeshadow formula because some super silky eyeshadows sometimes crease. These definitely do not.  I really adore this quad as it is by itself dry. Haven't used it wet (I'm generally not a fan of using eyeshadows wet...I don't know why). My favorite eyeshadow in terms of texture is the darkest one. It's a satin finish, and it's straight up beautiful. Some small sparkle, and it's so easy to work with, unlike some other satin finish formulas.

Price and Size: $75 for 6 grams or 0.21 oz.

with flash so you can see the shimmer

indoor natural lighting, no flash

with flash

indoor lighting, no flash


  1. I am very tempted by this eye palette and this might be the quad that makes me crack. I've avoided them so far as I've not had chance to look in person and they get mixed reviews. The colours in this one are simply beautiful.

  2. That looks to die for. Thank you for starting a brand new want :D

  3. i was never really into the line either... I just don't find the products exceptional for the price :/ but the lipsticks for me wear really well and makes my lips look much healthier than they are. Weird how we had different experiences!

  4. Honestly I am very into Tom Ford because of the luxe packaging. I agree that the quality of the eyeshadow is not as silky as Burberry's and it's not the best in the market. But I love the blushes so much, it's so buttery and pigmented :)

    1. I find TF blushes quite dry in texture, but I def agree that they're pigmented. They do have some nice shades, but Narcissist is the only one formula wise that I can tolerate.

  5. I love the look of the two darker colours in the quad. I haven't tried Tom Ford aside from Bruised Plum and Cherry Lush lipstick which I love, but I must admit I'm one of those people that you mention that got it for free :P