Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dolce and Gabbana Desert Palette:

Hi all!

Happy late Thanksgiving everyone <3 I hope everyone had a great day with loved ones. My turkey day was on Saturday at my friends house. I got to eat fried turkey leftovers. mmmmm delicious.

A bit of a random aside...I'm still here with the new boyfriends place with a fraction of my stash. How I've managed to stay here living out of a bag for like a month is beyond me. I've been busy doing the domestic housewife kind of thing: cooking, cleaning, doing his laundry. Yes, I know, even my mom is surprised. 

Moving along, me being here has made me realize what are the items I truly use often, and what's necessary for me. Most of my makeup is currently living in a Tom Ford shopping bag. I need to think of a better storage solution in the meantime.

I'm in a happy place in my life right now. I think I need to come out of my closet and admit to him I blog as a hobby. He has no idea the extent of my stash and how obsessed I am with makeup. I think he's still a bit weirded out by being with someone who is in deep into something so girly. 

Back to the purpose of the review:

Dolce and Gabbana Desert !

Packaging: It's gold with Dolce and Gabbana lasered on the center. I love the look of the packaging since it's unique and definitely glam. The major downside -- it scratches SO EASILY. Not a makeup bag friendly packaging, because it definitely harms the appearance once you see a small scratch. oh well. By Terry has this same issue too, so it's not that big of a surprise.

Texture/Formula: Here's the deal with Dolce eyeshadows ... I still think their quads are hit or miss. I've noticed a pattern that their matte shades tend to be a nicer formula than their shimmer or non-matte shades. A bit odd especially because matte shades are usually the formula that is so hard to work with. I swatched Vulcano and Elegance quads and hated the texture. Desert is a lot nicer in comparison. The eyeshadows in Desert are buttery, although a bit powdery. Once you use a brush to blend, the powdery texture goes away and blends really well. 

A D&G associate said yesterday that their eyeshadows contain silicone, so they don't need a primer. Sadly I threw away the boxes so I can't confirm this. I have worn them without primer and they definitely are longer lasting than a standard eyeshadow. 

Price and Size: $59 for 4.8g or 0.16 oz. The eyeshadows seem a bit small, but I don't really mind since I never finish eyeshadows anyway.

Worth having: I do like the quad because all 4 shades I do use, and it's great to carry with you (besides my packaging scratching gripe). It's my favorite Dolce quad aside from Contrasts, which I'll discuss at a later date.  

a distance shot. That pint may or may not be finished in one sitting :x


  1. I was really embarrassed to admit to my girlfriend-at-the-time, fiancee now, that I was blogging and that I really love makeup. I feared she would think it was shallow, or that I was shallow/foolish.

    But, as it turns out, she thinks it's totally awesome. She doesn't wear makeup or nail polish, but she think's it's great that there's something I love and have so much interest in and knowledge about, and she is really really proud of me for having a blog that people read.

    So, it just went so much better than I thought it would, and she's my biggest fan / supporter.

    Good luck telling your boyfriend!

    1. i tried figuring out what he feels about it all...i think he finds it problematic that I own so much makeup and that I hardly wear it. He asks me to wear it more often and that's a serious turn off for me personally. The minute someone asks me to wear it, I'm even less inclined to wear it in front of that person.

      He finds it interesting that I know a lot, but I always find him asking me why I like makeup so much when I hardly wear it. We are still in the beginning of the relationship, so it's something he'll have to learn to stop asking those kinds of questions, because apparently my responses aren't sufficient. Let alone he's already annoyed that I haven't worn any in front of him recently. LOL

      I think the larger issue for him is that I'm always dressed like a bum, whereas he is nicely dressed. It's how he met me, so he needs to understand that I'm a bum dressing person who wears makeup when I feel like it, not when I'm told to do so. If that makes any sense.

    2. It totally makes sense. I dress sloppy a lot of the time too - yoga pants or whatever - that's just what I do. I love getting all dressed up for occasions, but from day to day, I just want to be comfy. If someone told me to dress differently or wear makeup differently I'd probably wear pajamas in protest or something! I do wear makeup most days, but it's pretty subtle, esp considering how much I own! And I know what you mean about being asked to wear something making you not want to do it. Good luck w/ everything, let us know how it goes!

    3. Emi you are a lucky girl! That is wonderful she is so proud of you and appreciates the passion you have for it and the joy it brings you. I hid my blog for a very long time and for the most part still do. I still worry about what people think and find myself prompting my husband when really exceptional things happen in my blogging life for some sort of evidence of pride or acknowledgement.
      Now that I rarely leave the house I feel a little distressed at the lack of use my pretties are getting. It doesn't stop me from loving them or wanting more though! *sigh*

  2. a beautiful looking quad! I love the golden taupe!

  3. I understand the bf situation . My bf and I met in college and he saw me go from one chap stick to the monstrosity I like to call my makeup collection hehe . Dont let it weigh on yourself too much . In due time he will understand this is something you enjoy and to just let it be . :)

    as for D&G I only own one quad , stromboli I think . It is a very unusual mix of shades but I have literally hit pan on 3 shades . Absolutely adore it ! I have to order through saks because we dont have a counter here :((

    I want the peach and caramel blushes next ugh

    Hope your well my twitter friend :)

  4. LMAO! "You're a bum dressing person who wears makeup when I feel like it" LOVE it! I didn't tell anyone about my blog for a long time so I get it. Being a guy he will likely never really get it but it sounds like he is certainly able to be supportive. That is all that matters! I am so happy you are enjoying this time in your life!

    I swapped for a couple D&G quads a couple years ago and wasn't wowed. Stromboli was one of them. Of course now I can't remember why. I think it was a pigmentation issue. This quad looks lovely though.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous. I love these golden toned colours.