Sunday, November 4, 2012

Addiction Cheek Stick in Tea Rose +

Good morning everyone!

I'm still not at my house...but my life is more "normal", especially when it comes to transportation. I'm still with friends, which means my makeup stash is far far away. But as a result, I'm reviewing things I'm liking as of late. ;)

One of my newer possessions, Addiction Cheek Stick in Tea Rose is definitely something that I'm seriously enjoying. 

Packaging: It looks like a lipstick ... It comes in a black square tube with a magenta/fuchsia kind of base and "Addiction" is written on the side of the tube. Pretty good packaging if you ask me, and I love the magenta/fuchsia accent. The small downside is that it shows fingerprints easily. Seriously not a deal breaker for me.

Formula: It feels like a balmy lipstick in terms of how it glides onto the skin. Beautiful texture if you ask me, and it can be applied on the lips like a standard lipstick. I tried it on once, and it's not opaque nor as long lasting (on the lips) for my personal taste. It's nice to use when you're in a pinch for the lips. As for a cheek product, it's quite lovely. It lasts on your cheeks for around 5 hours. What I enjoy most about these is the soft focus sheen it has when applied on the cheeks, yet it still has a natural finish. The main downside is that it's not as long lasting as I'd like, but I can't complain. I do prefer the Becca Beach Tints for longevity, but the formula of the Addiction Cheek Sticks are much more refined, as in they're not as sticky as Becca BT. Addiction has a beautiful selection of colors and their lighter colors are wonderful for fair skintypes. 

As for Tea Rose, I adore it since it's a warm nude shade that actually shows up on my skin. It's perfection for me. I'm so glad I've found a great warm nude blush :D

Price and Size: ¥4050 (on Ichibankao) for 3.8g

top to bottom: Tea Rose, Rose Bar, Damask Rose (no flash)

top to bottom: Tea Rose, Rose Bar, Damask Rose (with flash)
left: Tea Rose || right: Rose Bar


  1. I need to try Addiction. I'm a little too afraid of developing another....addiction.

  2. I have been DYING to try Addiction for a long time, but as I am not willing to pay a 50% markup and don't have a friend in Japan, I have yet to do so :/ If ever I do get a chance though, I am POUNCING on it! Tea Rose is super pretty! I always love brands' blushes in their Tea Rose shade--it's a no-fail winner :)