Sunday, November 11, 2012

By Terry Holiday 2012 -- Or de Rose Blush Prestige and Opaline Flash

So after having issues with my machine, seeing a boy who doesn't seem to stop asking questions about my makeup, being sick, not to mention now visiting my I am.

Now, let's discuss Terry Holiday (in terms of what I purchased):

Or de Rose Blush Prestige: it's not the first liquid blush from Terry that I own, but in comparison to the others, it's less sparkly. I remember reviewing them for the first time a while back and having a hard time explaining why I like them. Reason being the crazy shimmer factor -- it's probably why not a lot of people like them. Anyway, so the holiday blush has less sparkle, but definitely has a significant's more refined in finish than her other three. 

The color in of itself can be seen as a rose gold, but on me in some lighting it can be seen as a peach. What else is more luxurious than 24 carat pink gold liquid blush in glass packaging? It's a nice surprise to see something warm and summery in feel being incorporated into a holiday collection. I really like the shade and of course the formula is easy to apply, blend and it sets really well. The major downside to her liquid blushes is the super strong rose fragrance, it's a stronger rose than her other products like lipstick and skincare.

The blush is $79 + tax for 15 mL or 0.5 fl oz

Opaline Flash Crayon Kôhl Terrybly: This one I was on the fence on in terms of idea. A pink eyeliner to brighten the eye area? I thought to myself, "yea, more like having pink eye". When I saw it at the counter I just had to look at it. When I saw the tester and swatched it, I then thought to myself, "well this isn't what I had in mind". You know how a champagne color has that nice frost to it? This very soft, light pink shade has a frost finish to it too. I took it home, applied it on my waterline, and my mom of all people said "you look wide awake". Yea, I'll be getting another one of these. It comes with a sharpener too. 

The pencil is $33.50 for 1.2 grams or 0.04 oz. 

Overall I'm happy with my items, although I do wish Terry had inserted a lipstick to this collection. 

If I ever get to meet her again, I'll ask her to make a lipstick and think of me :-) (ok, wishful thinking).

pictures below: 

opaline flash on the left, Or de Rose Blush Prestige on the right (with flash)

Or de Rose Blush Prestige on the top, opaline flash on the bottom  (low flash)


  1. Oh no! Seeing a boy who is asking questions about your makeup? HOW DARE HE?! I'm kidding... sorta.

    Glad to know that that eye pencil does its job! I always tend to stay away for the shimmery kind for the waterline, thinking it wouldn't look good, or stay on as long. But at the same time, shimmer makes sense to brighten the area. I might give it a go!

    Thanks for the reviews during difficult times! They are truly appreciated! :)

  2. Love the look of the liner! Must give that a try. xoxo

  3. Bravo honey! Now I'm even MORE excited for my blush to arrive- and that eyeliner is way prettier swatched than I thought it could be... but it's ByTerry-why would we expect anything less? ;)

    Love you doll

  4. SOOO pretty! I haven't ever tried anything from By Terry but I plan to soon!

  5. Lipstick Boulevards sent me here. Indeed a lovely rose color! By Terry is now on my to-try list.