Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Orpheline Original Skin Blush

So I'm back, albeit sick. 

But I'm here to review Rouge Bunny Rouge Orpheline blush. I've reviewed a couple of other items from the line seen here. The few items I do have are really beautifully packaged and nice quality as well. 

Packaging: The blush comes in a sleek black compact, with flowers on top of the lid, which I like. When you open it, there's a nice mirror and the flower design embossed on the blush itself. The packaging is pretty straight forward, and it snaps shut, so you know when it's closed. I like it because it's sleek and it has a feminine touch to the packaging. Sometimes it's too pretty that I confuse it with a mirror compact.

Texture and Color: it's a smooth, buttery texture. It's so finely milled that it feels like a cream when you touch it. I was a bit surprised when I first got Florita because it's a bit smaller than what I had expected, but it's definitely worth it. The color itself is a warm strawberry pink. It's not overly warm where it's garish, at all. In the pan there's a tiny sparkle, but when applied it doesn't show up at all. I wouldn't consider this a matte finish type of blush, because matte blushes look flat on the face. When applied on the cheeks it feels more of a soft satin finish. 

Price and size: It's approximately $39 (because of the conversion rate, since the price is in GBP), 3.5 grams or 0.123 oz. 

Where to purchase: Zuneta. I've had awesome experiences with them myself, and they do email you back in a very timely manner if you have any questions. What's nice about the website is aside from great color descriptions, they also state what skintones the items are the most flattering on. They're always spot-on. Since they're based out of the UK, their shipping is pretty high, unless you spend around $150+ and you'll get free shipping.

Left to right:

Shu RD #14 (discontinued)
Rouge Bunny Rouge Orpheline

Is it worth buying? Of course :D !


  1. Pretty! I recently bought Delicata and Gracilis. I like Gracilis as blush, and I have been using Delicata as bronzer. I agree these blushes are scrumptious, and Orpheline looks perfect against your skin tone.

  2. i want to purchase starina, habanera, and gracilis, but that will be at a later date. i have a few other Rouge Bunny Rouge stuff that i have i'll review in the future. i need to prioritize my purchases since there's so much stuff to try !

    and thank you for the compliment. :)

  3. Is it crazy despite having it now, I am re-lemming!?

    Looks gorgeous on your skin hun :)

  4. you can wear yours tomorrow :) ! <3

    if it's gorgeous on me, it's just as awesome, or actually even better on you Mira, my beloved skintwin <3 :)

  5. Looks gorgeous! Do you think it would work on NW20?

  6. i don't see why not. i think a light hand it would look awesome :)