Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute Summer 2011: Penelope Kaleidoscope + (edited 5.19.11)

So I rushed on over to Bergdorf Goodman about an hour ago because they have the tester Penelope Kaleidoscope. It's been one I've been curious about since I had a hard time imagining how the colors from the promo photo would layer on.

Top color is a warm soft gold color. It's not as warm or as vibrant as Nutmeg, but it's definitely a pretty shade. I can see myself using this one as a soft lid color on it's own.

The second shade is a matte greyed lavender. At first I didn't know what to think of this shade, or quite understood the purpose of it, but after Dustin layered it on his hands, it neutralizes the top shade a bit. I'm not one for purples, but I can see why this color was added. I do adore the soft buttery texture of this matte shade. :)

The third shade: it's slightly deeper and a higher sheen than Jojo. This one took me by surprise. It's sooo lush <3

The last shade: At first I thought it would end up looking like Jade, but it's deeper and it has a charcoal aspect to the color. It's a nifty color to pack on the color for a smokey eye, if necessary. 

Swatches are below:

So Dustin and I were playing with the colors and I asked him how it would look like layered together, so he decided to be creative and draw on my fist. Forgive my crappy fist because I had a hard time staying still from sneezing. :( 

Couches de Couleur Quick picture tutorial:

You apply the top color all over the lid up to the crease (see that little black line in between the lid and brow)? Yea, that's supposed to be your crease lol

Next, you layer the second color all over the lid into the crease as well.   

Then you add the third one.  

Then you add the green towards the lashline to darken, or make a soft smoky eye. 

The last picture Dustin added eyeliner and the eye brightener on the browbone and to blend any harsh lines. 

Overall thoughts? I think it's a really pretty kaleidoscope, and it was a nice surprise because a part of me thought it would be something boring, when it totally isn't. If you're into warm colors, then this is definitely a palette worth getting. :) 

Bergdorf Goodman will have the palette tomorrow in stores. You can call 212-872-8612 to make your order. 

(edit): The top shade is not as orange based as Goldstone. It's slightly lighter and more yellow. Totally different colors if you ask me.


  1. Wow! That is so beautiful!! Thanks so much for the illustrative review, am sure this will make a very versatile palette. Enjoy! I might check this out this weekend..

  2. Wow- you are ON it! So excited you posted these pics/review- it looks really beautiful. Questions- how does the top color compare to Goldstone? And would you say the purple is softer/more muted than Plum? I'm surprised by the last shade- I'm really not seeing green in your swatch...
    Thanks again!

  3. I don't own Goldstone and it didn't occur to me to compare it to that. The purple is a bit more muted and grey based than plum (plum is a nice vibrant duochrome lavender, but there's not really any grey in it).

    :) I hope that helps.

  4. I love the demonstration. When I try to take pictures of the layering it never shows up well but I'll be trying this on my hand one day to see how that photographs.
    I wish this were available at more than BG. I hate that they charge shipping when Neiman is so close to me.

  5. Thank you MarciaF! Le Metier de Beaute is also sold at select Nordstroms as well, and Nordstrom online. :)

  6. This post is so genius I don't even know what to be excited about first! First, thank you thank you thank you for the comparisons to nutmeg, jojo and jade and the stunning swatches. I'm ordering this tomorrow, it's just perfect. Second, it's about time someone did such a clear Couches de Couleur demo! It's just so fun to watch. Third, omg that eye is effing adorable and well drawn, it was actually clearer than most real-eye tutorial pics.

  7. thank you Sparklehead. <3 I try to please my readers. Thank Dustin for the cute eye drawing and quick layering tutorial. :)

  8. ohhhhh.... i really like this one a lot. i would actually use every color except the lavender all of the time. once again... you rock!


  9. This is an amazing demo! I have yet to take the plunge on one of these palettes (I have a few of the singles that are wonderful) because I can't see these in person- this changes things for me- Penelope will be mine. Thank you so much

  10. thank you apparellel and makeup merriment <3 please post pictures of your kaleidoscope when you get it :)

  11. Hello Panties,

    Thank you for showing this. I thought the colours weren't in my league (independently) but when they are layered, they are very nice.

    Btw, do you have any idea if they will be available online from Nordstrom or BG or NM?

    Before I forget, thank you so much for the idea of doing/drawing an eye makeup on the fist. It kinda solves the problem that not revealing the whole face but still wanna do the eye make up dilemma!

    Have a great getaway xxx

  12. No problem. I have no idea how soon it will be online.

    Thank you. More importantly, thank Dustin! it was his idea and he did the drawing and application. :)

  13. Gorgeous hun!
    Love the little doodle on the hand :D

    The grey lavender & green are TDF quite frankly... I might need this :/
    mira x

  14. Thanks so much for this review! I was unsure of the colors but they are truly gorgeous :) I can't wait to see it in person

  15. gorgeous! dangit! i was hoping i could pass on this =X

    is it only available at BG or will neimans have it as well?

    btw have fun on your trip!

  16. My understanding is that NM and Nordys will have it as well...as far as I know.

  17. i love how you've swatched the eyeshadows on a picture of an eye on your hand! :)

  18. That's better than a face chart you are given after getting your makeup done!

    I need this...

  19. thank you ! i hope you got it because it's a really pretty kaleidoscope.