Sunday, May 29, 2011

Giorgio Armani Gloss d'Armani in 401.

So yesterday I got to meet the awesomeness that is PinkSith. Can I just say since she met me with no makeup on...that she didn't implode !?!?! It's a sigh of relief that I'm not that scary looking in person (with no makeup). Ok maybe I am, but I can live in denial LOL.

We went shopping and dropped into Neiman Marcus. I was on a mission to buy the Armani Eyes to Kill Intense eyeshadows, but then...we saw...what it was...what I had been waiting for for MANY MONTHS...

GLOSS D'ARMANI. I stopped dead in my tracks and stared, and then swatched like a maniac. I was like a 5 year old in a candy store. I couldn't decide which ones I wanted to get.

their lip shimmers are discontinued and are replaced with the Gloss d'Armani. They're supposed to be long-lasting gloss. If you all didn't know already, I'm like a moth to a flame with the darker/red colors, as is PinkSith. So of course it should be no surprise that we both got 401.

What I am a bit peeved about: the numbering of these glosses doesn't match the corresponding lipsticks. 401 Rouge d'Armani is an orange red, versus the Gloss d'Armani is a cool red. ok maybe it's just because I'm OCD. 

Packaging: Armani changed the design so it would be more consistent with their Rouge d'Armani. The packaging is in a clear tube, with the oval cap that resembles the Rouge d'Armani lipsticks. The applicator is definitely different. It's a long doe foot that's slightly slanted. You will see in the photo below. 

Texture and formula: Ok so this is where it gets interesting. The formula/texture is very...hmmm..odd at first. I want to say they're gel like, but not a typical gel formula. Like it's not a formula where you can rub your lips together really easily. The formula definitely isn't sticky either. You can feel that there's some binding aspect to it, but not the gloss adhering to your lips where it's drying your lips out. It's really an interesting, yet curious formula. As I did 2 test runs last night to see how long lasting it is, I realized why the formula is designed the way it is: it's transfer resistant. I was like "HOLY MOLY". I was concerned that with this formula that I would get the deathly white ring on my lips over time since the formula is a bit odd, but no, totally wears off really nicely.

Maybe someone can give a better description of the formula itself, because it's not what I was expecting at all. I like it a lot because it's long lasting and it doesn't dry your lips out either. It feels really cool. :D 401 is like a hair away from being a full on opaque gloss. Keep in mind some of the Armani glosses are more sheer than others (like 403, which I will review probably tomorrow).

Lasting power: So I did two separate test runs with 401 last night since I was out and about. The lasting power on average was about almost 4 hours with some visible fading, but you can still tell there was some gloss on. Usually with gloss it lasts about 2 hours and it's completely gone on me. 

Size and price: they are a smidgen bigger (6.5 mL versus the lip shimmer 6.0 mL) for $28

Photo time :D

Left is GA lip shimmer #7, on the right it's Gloss d'Armani in 401

 The Applicator.

Left to right:
Gloss d'Armani in 401.
Lip Shimmer #7


  1. since i deleted my other post (there was some random formatting error):

    JC! :) has left a new comment on your post "Giorgio Armani Gloss d'Armani in 401.":

    the formula looks very rich and creamy. i like it! it must look like pink/red honey on the lips.

    btw, found your blog through specktra my dear. love it!

  2. I NEED THIS COLOUR!! Very interested to try out this formula and see what I think. Sounds intriguing ;-)

  3. i dont blame you for needing this color. a lot of the other shades were sheer. Once i return to the city, i'll really sit down and take the time to play with the sheerer colors. plus my MA will tell me which ones would look nice on me :)

  4. Soooo pretty! =)


  5. oh. my. gosh. That looks amazing!!! I can't wait until these make it to my local neimans counter. wow.

  6. 401 is luv <3 i hope the glosses arrive soon at your NM counter. my local bloomys has it and they're really late with stuff, so maybe your neimans has it now?

    either way report back on your opinion of these glosses ;)

  7. My local NM is supposed to call me when these come in! I'm still waiting, maybe I need to pop by anyway! The color is sp pretty and I can't wait to try this formula out!

  8. Those are out now? Cool. I wonder if they have a similar formulation to Chanel RA Extrait de Glosses. *ponders* Great post, per usual :) <3 xxx