Sunday, September 30, 2012

Burberry Copper Lip Mist

This post is dedicated to Sethakins7. We had a conversation about nude lip colors, since that's what he likes, whereas I barely own any. Well I own a couple, but they're pinky nudes. 

Since his aesthetic is wearing less pink, but more nude...I suggested Burberry Copper lip mist. Copper is one of those shades that I kept trying out at the counter and enjoyed, but never purchased for a long time since there were other items I bought instead. I even had a few testers that lasted me a while. 

Finally I got the full size lipstick, and so it goes...

Packaging: standard Burberry packaging, pewter, bulky, checkered pattern. Not much else to say. 

Formula: lip mists are really balmy, light weight, and moisturizing on the lips. If you like Guerlain Rouge Automatiques, or Chantecaille lip chics, or even Cle de Peau lipsticks, then you'll definitely like lip mists. They're not really sheer in opacity, but have a nice sheen (no glitter). Copper in comparison to the couple of other lip mists feels even more balmy. The downside that I find a bit of a pet peeve is constantly reapplying, but that's to be expected from a non matte or long lasting lipstick. 

Color: it looks like a peach shade on some people (there's a few reviews out there on Copper). If you have pigmented lips, the color comes out more neutral than a strong warm shade. It's the closest thing that I have lipstick wise to a nude/peach color, but it isn't really a peach when applied.

Price and Size: $30 for 3.5g or 0.12 oz

L to R: Burberry Copper, Chantecaille Camellia, By Terry Terrybly Nude (100) (natural light)

L to R: Burberry Copper, Chantecaille Camellia, By Terry Terrybly Nude (100) (flash)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Becca Dragonfruit Beach Tint +

So I finally managed to get my little hands on this gorgeous beach tint. If you don't already know the amazingness that are beach tints...well then...

you need to see my review on Raspberry Beach Tint or see my other mentions of Beach Tints here or here.

Moving right along...


Packaging: In a small squeeze tube. A very small amount is needed on the cheeks. Literally the size of a pinhead is more than enough to do both cheeks. The one thing you need to do is shake the tube so that the formula isn't too runny (and has color/pigment). My biggest gripe with the Beach Tint packaging -- not having the name of the actual color on the tube. It's just stated on the box. I do have one beach tint that actually has the name written on the back (watermelon). When you have a few beach tints, it's hard sometimes keeping track which beach tint is which.

Color: a really vibrant warm strawberry pink. It makes watermelon look almost raspberry and guava a pale peach in comparison. I don't own strawberry to see how it looks in comparison. Dragonfruit has a fig like smell for those who are wondering. 

Formula: Long lasting, and the formula itself is a hybrid of a cream-gel consistency. Slightly sticky when applied on the lips, but on the cheeks they glide on like a dream. Becca definitely has a exceptional formula when it comes to their cream blushes and Beach Tint. They're marketed as water-resistant, but I haven't tested this claim, but I'm sure they hold up well when in contact with water. 

The one thing I must say with the beach tints is that they set really quickly. Once they set, it doesn't budge. 

Price and Size: $25 for 7mL or 0.24 fl. oz


L to R: Watermelon, Dragonfruit, Guava once it sets (sorry for the patchy Guava and Watermelon swatches)

L to R: Watermelon, Dragonfruit, Guava freshly applied onto the skin. Dragonfruit is a bit warmer in real life. this picture makes me sad. I want my camera back :(

Thursday, September 27, 2012

posts that i'm loving recently +

I'm always being a  busy I hardly have the time to really sit down and read reviews as of late. But!! I felt the need to mention these bloggers/vloggers since they're useful bits of information. 

Check out one of my newer blogger friends "B" on a tutorial on how to depot Burberry eyeshadows.

My favorite British beauty Cami on her review on Beaute lip products.

For my Tom Ford lovers out there, here's a lovely tutorial/look using Congac Sable quad

Of course my favorite review on Armani Maestro Foundation

I think I should review it since I have my thoughts on this specific item. Of course I may have to mention By Terrys new liquid primer and how I use it with Armani Maestro. 

Not to mention the epic video from Dustin Hunter. NOT SAFE FOR WORK !! if you're not a fan of profanities...then don't watch this video. I laughed...for several minutes. ahahaha #hookaplease

Burberry Lip Velvet in Pink Azalea +

I know some of us have been waiting for the new Burberry Lip Velvet reviews...and I've have a few in my possession over the past few days. Here's my first review on Pink Azalea.

Packaging: Burberry has the same design of the lipstick tube, but a major difference -- the cover is a darker grey and it has a matte finish. I love the appearance of the matte tube, but I still dislike the bulkiness, Burberry checkered pattern.

Formula: definitely long lasting, and have a silicone like slip when you first apply it. Over time you do feel that the formula sinks into your lips and the slip fades as well. It feels a bit odd in the sense that that it feels drying. I'll get used to the feeling I think. In the end, my lips didn't feel/are drier, though. But, if you find Armani Rouge d'Armani lipsticks drying, then you may find these drying too. Test them out just to make sure. They do have the signature fig scent like other Burberry lipsticks (by the way).

It appears velvet in finish at first, then fades into a matte finish. It's definitely not a flat matte either. 

Longevity: I did a few test runs with Azalea Rose and day 1 it lasted me 6 hours with significant fading. During that time I ate two meals, three beverages, did a lot of speaking. One of the meals had a lot of oil and grease (yay junk food) and the lipstick didn't slide off. 

With a greasy meal, the lipstick vibrancy stayed the same, and there is some transfer on a straw (drinking iced tea).

Day two with just speaking, no food: almost 8 hours.

The lipstick does fade evenly over a bit of time, which is really nice. I can say that after hour 5, it fades off unevenly a bit. No flaking either.

some thoughts: A few months back, a Burberry associate compared these to the Shu mattes (from years ago). They're completely not the same. I prefer the Shu since it doesn't have that bizarre cling feeling, and the Shu lipsticks faded over time a bit better over the Burberry.

I do like them, but for some reason I'm not floored or as excited as I once was over them. The best part is that they're not drying and do last a bit. Sure, I'll buy a couple of more shades since I like a matte finish, but I'm sure in the future someone will hopefully create more matte lipsticks.

Price and size: $30 for 3.5g or 0.12 oz


Pink Azalea

L to R: Pink Azalea, By Terry Bare Instinct, GA 513 (no flash, most color accurate) 
L to R: Pink Azalea, By Terry Bare Instinct, GA 513 (taken with flash to see the difference in finish)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

random update +

I wanted to let you guys know that my camera got stolen within the past 3 days. Long story short, I found out who took it, and the person is out of the country and won't be back.

I also wanted to say that i will get money to get my camera replaced, but it wont be for a few weeks since the person has to save money to get it for me. It wasn't a cheap camera, and I totally understand. 

So with that being said...I can offer you guys a couple of options:

1. either I stop blogging until I have a new camera...(for all i know, it could take a couple of months)

2. or I can take photos with my phone's camera (which is seriously not the same in terms of resolution, manual control, etc).

I have a few things to talk about, but I don't like the idea of posting photos that aren't the same quality as my Canon.

please let me know what you would prefer, because it isn't about me, but about your viewing experience.

and a moment of silence for my Canon G11. 


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Random questions +

I got asked by My Beauty Sample to answer the following questions since I won a Liebster Award...They were actually interesting questions, so here they are:

1. What was the hardest thing about starting a blog for you?
I seriously had a bit of a phobia of even writing about brands like Suqqu, By Terry, etc. I didn't think people would want to read those posts. I thought most people wanted to read more about easier access makeup lines (like NARS, MAC, Estee Lauder). That and if people actually wanted to read about items I personally buy and wear. I've been asked if I get press samples, and no I don't (with the exception of two items, which I state in their respective posts). I do write about collections, but my blog is more about makeup items I actually use.

2. What’s your favorite thing about blogging?
The thinking I do as I'm writing. I replay in my brain the interaction I had at the counter, first thoughts of the product when I swatched it. stuff like that.
3. Name one fashion or beauty trend that you have been loving lately
bold/graphic eyeliner

4. If you had to choose just one brand to shop from for the rest of your life, which would you pick and why?
By Terry. The biggest thing for me when it comes to loving a makeup line is their skin products (foundation, concealer) and lipsticks. It's rare that a makeup line excels at both since they're completely different items. By Terry makes my favorite lipstick formula (so does Armani too...don't get me wrong lol). Terry's concealer and foundations are so amazing. mmmmm *in a happy place*
5. If money weren’t an object, what beauty product would you purchase right now?
Going to France and getting a custom blend By Terry foundation. I think it's $1800 (not sure if it's Euros or USD). Either way it's not cheap.

6. What is your number 1, can’t-live-without product? Why?
By Terry Touch Expert Advanced concealer. It hides parts of my skin that I want to hide. That or a red lipstick.

7. Which makeup/beauty products do you compulsively buy? (aka: what is your beauty drug-of-choice?)
Lip products. Lipstick, lipgloss, lipliner.

8. What’s the most expensive product in your beauty arsenal?
I think it's my Suqqu face brush.

9. How would you describe your beauty style? (i.e casual, subtle, bold, wild, etc.)
A look with purpose. I appreciate a subtle look, but I tend to go for something more bold, like a bold lip and a semi bold eye. I've been told by several makeup artists that I can rock both bold eyes and lips pretty well, which helped me embrace the look even more.

10. Do you see yourself still blogging 5 years from now? How about 10?
I have no idea. 

i'm not one to think of 11 questions to ask fellow bloggers, but if any of you want to answer the following questions, feel free to comment. or if you have questions for me, feel free to ask in the comments section :)

Chantecaille Luminous Gloss in Guava +

Am I the last person to know about this specific line of glosses? Well anyway, Chantecaille is not a brand I write too much about, in part because there's maybe a couple of things I really like. The line isn't really one that calls my attention when it comes to collections, plus it seems that they've been slightly changing the formulas of their items. 

One day I stopped by the counter inquiring about their fall collection (just out of curiosity) and I saw their luminous glosses. Guava called my attention. Swatched it on my arm and thought about the purchase because I'm not keen on the poor lasting power of their normal glosses. I bought it anyway. 

and here she is...

Packaging: The standard clear round tube with silver detailing. The first thing I noticed is that it's smaller in size compared to their normal glosses. As a matter of fact it looks a bit smaller than the standard size lipgloss. What stood out to me was their applicator. It's flat (completely flat), but it has a rounded tip.  Let me stop myself before I start giving you bad ideas (hahaha). There will be pictures below. I like the applicator, but after I apply it, I have to use my fingers to spread it a bit. A little annoying, but it's the best method of application I've found personally. 

Formula: It's definitely a thicker formula like the By Terry Gloss Delectation, slightly thinner than Burberrys glosses. Imagine a non-gel like version of Armanis Gloss d'Armanis. It's definitely not a thin/runny formula. Rubbing your lips together is not as easy in comparison to a normal gloss. It's not sticky in the sense that hair catches to the gloss either. There's no apparent scent to the gloss (that I can detect) and hey, no scent is better than a migraine-inducing scent.

Pigmentation is medium to slightly opaque. Chantecaille advertises it's a long lasting gloss (up to 6 hours), and in my personal opinion, it's a bit longer lasting than the normal gloss, but I don't consider it long lasting. It won't last through a meal (not a big deal), but if you're talking the entire time, it will last me a good 3 hours. I do think it's a definite step up from their standard glosses which fade so quickly on my lips. A nice little bonus is that it's forgiving on flaky parts of my lips. (The weather is changing, so my skin is slightly dry).

Color: in the tube it looks like a warm nude, but when applied on the lips it's a lot lighter than how it looks in the tube. It's definitely a soft slightly warm nude in color. I can wear it without a full face, which is a plus. You'll see in the photos below.

Price and Size: $34 for 0.26 oz or 7.5 grams.

Photos below:

GA GdA, Chante Luminous Gloss, By Terry Laque de Rose

Chante Lychee (sample i got with purchase), Guava

Lychee, Guava, and By Terry Laque de Rose #8 (normal lighting)

Lychee, Guava, and By Terry Laque de Rose #8 (flash)

applicator -- side view

applicator -- to see the shape

Do I think this formula is for everyone? No. I know there are people who aren't fond of a thicker gloss formula. I do think they're worth seeing at a counter though.

Friday, September 14, 2012

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder +

So it's that time for me to write about this magical powder...

top: By Terry Rose Lumiere (#2), Peach Ivoire (#3), and bottom is Hydra-Powder (to see size comparison)

Packaging: In a plastic container. Easy to travel because it won't break like a glass jar, although part of me wished it was in a glass container since it adds a luxurious feel/touch. The screw top cap reminds me of the rubbery surface that NARS products have. I'm not too fond of it since it's not as easy to clean, but whatever.

Formula: It's such a finely milled powder, even moreso than her Voile Poudre Eclat. When you pick it up with a brush and glide it on your seriously feels like a cream when applied. It goes on with a serious white cast, then over a few minutes the white cast goes away. It fills in pores, minimizes lines and helps with redness. The hyaluronic acid is definitely apparent in this powder since it glides on almost like a gel and it's not a drying powder either. When you touch it against your fingers, you'll know what I mean. 

Application: This is the area that I've had to really experiment with. This powder isn't meant for all over. It's really meant to apply in areas of your face where you have large pores, uneven texture, and more apparent lines. On my face it's on my forehead (pores, uneven texture), next to my nose, right under my inner eye, and on the outer right side of my face.

The best method I've found is using it with a flat eyeshadow brush. Imagine something bigger like the MAC 252, or the Shu 12 or 15. Something flat, not fluffy and a bit stiff. In some cases, a foundation brush will work depending on the size of the brush. The best brush I personally own is the Shu 12. After moisturizing your face and once it settles in your skin, pick up a bit on the brush and pat, then slightly sweep, then pat again to spread on the areas that need filling. The powder on your face will have a pretty significant white cast, and then I applied my foundation as normal. 

The area on my face where foundation separates are the areas where I have large pores (stated above). 

By Terry Lumiere Veloutee (discontinued), EF Skin Veil, By Terry Cover Expert, RBR Milk Aquarelle, GA Maestro

Out of the foundations I own -- the one that separates on my problematic parts of my skin after a few hours is the Rouge Bunny Rouge (oddly enough). You would think since it's a gel-cream that it would be good to my "not so happy" areas, but nope. So I decided to test it on RBRs Milk Aquarelle. 

After 8 hours, the areas on my face with foundation still didn't separate. This powder for that purpose alone is worth keeping. Not to mention how it hides my pores. I never would have thought I'd be blogging about a powder (not a liquid) having this kind of purpose.

Now I tested the powder on top of my undereyes (after concealer)...I noticed that it has a slight shimmer. Nothing overpowering like Guerlain Meteorites, but to use it over my foundation, I would personally only use it when I go out. If you haven't noticed by my foundation selection, I'm not too keen on sparkle in foundation. If you do like it over foundation, there is a white cast, and it takes like 20 minutes for that cast to go away.

My personal preference in terms of using this foundation is underneath my foundation. The sparkle doesn't show, plus it blurs out my pores (lines aren't a concern of mine yet).

top part of my hand with no powder, bottom part of my hand, you can see how the lines are blurred.

how the powder looks. it's odd since it clumps together. lol.

my hands w/ the powder, my fingers w/ no powder. it definitely helps w/ redness. sorry for not blending up top D;
Price and Size: $59 for 10g or 0.35 oz. It is a small jar, but as I stated before, it's not designed for all over use. 


Thursday, September 13, 2012

a quick intermission ...

I noticed that I've been getting some new viewers/readers/followers, some from youtubers (debbick1, camiloveskiwisethakins7, makeupneversleeps) mentioning me, while other readers finding me from other avenues, like seeing my name from another blog roll/feed. I just wanted to say hi :) 

Thank you taking the time to read my blog. This is my special place where I can write about all the pretty things that I enjoy makeup wise.

some random facts about me: 

i am left handed and get laughed at when i sit on the school kids desks (right handed ones). 

I have it BAD for fruit cups.  I didn't realize this until I was at a friends house, I ate over 40 cups in a couple of hours. I can't believe I (alone) emptied out the economy size from like Costco.
image courtesy of:

What's even more amusing is that I'm sure people think when I go and shop for luxury makeup featured here, that I'm well dressed. I have no sense of fashion and as a matter of fact, I go makeup shopping in pjamas half the time. I'm lucky that people are nice to me with hair all messed up, almost all the time I don't have makeup on (when i'm makeup shopping so i can test stuff against my face), and people are still cool and treat me nicely. 

I'm a serious insomniac. 


any questions or feedback, please feel free to let me know by commenting on here or dropping me an email at: the.panties@gmail :)

In a few days it will be my 2 year blog anniversary. I just wanted to say thank you for reading and being so supportive. I'm lucky to still have my very first readers comment (I would have thought they would have gotten bored of this place by now), and being able to speak to the most amazing people in general.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder & Hyaluronic Hydra-Primer

So I've been waiting...for weeks...and more weeks...and then some when it comes to By Terry's newest products: Hydra-Powder loose powder, as well as the Hydra-Primer. 

I can't give a full review on this yet due to testing it with different foundations and different methods of application. 

First impressions:

The Powder: it's so finely milled it seriously feels like a cream, and when it touches your skin it becomes very slightly watery in consistency. It glides against your skin, making lines on your skin almost invisible and it covers your pores. On the skin it has a slight white cast, then it disappears. I haven't tried it over foundation to see how it looks just yet. I'll report back.

Primer: Where do I even begin? It glides on like water, and disappears onto the skin (no white cast). What's really interesting is that it has a cooling effect, and you feel an intense feeling of hydration on your skin. It's definitely matte in finish, but it's not drying at all. It's really the best thing I've seen in terms of formula and the texture. The texture doesn't accentuate lines, pores, and doesn't accentuate bumps under the skin. 

Price: Both items are $59

Quick photos with ingredient list:

ingredients for the powder

liquid primer ingredients

Thursday, September 6, 2012

By Terry Fall 2012 Collection and Swatches:

I'm literally falling asleep on myself since yours truly has been running on 2 hours of sleep on average a night. I'll do comparison swatches later with other brands, but considering I took the wrong train home, I can't think of finding similar shades and swatching them.

Red Ceremony (402): It's a red that doesn't seem cool toned like my other red lipsticks. If anything it's almost slightly warm in color. I haven't worn this on my lips to say how it actually looks when applied. 

Bare Instinct (403): This one...goodness. It looks borderline ugly in the tube, even swatched it looks somewhat ugly. It's a mauve/brown/rose color. When applied it's the most beautiful shade I've ever seen. It's not warm like Pink Sepia (Burberry). The color when applied reminds me of what inside a fig looks like, except a bit more muted (as in not as bright). The skies parted and angels were singing when I wore this color. I seriously ask myself the process/inspiration that Terry has when she makes these shades, because I don't have a dupe of this color. AT ALL. 

Carnal Attraction (404): It's a vibrant plum color, with less pink/fuschia than some of the other plums I own. I have to pull out my comparison shades when I'm not at work. This one wowed me at the counter too, but I have a feeling this one isn't as unique, but I can't say for sure until I start swatching.

Velvet Orchid (9): Be still, my beating heart. It's the first time that Terry makes her cream eyeshadows a velvet/matte finish (that I know of).  It's a blackened purple maroon shade. It has a very tiny sparkle that's hard to see unless you look up close. As usual with her cream eyeshadows, they don't budge at all, have awesome lasting power and they glide on like a dream.

Beyond Gold (11): a gold cream eyeshadow, and it's not a super sparkly one like say, Misty Rock. 

There's a peach and orange lipstick that I didn't get, and a velvet dark green cream eyeshadow that are a part of the collection, but I didn't get them.

in essence, I wish Terry would adopt me. I would be the happiest person alive. 

Red Ceremony (402), Bare Instinct (403), Carnal Attraction (404) || Velvet Orchid (9):, Beyond Gold (11) (flash)

Red Ceremony (402), Bare Instinct (403), Carnal Attraction (404) || Velvet Orchid (9):, Beyond Gold (11)

Red Ceremony (402), Bare Instinct (403), Carnal Attraction (404)

Velvet Orchid (9):, Beyond Gold (11)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tsukiakari EX-07 comparison swatches:

Sorry for being late with my post! I've been home visiting family trying to get stuff figured out in my personal life. It's been a busy weekend and I want to write a good review on the blush, so I'll do that if I have the energy once I return back to NYC tonight. 

But I do have some photos for comparison purposes to those who are wondering if EX-07 is worth buying. 

Quick note about the dark blue cream eyeshadow: I recommend wearing it with a primer. It will stay on your eyes if there's no primer used, but the vibrancy of the blue eyeshadow quickly goes away if you don't use a primer. 

Comparison photos below:

the first 2 shades are the shades on the upper left hand corner of each quad respectively. The other swatches are the upper right hand corner of their respective quads.

The pictures were taken with a point and shoot camera. The camera isn't mine since I forgot to bring it along with me, but hopefully the photos are useful.

L to R: EX-07, Suqqu 11 highlighter shades || Suqqu: #9, 10, 11, EX-07, and #1 (d/c) to compare the taupe/brown shades. (flash)

L to R: EX-07, Suqqu 11 highlighter shades || Suqqu: #9, 10, 11, EX-07, and #1 (d/c) to compare the taupe shades. (no flash, but artificial lighting)

L to R: EX-07, Suqqu 11 highlighter shades || Suqqu: #9, 10, 11, EX-07, and #1 (d/c) to compare the taupe/brown shades. (no flash, indoor bedroom lighting)
sorry for the brief review, but my mom is busy nagging me to do stuff. i'll see you later once i'm back in the city. ;)