Saturday, September 15, 2012

Chantecaille Luminous Gloss in Guava +

Am I the last person to know about this specific line of glosses? Well anyway, Chantecaille is not a brand I write too much about, in part because there's maybe a couple of things I really like. The line isn't really one that calls my attention when it comes to collections, plus it seems that they've been slightly changing the formulas of their items. 

One day I stopped by the counter inquiring about their fall collection (just out of curiosity) and I saw their luminous glosses. Guava called my attention. Swatched it on my arm and thought about the purchase because I'm not keen on the poor lasting power of their normal glosses. I bought it anyway. 

and here she is...

Packaging: The standard clear round tube with silver detailing. The first thing I noticed is that it's smaller in size compared to their normal glosses. As a matter of fact it looks a bit smaller than the standard size lipgloss. What stood out to me was their applicator. It's flat (completely flat), but it has a rounded tip.  Let me stop myself before I start giving you bad ideas (hahaha). There will be pictures below. I like the applicator, but after I apply it, I have to use my fingers to spread it a bit. A little annoying, but it's the best method of application I've found personally. 

Formula: It's definitely a thicker formula like the By Terry Gloss Delectation, slightly thinner than Burberrys glosses. Imagine a non-gel like version of Armanis Gloss d'Armanis. It's definitely not a thin/runny formula. Rubbing your lips together is not as easy in comparison to a normal gloss. It's not sticky in the sense that hair catches to the gloss either. There's no apparent scent to the gloss (that I can detect) and hey, no scent is better than a migraine-inducing scent.

Pigmentation is medium to slightly opaque. Chantecaille advertises it's a long lasting gloss (up to 6 hours), and in my personal opinion, it's a bit longer lasting than the normal gloss, but I don't consider it long lasting. It won't last through a meal (not a big deal), but if you're talking the entire time, it will last me a good 3 hours. I do think it's a definite step up from their standard glosses which fade so quickly on my lips. A nice little bonus is that it's forgiving on flaky parts of my lips. (The weather is changing, so my skin is slightly dry).

Color: in the tube it looks like a warm nude, but when applied on the lips it's a lot lighter than how it looks in the tube. It's definitely a soft slightly warm nude in color. I can wear it without a full face, which is a plus. You'll see in the photos below.

Price and Size: $34 for 0.26 oz or 7.5 grams.

Photos below:

GA GdA, Chante Luminous Gloss, By Terry Laque de Rose

Chante Lychee (sample i got with purchase), Guava

Lychee, Guava, and By Terry Laque de Rose #8 (normal lighting)

Lychee, Guava, and By Terry Laque de Rose #8 (flash)

applicator -- side view

applicator -- to see the shape

Do I think this formula is for everyone? No. I know there are people who aren't fond of a thicker gloss formula. I do think they're worth seeing at a counter though.


  1. so pretty and so pricey :) one day i'll splurge :)

  2. It's a lovely color. I'd wear it everyday. The short wearing kind of sets me back though. Nice review!

    1. The wear time is average for a normal gloss. If you want something longer lasting, check out Armani's gloss d'armani.

  3. Hey! Nice review! I actually really like the Chantecaille original gloss formula even though it lasts for like 2 minutes on the lips!! For some reason I really like the feel of those: non sticky, subtle shimmer, really moisturizing (almost like a lip treatment for me). Of course the non existent lasting power and the miniscule quantity for the price are draw backs but I *like* them :) Plus you know what I also really like: they are the only glosses I've managed to finish!!! Is that funny or what!? :) So far I've gone through Flirt, Sweet and a tiny sample of Mirth :D
    But another thing I've noticed is that Chante's last Brilliant(normal) gloss release "Lucky" from the summer collection is much thicker in formula than the usual, kind of like these Luminous ones I guess.