Friday, September 14, 2012

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder +

So it's that time for me to write about this magical powder...

top: By Terry Rose Lumiere (#2), Peach Ivoire (#3), and bottom is Hydra-Powder (to see size comparison)

Packaging: In a plastic container. Easy to travel because it won't break like a glass jar, although part of me wished it was in a glass container since it adds a luxurious feel/touch. The screw top cap reminds me of the rubbery surface that NARS products have. I'm not too fond of it since it's not as easy to clean, but whatever.

Formula: It's such a finely milled powder, even moreso than her Voile Poudre Eclat. When you pick it up with a brush and glide it on your seriously feels like a cream when applied. It goes on with a serious white cast, then over a few minutes the white cast goes away. It fills in pores, minimizes lines and helps with redness. The hyaluronic acid is definitely apparent in this powder since it glides on almost like a gel and it's not a drying powder either. When you touch it against your fingers, you'll know what I mean. 

Application: This is the area that I've had to really experiment with. This powder isn't meant for all over. It's really meant to apply in areas of your face where you have large pores, uneven texture, and more apparent lines. On my face it's on my forehead (pores, uneven texture), next to my nose, right under my inner eye, and on the outer right side of my face.

The best method I've found is using it with a flat eyeshadow brush. Imagine something bigger like the MAC 252, or the Shu 12 or 15. Something flat, not fluffy and a bit stiff. In some cases, a foundation brush will work depending on the size of the brush. The best brush I personally own is the Shu 12. After moisturizing your face and once it settles in your skin, pick up a bit on the brush and pat, then slightly sweep, then pat again to spread on the areas that need filling. The powder on your face will have a pretty significant white cast, and then I applied my foundation as normal. 

The area on my face where foundation separates are the areas where I have large pores (stated above). 

By Terry Lumiere Veloutee (discontinued), EF Skin Veil, By Terry Cover Expert, RBR Milk Aquarelle, GA Maestro

Out of the foundations I own -- the one that separates on my problematic parts of my skin after a few hours is the Rouge Bunny Rouge (oddly enough). You would think since it's a gel-cream that it would be good to my "not so happy" areas, but nope. So I decided to test it on RBRs Milk Aquarelle. 

After 8 hours, the areas on my face with foundation still didn't separate. This powder for that purpose alone is worth keeping. Not to mention how it hides my pores. I never would have thought I'd be blogging about a powder (not a liquid) having this kind of purpose.

Now I tested the powder on top of my undereyes (after concealer)...I noticed that it has a slight shimmer. Nothing overpowering like Guerlain Meteorites, but to use it over my foundation, I would personally only use it when I go out. If you haven't noticed by my foundation selection, I'm not too keen on sparkle in foundation. If you do like it over foundation, there is a white cast, and it takes like 20 minutes for that cast to go away.

My personal preference in terms of using this foundation is underneath my foundation. The sparkle doesn't show, plus it blurs out my pores (lines aren't a concern of mine yet).

top part of my hand with no powder, bottom part of my hand, you can see how the lines are blurred.

how the powder looks. it's odd since it clumps together. lol.

my hands w/ the powder, my fingers w/ no powder. it definitely helps w/ redness. sorry for not blending up top D;
Price and Size: $59 for 10g or 0.35 oz. It is a small jar, but as I stated before, it's not designed for all over use. 



  1. This looks very cool! I never would have thought that a powder could accomplish blurring imperfections like that!

  2. Hi. I'm really interested in this as my main concern is the enlarged pores on my nose. Which do you prefer, the powder or the hydra primer, for filling in pores? Does liquid foundation go on well over the powder? Thanks :)

    1. I don't have large pores on my nose, but I do next to my nose and it covers them well. As I stated in my review it works well over RBR milk aquarelle (which is a liquid foundation).

      The primer is great too, but its not as good for pore covering. It's designed for hydration and keeping foundation on longer.

      In the photo above I have pictured all of my foundations. I've tested the powder and primer with milk aquarelle and GA maestro so far.

      I hope that helps.

  3. Hello
    Do you know if this is comparable to the Chantecaiile Hi Definition powder?

    1. i haven't tried their high definition powder. once i'm off from work, i'll test it and get back to you. i did see the tester, but i didnt try it since i was on a mission to buy the fall collection.