Thursday, September 27, 2012

posts that i'm loving recently +

I'm always being a  busy I hardly have the time to really sit down and read reviews as of late. But!! I felt the need to mention these bloggers/vloggers since they're useful bits of information. 

Check out one of my newer blogger friends "B" on a tutorial on how to depot Burberry eyeshadows.

My favorite British beauty Cami on her review on Beaute lip products.

For my Tom Ford lovers out there, here's a lovely tutorial/look using Congac Sable quad

Of course my favorite review on Armani Maestro Foundation

I think I should review it since I have my thoughts on this specific item. Of course I may have to mention By Terrys new liquid primer and how I use it with Armani Maestro. 

Not to mention the epic video from Dustin Hunter. NOT SAFE FOR WORK !! if you're not a fan of profanities...then don't watch this video. I laughed...for several minutes. ahahaha #hookaplease


  1. I got a mention! <3
    Ps: totally lemming Armani Maestro and you're to blame!

  2. <333 you. You have cheered me up among my pile of Kleenex (BAHAHA that sounds rude, which cheered me up even more), Vicks Vaporub and throat lozenges.

  3. Hello black panties!-since u mentioned the Giorgio Armani Maestro -I would love u to read my review @!