Saturday, August 25, 2012

Depotting Project (edited) +

Hi all!

I figured this would be something you all may be interested in knowing...I've slowly started depotting my eyeshadows. it's a process i've debated on doing for a long time. main reason is to start being space efficient in my eyeshadow drawer. what i didn't realize is how quickly my eyeshadow drawer has changed (purging/adding) over the span of one year alone. 

i'm at a point where i have a hard time picking out what i want to wear since the packaging is usually black, so it's a bit of an annoyance to rummage through and figuring out what item is what. here's what i've started doing earlier this morning:

top part from top to bottom: suqqu 9, 10, 11. bottom is my custom shu 2nd gen e/s. palette itself is a shu 2nd gen palette.

and here's my eyeshadow drawer once my boutique palette was all done. i got some empty space and re-arranged my eyeshadows (again). here is what it looks like now:

bottom is a mix of burberry singles, suqqu, and an hourglass palette.

middle is le metier de beaute, a couple of becca and shu 3rd gen eyeshadow palettes. this section wont be depotted, since it's premade palettes. i think dustin (2 out of the three were made by him) would probably have a heart attack if i depotted them LOL

top clear section is becca, by terry, RBR eyeshadows and some shu 3rd gen eyeshadows. i know my sister likes what i own, and i think most of the shu 3rd gen may be gifted to her...maybe for christmas? who knows.

far top is a mix of shu 3rd gen, LMdB singles, and the new RBR singles. the middle is like cream e/s, eyeliners, etc.

not pictured: my addiction eyeshadows. they're in my makeup bag for the moment, and i think i plan on buying their empty palettes. we'll see. 

and this is what i bought so i can start putting stuff in: 

Yaby empty magnetic palette: image courtesy of:

since they have free US shipping when you spend over $75, i bought three palettes and a pack of eyeshadow adhesives. it's probably not enough to hold all of my eyeshadows, but it's a start. plus i have a couple of smaller 2nd gen shu palettes just in case i over depot. lol.

i figured out thanks to some awesome people:

RBR eyeshadows are depotted the heat method way.

Le Metier's eyeshadows have a pinhole in the back, and they just pop right out

Hourglass eyeshadow duos: *edit* you remove the swivel top. then take apart the top layer from the bottom layer when you look at the duo from the side with a knife. be VERY careful in removing the 2 layers. don't be afraid in taking your time. the hardest part is physically removing the pans since the adhesive is really strong. i tried the no heat, just using a flat blade...and that failed. so just use the heat method. i doubt much heat is needed since u have easier access to the rest of the pan to wiggle around

random fact about Hourglass eyeshadows: they're the same length as suqqu pans, but the hourglass pans are a bit taller. just for those who were wondering/interested in knowing.

Burberry: I tried and failed miserably. 1 casuality, and i won't try it again unless someone has a tutorial or can explain their method of depotting it. any ideas...?

Becca and Terry: no idea how to do these either.

*casualties: burberry midnight brown and hourglass gypsy. i'll replace them later today.

any help would be appreciated in knowing how to depot eyeshadows and what methods have worked for you.

Suqqu for those who are interested: the back of the palettes have little holes, and the best tool is using a stud earring. seriously, it works better than cuticle scissors or whatever. just remove the stud backing and just stick the earring post in the hole. the eyeshadows easily come out since the adhesive they use is like a gummy residue. 

i hope this helps and maybe i'll show how my eyeshadows look once most of them are depotted. :)


  1. wow, great job, panties! i drooled a bit @ your stash :) you've totally inspired me! <3

    1. you know u have the better stash !! <3 <3 how are you my luv?

  2. I depot to save space too. I like original packaging better, but I just don't have room for it! Thanks for sharing the tips about different brands.

  3. Nice job with the depoting, and I'm really digging your e/s collection:-)

  4. You have a lovely collection! I love the ease that would come with having thing depotted. I'm slowly working up my courage to try this. Awesome that you listed depotting tips that are brand specific!

    1. Thank you :D I hope the stuff was informative. I hope I can depot most of my eyeshadows because I think it will get me to use my eyeshadows more.

  5. Shame about the casualties :-( but a great project! I recently did the same and depotted my Burberry eye shadows using the oven method. It will trash to compact completely but it worked without problems. Good luck, hope to see the final palette :-)

    1. Oven method? Gas or electric oven? High, medium or low heat? Does it change the eyeshadow color ? So many questions! I'm so curious how to do it since I don't want to break another eyeshadow. Any more info or details would be appreciated.

  6. Wow you are brave about depotting! I could save myself so much space if I did, but a.) I'm scared to, and b.) half of the allure of a lot of shadows that I buy is in the packaging. I'm a real packaging whore :P

  7. I am so happy I decided to depot. So far I've done all my Le Metier de Beaute singles and Kaleidoscopes (sorry Dustin!), all my Rouge Bunny Rouge singles, Urban Decay palettes, LORAC palettes, and Edward Bess Singles. Love your organized new drawer!

  8. Fantastic post!! I have depotted a lot of my shadows, but definitely need to depot all of my RBR. I love this metal palette-- I think that I might have to get a few of those! <3

  9. Oooh, how nice!!! New here, but loving everything I've been reading from you, thank you so much for your honest and insightful reviews :)

    I will be very interested to know how you like the Yabi palettes, and look forward to seeing real life pictures :) - if I understand correctly, the one pictured here with your depotted shadows is a Shu, right? I think it's awesome that you can store shadows both in the lid and base, very cool!

    I have been using Unii Palettes for my depotted stuff. I love how sturdy and cute they are, but wish they came in various sizes, and in bigger ones preferably... Although, I have to say that for now they are working out well for me, as I have limited space, and you can stack them one on top of the other neatly. With the different colors, it's also easy for me to keep track of what's where, for now, but I can see it becoming a problem when I'll have exhausted the limited possibilities and will need to use repeat colors.

    I have been depotting my Burberry eyeshadows without any problem. The key is being patient and taking your time, as the packaging is pretty thick, and it takes it longer to heat through and for the glue to melt. I use a teapot warmer. Mine is made of cast iron, and has a lid with little holes pocked throughout. I light the candle, put the lid on, and then set my opened eyeshadow on top, in the center - so right on top of the candle. I then just let it heat slowly, and check every once in a while by trying to lift the pan out of its casing, but without ever forcing. If it doesn't pop right out, I just put it back and leave it to heat a little longer. Oh yes, and fairly in the beginning of the heating process, I also unstick the sticker on the bottom of the package, the one that says which color is in the pan - I save it to stick back on the bottom of the depotted shadow, and also, if you don't take it off, it will burn!!!! Actually, and apart from the Le Metier de Beaute ones, I find the Burberry eyeshadows the easiest to depot, as the glue they use is of good quality (it comes off the pan very cleanly), and there is just one blob of it in the center of the pan, and that's it. If the candle in my teapot warmer is nearing the end of its life, I can even manage to keep the outer casing intact (not that I have much interest in starting a collection of empty eyeshadow packaging, lol). Else it ends up completely distorted and won't be useable again.

    The only eyeshadows I haven't yet dared to depot are my Cle de Peau singles - I only have a couple, but I find the packaging bulky, especially compared to the size of actual product, and I would love to get rid of it. But I'm not sure they are actually depottable (I know for example that Chanel is hopeless), and really don't want to mess them up at the price they are at. Would anyone here know and could please please please help me? I would be forever grateful :)!

    1. first off: welcome to my blog, feel free to leave any feedback/questions/recommendations/etc.

      Thank you so much for this info! My only question is with this heating process -- does it change the eyeshadow color/formula at all? I know heat for a long period of time can cause changes to an eyeshadow.

      I don't own any CdP singles, and given that they're baked like Chanel, I don't think they're easy to depot, if it's possible at all.

      And yes, the palette is a Shu one, and it can hold 36 second gen Shu eyeshadows. I don't think they're sold anywhere anymore since Shu has changed their eyeshadow size. if it's sold anywhere, it's their boutiques.

    2. Thank you so much for the kind welcome :)

      I honestly didn't feel that the heating process I used changed anything to the eyeshadows in any way (neither color or formula), but then again, I didn't bake it either (the heating process is fairly slow, and you get the pans out of the casing as soon as it is feasible, so you don't risk to "overcook"). I'm also still pretty much using the upper layers of the shadows though, and don't know what I will find when I get to the product closer to the bottom of the pan. But it was worth the risk to me, as I know that I wouldn't be using them half as much as I do if I didn't have them within easy reach in my palette.

      Thank you for the feedback on the CdP singles, that's what I was fearing! I guess I better play it safe and keep those 2 as they are...

      And thank you for the info on the Shu palette - I'm in NYC, so no Shu counter around, sadly :(. Really love the use of both lid and base, I think that's really unique - and neat!

  10. @Neo Great post! I have depotted some old Chanel quads. What a pain! They are very difficult to depot.Part of the case can be pried off, but the glue is very sticky. I used alcohol to loosen the pans, and it turned into a gooey mess. Plus the pans are aluminum, so you have to add magnets.

    1. Thank you Louisa :)! Wow, you are a courageous soul!!!!!!! I think you are the first person I know who has actually managed to depot Chanel shadows! I guess I'll pass on the couple of Chanel and CdP I have, and leave them as they are ;)