Sunday, September 25, 2011

Becca Raspberry Beach Tint +

So finally, this is my first post about Becca Cosmetics. I've owned some Becca in the past, but I gave all of my stuff away to a friend of mine. I've always known Becca makes some great things, but some of her products I never quite understood the purpose, or that the product doesn't stand out to me at all (Pressed Shimmer Powder, Shimmering Skin Perfector).

Moving along...

Then they moved to be sold at my local drugstore (Duane Reade), and to be honest, the people that work at a pharmacy aren't knowledgeable about Becca at all, which deterred me from buying it there.


David was offered a job to work for Becca at Henri Bendel's in NYC. The few times I've shopped there, the people aren't that cool. Being a loyal customer to David (yes, because he's that awesome), I go there from time to time and he shows me what is worth having. 

and so here's my first review: Raspberry Beach Tint.

Packaging: it comes in a squeeze tube, and the tube is very small. Functional packaging if you ask me. It's great because it's travel friendly. 

The one main gripe I have about it is the labeling of the actual product. Raspberry isn't actually written on my tube. Sometimes there's a sticker on the tube, but that sticker falls off pretty quickly. The one thing I would like to see is the actual shade written perhaps on the back of the tube. Not a big deal, but if you have several beach tints, it would be easy to differentiate them (not just from the color of the band).

Formula: It's oil & streak free, and water-resistant. The texture is a bit creamy/balmy (perhaps from the vitamin E). It's also preservative and paraben-free. It's such an awesome formula in of itself, but the one thing to keep in mind is to shake the bottle before use so that the pigment comes out evenly. The lasting power on this stuff is amazing, as it lasts at least 10 hours on me with no streaky or weird fading. It's a great formula for a lot of skintypes since it's oil free and water resistant. Granted the tube is small, not a lot of product is needed to apply on your face.

Application: The best method I've found so far is using fingers and dot it on the cheeks, wait a second, then using my fingers to spread on the product. It does take a little bit of work for it for the effect that I like, but it works for me.

Color/Scent: It's a deep raspberry. It's so beautiful on the lips as a soft stain. It deepens your natural lip color without looking garrish or too dark. I'm not one for crazy scents, but this has the smell of raspberry candy. I seriously wanted to take the tester and stick it in my nose so that's all i can smell. Yes, it's that good. (hahaha). The scent and color are big wins for me. mmmm so delish.

Price and Size: $25, 7ml./0.24 fl oz

Worth having?:
Yes, if you were to try out Becca, the first thing I would want everyone to try is their beach tints.

L to R: GA Blushing Fabric #5, Raspberry Beach Tint, Becca Wild Orchid cream blush (with flash)

L to R: GA Blushing Fabric #5, Raspberry Beach Tint, Becca Wild Orchid cream blush (without flash)


  1. I would like to think I was influential in this purchase :P Love love love beach tints. Haven't gotten raspberry yet but I am in big love with peach :)

  2. ahhhh !!! i dont have peach, but i do have fig and guava as well. i will review these at a later date.

    do u happen to know if guava is limited edition?

    you're always enabling <3 i will admit this one is partially david's enabling too since he loves the smell LOL

  3. beautiful swatches. Are beach tints similar to blushing fabric? Which do you prefer? Sorry, for loading you with questions.

  4. Armani blushing fabrics are always limited edition, which means they're hard to come by and they do sell out quickly. If you're okay with silicone, then blushing fabrics are awesome. They are a bit harder to come off than Beach Tints.

    Beach Tints are probably the better option since their ingredients are preservative and paraben-free (for those who are sensitive to certain ingredients). Another advantage is that they're not limited edition so you can get them at anytime. Price point wise, the beach tints are a bit less in price, but the tube is smaller.

    I like them both actually, but since Blushing Fabric #5 is harder to come by since it was LE.

  5. Ah, I've been looking for the Beach Tint shade that might serve as an alternative to Wild Orchid. That's perfect. Thank you.

  6. thanks! I might get a chance to visit a store that carries Becca. Will check out the beach tints for sure.