Sunday, June 19, 2011

Chantecaille Lip Chic in Tea Rose +

So yesterday I met with a lovely lady who reads my blog...and we did some shopping and she got to meet some of my Makeup Artists. Anyway, so we went on over to a Chantecaille counter so she could get some goodies and the ladies there were quite nice (the girls from 59th & Lex Bloomingdales). It was odd to see someone who I normally don't see (I've been seeing Phil at Space NK on 71st and Lex for Chantecaille as of recent).
Ok so I have Camellia lip chic which I really like, but Tracy when she used to work at the SpaceNK in SoHo (which has a Chantecaille display) always recommended me Tea Rose. I never got it for one reason or another..."Oh it can wait, I gotta buy (insert LE makeup item)". Finally after trying it at the Chantecaille counter at Bloomingdales and the reaction from the MA, it sealed the deal to get it. Why didn't I pay attention to Tracy before? *kicks self*

 Moving along...

Packaging: It comes in a sleek dark silver color. I like it because it's like a pewter shade of silver. My fear was that the lid will come off in my purse, but that hasn't been the case with this one, nor with my other lip chic. The height of a the tube is a bit short, but I really don't care, it's just something to be noted.

Texture and Lasting Power: It's a very hydrating, balmy lipstick. For those with super dry lips will LOVE lip chics. They're sheer with 1 thin layer, but not too sheer. They're soft and slightly thicker in texture than Cle de Peau extra silky lipsticks, but they're less balmy than Rouge Bunny Rouge's Color Burst Lipsticks. Definitely a lovely texture. I love these more than Dior new Addicts, and Dior Serum de Rouge. When the color fades, it leaves your lips more hydrated than before. The lasting power is like 3 hours if I eat a snack and talk a bit. 

Color: It's a mid-tone rose color, slightly cool (with no sparkles). This particular shade is straight up beautiful. It's my lips but better shade. For those who have lighter lips, it will definitely give them this light flush of color. I know this is a color that I'll be wearing quite often when I'm at work, aside from my Le Metier de Beaute lip cremes. The reason why this gets it's own section is because I finally found a my lips but better shade that the formula is wonderful (my other lipstick for my lips but better is GA #99, which was limited edition). 

Size and Price: .07 oz 2 grams, $30

Is it worth it?: Yes, I honestly think these are a must have. if Tea Rose isn't for you, there are definitely a great shade selection to choose from. Another personal favorite is Camellia.

Onto the photos!!

Left to Right:

GA #99
Tea Rose Lip Chic
Rouge Bunny Rouge Word of Mouth


  1. I absolutely adore the Chantecaille Lip Chics, have about 6 now I think. I have really dry lips and these are perfect. I really like Tea Rose but Bourbon Rose has to be my favourite so far. Whenever I get the chance to visit Space NK in person I always pick one up. Am so jealous you have such easy access to all these stores, brands and artists! x

  2. if you have dry lips, Cle de Peau has nice ones, but they have a bit more slip and dont have the balmy feeling.

    you live in a place where you have access to makeup I don't have (suqqu, shu uemura, barry M, sleek, etc)

  3. I'm glad you like it. Tea Rose is my best MLLB shade. Love it! I think I also have around 6 and would get more if I liked the other colors. My all-time favorites are Tea Rose, Dahlia (clear red), and Damask (clear plum).

  4. You know, I really should have bought a few when I saw them on sales in Harrods sale...still regretting over this! Damn!

  5. I love the Lip Chics, the texture of these is perfect. I don't have Tea Rose; I should remedy this.

  6. I have this in Camellia and love it! It is the only lip product ever I ran out of - definitely going to repurchase!! :)

  7. Sounds like you girls had a fabulous day! I can't believe I haven't tried this yet! Soon...soon....

  8. @Zuzu's Petals: for some reason i didnt care for Dahlia even though i love reds. I'll check out Damask. I have the same issue (not liking a lot of the colors). That's why i only have tea rose and camellia. i wish they had more colors so i can get more.

    @This passenger's element: anytime :D

    @Grace London: i like them, i do wish they were a bit longer lasting.

    @nicolle: i hope you check out tea rose too :)

    @PerilouslyPale: they're definitely worth looking into.

    @luv2smilexo: why am i not surprised? we have awesome taste in mu and colors :D

  9. Oh wow, this looks so pretty on you, me want!!! Camellia is a great color too. Have you tried the hydra chics by Chante?

  10. I have aster. I need to get on the ball and review this one soon.