Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thank you to all and a random picture tag +

I've realized that I've been featured as an award winner for being a new blog from:

Name your favourite color:
Black, then grey
Name your favourite song: I don't have one, but Blvd. Nights from Team Sleep is my most played track.
Name your fav dessert: Gelato :D
What is pissing you off? my migraines
When you're upset, you... stab people
Your favourite pet: i like cats
Black or White? Black.
Your biggest fear is...: clowns.
Your best feature is...: probably my lips
Everyday attitude: hyper
What is perfection? Something that honestly doesn't exist
Guilty pleasure: Jersey Shore

My guilty pleasure blogs in terms of being unknown but have awesome stuff to feature are:

Photographs and Gasoline  -- this chick honestly has all the cool stuff exclusive to Europe and she's my skintwin. I think we are sisters. honestly. <3
Posey Lass -- she understands my love for awesome brushes and other pretty things. like red lipstick, and she's so smart. and hot. ok.
Shameless Fripperies -- her makeup skills are so on point, plus she's a beautiful face to boot. Plus she understands my love for By Terry <3

I just wanted to say thank you for everyone who follows my blog, because it's because of all of you *points to the back of the small group* YES YOU, that I continue writing.

and since I was tagged to do a picture post:

1. Go to the fourth folder in your computer where you store your pics (do not cheat).
2. Then pick the fourth picture in the folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same.

So this picture is a was my roommates cat pishmina <3 This cat was a part of my life during my 2nd year in college <3 Since I didn't have a cool camera back then, I took this photo with my webcam <3

Here's a better photo of pishmina <3

I wonder how she's doing...I miss that crazy cat <3

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