Sunday, June 5, 2011

Geisha Ink mascara +

So thanks to an awesome friend who reads my blog and her favorite posts are the By Terry ones, she let me in on this little brand called Geisha Ink. She raves about their mascara, and one area in my makeup department that I never really consider bothering reviewing because I already have my holy grail, which is Armani Eyes to Kill (after trying YSL, Chantecaille, Lancome, Blinc, Dior, etc). I confessed in the twitter universe that I haven't paid for mascara in 2 years, since I always get Eyes to Kill minis. I don't mind shelling out the $$ for Eyes to Kill, but I'm just lucky that I haven't paid for one in recent history. 

Ok so back to my review...Geisha Ink seems like they're based from Canada, and they're known for their liquid eyeliner and mascara. So I asked my friend to get it for me (of course I paid for it)...and I got it. woot woot !

Can we discuss how this lady (my sister from another mother) sent me this amazing package? She gave me the Too Faced Kabuki!! knowing I was on the hunt for a Kabuki and liked it.

I really do love all my readers, and its times like this where I really do feel the love <3. Thank you for the gift. <3 Thanks to people like you, I write about awesome brands like By Terry. :)

Packaging and Applicator: Standard mascara tube, but the actual name and print is on a sticker. I wish "Geisha Ink" was lasered/embossed into the actual mascara tube. The brush is a big poofy brush, you'll see a photo.

Formula: On the brush it looks so glassy and super shiny. This stuff is magical ! You put on one layer and it's a great dark and black mascara, and you layer it on, like 2-3 coats, this stuff is DRAMA. like super black. It's waterproof, which is really nice. The one shortcoming that I wish it did, is that it separates my lashes. It doesn't clump them either, but I love the look where you can see every single lash (like advertisements). But then again, that's something that can be easily resolved with a lash comb. I layered with six layers to see if it would make my lashes crunchy or if the formula will flake off, it doesn't do either. 

Effect and Removal: it makes my lashes look super dark and long and it's a full on volume mascara. sigh. nom. After 16 hours, no signs of flaking or smudging and no raccoon eyes !! YES ! *does happy dance*. It comes off with really warm water.

Price and size: i found out mine was 35 CDN + 14% tax + whatever shipping and mine was purchased here, but you get the idea. 8 mL or 0.272 oz.

Where to buy and where it's made?: Check here. It seems like it's not sold in the USA, so make friends with some cool Canadians. The mascara itself is manufactured in Japan.

Is it worth having?: If you're a mascara junkie, then it's a definite staple. For me, it will be a nice splurge from time to time. yummy. I just wanna be that Geisha in the photo, I won't lie. LOL

Onto the photos:

Since my camera is revolting against me with macro, you can see a low-res pic to get an idea: 

left eye is Geisha Ink (no primer, no curling lashes on both eyes)


  1. Thankfully, I'm already friends with a cool Canadian (Perilously, I'm talking about you!) so that is a relief. Those results are amazing! They really do speak for themselves.

  2. it's definitely worth checking out <3 nom nom nom ! :)

  3. ETK is the one mascara I'm yet to try... I've started losing faith in the high end ones these days and am sticking to drugstore or MAC mascaras, but I will definitely try ETK soon. What do you think of the newer ETK Excess ? Thanks for the review, your lashes look fab! :)

  4. I hate the excess mascara. it like clumps all your lashes into 2. I HATE.IT.WITH.A.PASSION.

    i haven't tried the GA ETK waterproof, so just get the original ETK.

    go to a GA counter and see if they have any minis to test it out, and just say it's because your eyes are sensitive or something.

  5. $42 for a mascara?! :O lol. But it looks good! I want to try that GA ETK mascara now...

    I have and love that kabuki brush. :)

  6. if you haven't noticed my other posts, i have no problems spending $ on pretties. 2 out of my 4 HG foundations are well $100+. *shifty eyes*

    it's such a great kabuki, let alone the price, which is a bonus! my personal fav is the Le Metier de Beaute one, which I reviewed already

  7. Wow this looks fabulous! And something that I have access to in Canada?! Well that's just plain crazy! Looks like it's 434 CDN so not cheap. I poked around a bit and of course didn't find anywhere with free shipping or anything but now I'm on a mission ;-) And of course I'd love to help my peeps out!

  8. This looks like a great mascara! I want to try it.


  9. Sounds like a wonderful mascara. That really gives you killer lashes! I love how rich the color is. Does it have fibers in the formula?

  10. Not that I know of, but one of the pics has the list of ingredients.

  11. wow, that looks A-MAY-ZING! Go on panties!

  12. Your lashes are fierce with this mascara!

  13. LOL I just noticed the box for the Kabuki says it's made with Teddy Bear Hair! I hope they weren't harmed in the process!

  14. That should say $34 not 434!!! Obviously mu Shift key skills were lacking!

  15. Fierce is right! I really love Japanese brands.

  16. oh wow. this sounds amazing and i love my lashes clumpy even! one question tho... how big is the wand? i can't tell from the photos. i can't really deal with big wands like dior show for example.


  17. Ahhh. U and Absalom are killing me. I need the Geisha Ink now! Great post pretty girl!

  18. Cherry WorthingtonJanuary 5, 2012 at 12:01 AM

    Hey ladies,

    I live in Seattle but sometimes go home to Vancouver, my hometown. Visit, they have the best shipping to the US. This mascara is the bomb!

    BTW, great post. I love how you are so detailed. If I haven't tried this, I would want it. You're awesome!