Monday, July 15, 2013

Depotting Makeup:

Over the years, as I've amassed makeup, I came to the inevitable crossroads. The ideal size of my stash in terms of physical dimensions (drawers) started to overflow. I love all of my makeup, but I needed to be creative in terms of storing it.

It got to a point where it became overwhelming and having a hard time finding eyeshadows, palettes, etc. It's even harder when you have multiple palettes of the same brand, and none of them have clear packaging to easily determine which one you are looking for. It got to a point of being so overwhelmed that I didn't even want to wear makeup anymore, because it started to be more of an annoyance/burden than a pleasure.

I figured since my makeup was in storage for quite some time now and I got a makeup drawer solution recently, this would be the time to start purging makeup I hardly used, depot the makeup I wanted to use more often, that I never got to use due to reasons stated above. 

Does anyone else feel like this? Just being overwhelmed by the amount of makeup you personally own?

Finally, I feel like I've reached a breakthrough. I did a round of purging (I have a small-medium sized bag filled with makeup i plan on giving away to friends). There are some more I want to get rid of (but it's a few items at this point). Having all of my items easily seen, just makes it so much easier. 

when i was 70% done depotting. I had thrown more plastic packaging in the trash.

I just need to add the magnets below the eyeshadows. Left are yaby palettes, right are Z-palettes

My e/s drawer. It has a few more items in there since the photo, like lashes, brow items, etc

The casualties: D&G rosebud, two Hourglass duos (thanks to the boyfriend for that mistake). I overcomplicated trying to remove the D&G blush. If you want to depot the blushes, don't separate the packaging like the Burberry method. Just let it sit there on top of an open flame long enough for the packaging to warp. 

For those of you who are curious about the eyeshadow names in the z-palettes, I don't know at the moment either, since I rearranged them a bit since that picture. Maybe another post I'll do swatches for you.

I can finally breathe a sigh of relief now that I can actually enjoy/appreciate what I own. :) 


  1. Love the palettes! I need to do this so bad.

    1. thank you LJ! you won't regret depotting. You'll feel like you have a brand new stash! Discovering old loves, purging stuff you don't need in the process.

  2. I am like you, lot of make up, just at looking at it make me feel happy, but sometimes, I don't see anything, there is so much...But on the other hand, I can't bring myself to depot from those very nice Burberry cases, or the Suqqu ones, I can't...I also have to say I am someone with a very hard time to throw stuff out, so, I guess that's part of the "No I can't..." But at some point I think I should really think about it...

  3. I look at all that depotting and want to start, yet I'm so hesitant. I want to depot my Suqqu eyeshadows so badly, especially since I have SO many of them. And it seems like one of the easier brands to depot, since they're just lightly held by glue and can be easily popped out by using the holes in the back. But - then I'd lose all that wonderful color- and texture-coordinated quads... *sigh* And I'd probably rearrange them by finish and/or color, rather than by quads... What to do? Ah, the problems of a make up hoarder...

    But your stash looks so lovely now :)

  4. I need to bite the bullet and just do this. I've done a purge and am down to colors that I wear on a regular basis. And I know I would rotate even more if I didn't have to sort through the stacks each morning. I even have an Etsy palette that has plenty of room in it to put colors in.
    I really like the see-thru top of the Z-palettes. Can you speak to how well that piece holds up? I haven't ever seen these palettes IRL.
    Burberry, RBR all lined up like little soldiers in a row!
    Once you have everything situated - I'd love to know what blushes are in the upper lefthand palette. There are about at least 4 colors that are singing their siren song to me!
    BTW - those aren't all brown! I see bone, ecru, beige, taupe, peach, dark brown, olive, khaki, grey, chocolate, champagne, golden brown, and a couple of navies thrown in for good measure!

  5. I keep my stash relatively small so I don't have to depot, which just seems to confuse me visually! I get dizzy looking at the pretty colors all at once...

  6. This looks beautiful! I so want to depot things but I am always afraid of them breaking!! Did you just keep melting until they came out easily? Any tips?? I'm guessing I get impatient and try to force things out..??

  7. How do you depot becca's eyeshadow? i've been searching for a demo but have no luck. can you please help me.

  8. Hi there :)
    After reading your post I am tempted to depot my Hourglass eyeshadow duos & Burberrys, but of course I am going to have to be extra careful seeing 2 of them were your casualties :( Could you please tell me if these 2 brands fit okay into a Yaby palette? I see you have them in your Z paIette, but I prefer the look & size of the Yaby ones for what I have. Also do I need to purchase the little grubbies/grabbies, lol, whatever they are called to make them magnetic?
    x Maria