Saturday, July 13, 2013

Le Metier de Beaute Lip Cremes and Glosses:

I finally got a preliminary solution when it comes to my stash and its storage. Downside is that I have yet to organize it all, and to buy some empty palettes for my eyeshadows. Everything is just kinda stuffed in drawers, a rough draft of organization...

In the meantime, I managed to find my Le Metier de Beaute glosses and lip cremes. A bit of a sad part to the story: I had a few more of them, and I was planning on getting rid of them after a while, but my old apartment, my roommate stole my makeup. I had all of the current glosses and a few more exclusives, but alas. They are out of my possession, but it's ok. It's not the end of the world.

If you haven't noticed already, they are my favorite formula when it comes to glosses.  

Toffee, Cafe, Bondi Beach, Sweet Creme, Cebu, Fraise, Framboise, Hibiskiss, Red Velvet, BDR, ITKB, Uma Paro 

From left to right: 

Toffee Lip Creme
Cafe Creme Gloss
Bondi Beach Gloss
Sweet Creme Lip Creme
Cebu Gloss
Fraise Lip Creme
Framboise Lip Creme
Hibiskiss Gloss
Red Velvet Gloss
Bettys Divine Red Gloss
In The Know Bordeaux Gloss
Uma Paro Gloss

Toffee, Fraise, Framboise Creme all apply like liquid lipsticks. Creamy, cling to your lips for hours. Sweet Creme isn't like the others, it's more like a gloss (less lasting power, it's more of a jelly like formula). Sweet Creme is the only one I've managed to finish tubes of. It's my first Le Metier de Beaute lip product, and I love it dearly. 

Red Velvet, In The Know Bordeaux, and to some degree Cebu and Bettys Divine Red: they have the gloss title, but they're more like a liquid lipstick, they all are opaque, have amazing lasting power as well. Cebu and Bettys Divine Red doesn't last as long as the other two, but it's longer lasting than most glosses. 

Cafe, Bondi Beach, Hibiskiss, Uma Paro: definitely less opaque than the ones listed above and have lasting power more along the lines of a lipgloss in terms of lasting power and feel. 

They all definitely have a significant sweet smell, and it may be off putting to some people, but I adore them, since they left my lips more hydrated, and last forever once applied. 


  1. I've always been curious about the Le Metier de Beaute lip cremes! Cebu looks especially gorgeous! And Fraise as well! Too bad about your roommate stealing your stuff though! How rude!!

  2. OOOOOOO AHHHHHH! *licks misspanties's arm* Love them. I need one closer to me! I like to see stuff in person before purchasing.

  3. omg I need so many of these , like now !
    thank you love :D

  4. Beautiful Swatches!