Friday, April 8, 2011

Shu Uemura Smoky Layers false eyelashes

A commonly overlooked item when it comes to makeup are false eyelashes. I'm sure some of us have never tried a pair for varying took me a while to wear them in my teens because I didn't know how to apply them. The other reason being I was afraid that I would lose my natural eyelashes if I applied them wrong (well I was like 15 when I thought this...forgive me) ahaha. 

My first experience with false eyelashes was probably when I was 17 or 18 at a MAC makeover. It felt really weird and heavy. After that my eyes got used to their weight...although MAC lashes serve its purpose, I just wasn't won over. I couldn't explain why at the time, but I was like "meh" to the idea of false lashes.

When I first got into Shu Uemura, I knew they were known for their false eyelashes and eyelash curler. The associate who helped me at the time recommended the Smoky Layers. I thought "wow these are really pretty".  I just saw them in the box and bought them. I found out why I think they're so pretty:

There's two rows of lashes. The "bottom" row of lashes are longer and slightly curled. The lashes individually are thinner than MACs, so they look more like your natural lashes. The top row is shorter, but curl up a bit more. It gives your lashes awesome volume and drama without being too crazy over the top. It gives a beautiful feathery effect that I just adore. 

On occasion I'll use just accent lashes, but if I want go all out on lashes, I reach for these. They are my signature lashes and they are quite the attention grabber. :D

Price: $28, sold here. I know that they're more expensive than your standard pair of MAC lashes, but a splurge won't hurt anyone, especially these :D <3

Pics seen below:

A side view of the lashes. You can see here what makes them look SO COOL. 

That's a part of my face...excuse the red eye, but that's an idea of how it looks on your eyes. This picture was taken from far away, so you can't see the detail ;(


  1. OMG! That side pic of them INSTANTLY sold me! <3

    TY for helping me with the By Terry color match! It is perfection!

  2. Laura: I'm glad I got the right shade for you :) I was so worried that I would have gotten the wrong color/shade.

    Let me know how you like Touchee Veloutee after doing a couple of test runs :) It's a staple in my makeup routine.

  3. Thank you for showing us what they look like on - they look amazing!

    I bought a pair of these a while back and have them stashed in amongst all my other eyelashes (Ardell for the most part) but these always look so pretty I can't help but admire them for a couple of minutes! Still can't bring myself to use them yet though!

    Btw, I think you sent me a MAC Guacamole eyeshadow a few years back - I was on the hunt for one and mentioned it on MUA. If I'm correct in my thinking, you, ever so kindly, offered to send me yours. So thank you again!

    Nazia =)

  4. @Nazia -- USE THEM !! they're so meant to be used.

    as for the eyeshadow: that was me. I hope you're using it because it is a pretty color. I'm glad I was able to help in ending your search for it. :)

  5. The next time I have a special occasion, I will use them and think of you! (Lol that sounds a tad creepy but you know what I mean!)

    As for the MAC, I use it far more than you would imagine - I like my bright eye looks and Guacamole is perfect! Thank you so much for your kindness - honestly, if I can ever repay it, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm in the UK, so if there's anything you ever want from over here, feel free to mention it to me.

  6. @Nazia --it's not creepy at all. and woohoo@for using it with your bright colors.

    and thank you for your offer. maybe one day i'll need the favor. Of course thank you for responding on my blog. it's nice to know that people read it :)

  7. I've never tried falsies but those look so natural and fabulous. Hmm I may just have to find these to have on hand for a special occasion since my lashes suck!

  8. Shu uemura or Elf eyelash curler?Any suggestion?

    Best Of Luck!!
    Best Eyelash Curler

  9. Brilliant....I shared your fears about falsies for years then went through a phase of getting extensions and now I use Latisse...and falsies and three coats of mascara! Lashes are intoxicating...will def try your double decker ones! Thanks!

  10. Yikes! 28 is a lot, but I see your point, they look absolutely gorgeous!!! I would definitely get these for a special occasion!
    New follower here by the way, and very glad to have found your blog :) Love the name of it too, teehee :)

  11. xenia: let me know how you like the lashes :D

    Y: hi, welcome to my little blog :). thank you for reading my blog. :D

  12. Great post,love e lashes. Have been buying all sorts of lashes and stuffing in me drawers but nevr got round to try them lol*scared to glue my eyes together lol*

    Lovely blog,am following u xx

  13. Ilove this pair especially from Shu Uemura and the Partial Flare for an accent!! I always sounds like a broken record to my friends, but I honestly can't recommend any other brand after trying Shu Uemura :) The permanent collection of lashes are just unbelieveable and so light!