Sunday, April 17, 2011

By Terry Rose de Rose Sheer Liquid Blush in Amber Rose (#3)

So in light of the warmer weather (well, not so much where I live), but it's slowly transitioning into spring/summer...I'm already thinking of what I'll be wearing during the summer months. 

When I think of summer, I think of luminous anything. The pretty luminous foundation, the corals, the bronzes, golds...well you know, anything really warm. Basically I've been trying to embrace my inner summer. I hate the summer months and I've never been a luminous kind of girl, but 2011 will be the year for me to venture out of the box when it comes to makeup. So this is my inspiration photo for this summer.

Packaging: My small gripe still exists, when you lift the lid, to remove the pump, it literally doesn't take much arm force. So if you twist the lid, the pump may come out without realizing it...and that can mean disaster. although it's not as bad as my Lumiere Veloutee foundation, but it's still to be noted.

Formula and Finish: By Terry liquid blushes are designed to be a highlighter and blush in one. These liquid blushes definitely fit the bill for that effect, as they have a high sheen and some sparkle. The overall effect they give is this really wet look. You know those photoshoots where the person looks really moist, dewy...yea, that kind of effect. You really need a tiny bit of it; one pump will be more than enough for both cheeks. The best way to apply these is with a synthetic brush (in my experience). The reason because if you just slap on the color with your fingers, it can go on a bit uneven if you're not careful. When first applied, the sheen may scare you, but when it dries, it looks a lot better. These will be so awesome when you go out at night. yummy.

Color: So this color looks so different in different lighting...the best description is a pink bronze/amber color. It's a gorgeous color in of itself and when you move your arm, the sheen is so awesome. sigh.

Scent: yes, it does have the By Terry signature rose scent. The strength of this scent is a lot more potent in these than some of her other products.

Price and size: $54. 15 mL, or .6 oz

Onto the photos:

I did 2 layers on my arm. The photo is a bit overexposed, but you can see the amber aspect to the color, as well as the highlighting effect it gives. 

Here's a better picture in terms of lighting. For some reason it looks slightly mauve, when it's not.

If you zoom in on the photo towards the left, you can see why fingers isn't quite my favorite method to apply these. When I apply this on my face, I put some on the back of my hand, then quickly use a synthetic brush to apply even it out. These do set pretty quickly.

Look at the sheen :D

Is this worth buying?: If you're not into luminous items, then this isn't for you, but otherwise, YES! This will be one of my go to items for the summer. :D


  1. Oo that looks kind of intensely pigmented, very pretty! I've been eying these for some time now, will definitely give it a try soon. Btw did you get yours from a Space NK? I've been to the Space NK in Soho and the service was appalling, walked straight out even though I wanted to get something.. =/

  2. I got it at SpaceNK. I don't go to that location for that reason, I don't feel welcome there either. I go to the SpaceNK inside Bloomingdales at 59th and Lexington. My go to people there are David, he's spot on with foundation matching and he does most of my makeovers. If I buy something from SpaceNK, 95% of the buys are based off his recommendations. He's brilliant to say the least. If he's not there, speak to Tracy (cute bubbly blonde lady) and she's brilliant with recommendations as well.

    I hope that helps in terms of knowing who to go to from now on.

  3. Hey thanks a lot for the pointers, will be sure to ask for these people when I go the next time. Maybe during Beauty Benefits week later this month.. :)
    Recently I had a very good experience with the new Chantecaille counter in the same Bloomies, don't know if you like that brand or are into their products but the girls there are really sweet. I actually walked in because the rest of the beauty floor was a mad house! And they do facials in the back room.

  4. I've been there and the girls are nice, one was very pushy with me, though :\. If I want to buy Chante, I'll go to the new SpaceNK on 71st and Lex, since it was recommended to me and I hear Phil is great. I met him once and he's so nice.

    Since I'm a SpaceNK member, I'd prefer SpaceNK to buy Chantecaille for the $5 off for every $100 spent. I used to go to Tracy before, as she used to work at the SoHo location, but now she works at the 59th and Lex SpaceNK with David :D

    but yea, the new SpaceNK location is sooooo pretty and cozy. it feels like I'm in someone's house lol.

    Thank you for the recs though :)

    Yes, please do visit Tracy and David ! :) They're awesome.

    If you're going to be doing Beauty Benefits: visit Joey at Giorgio Armani at Bloomingdales at 59th and Lex. it's near the Chante counter. In order to get a hold of him, you basically have to make an appointment because he's soooooo good and always with someone.

    So yea, now you know my go to Makeup Artists. They all give AWESOME customer service and fierce makeovers. :) They're my dream team.

  5. If you take a look at my entry, these tips were all given to me by Joey from Armani:


  6. Actually I did look at that post of yours and I've been trying to avoid the darker color in the crease a little and trying to do a layered effect instead! Thanks a ton for these tips, a good SA/MA is so key to the whole makeup shopping experience, no? I didn't know about the Space NK member program, is it open to anyone? Also didn't know about the new location, so exciting to be learning about cool places like New London Pharmacy and the like from you. Fun!!
    PS: Do you like shopping at Blue Mercury?
    Thanks! :)

  7. A good MA actually recommends products that are flattering on you, and not just selling you anything for the sake of a sale. I'm very lucky I have my MAs because they're actually talented professionals too. They're not just salespeople.

    As for the eyeshadow placement and layering, have a sit down with Joey and he'll break it down for you.

    As for SpaceNK membership card: it's open to anyone. Just pop on inside the Bloomingdales SpaceNK to get more info. It's a relatively new program, so don't feel like you're left out.

    Blue Mercury is nice too. I get my sunscreen from there. I know the manager at the Upper East Side location (75th street and Third avenue). She used to be one of my MAs a long time ago, but now she's doing big things, as she is management :).

    I like the atmosphere there, it's very chill and the couple of times I've been there, the associates are nice. I should pay the store manager a visit. I miss her.

  8. Another stunning piece from the line!! Ah, I probably need both Or de Rose and Amber Rose.