Saturday, April 2, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute Petit Poudrier Imperial Gardens Palette: Gift with Purchase

In three days, you can pre-order your Bergdorf Goodman makeup goodies for their Gift Card Event. 

It's from April 6th-10th

Spend $150 and get a $25 Gift Card
Spend $500 and get a $100 Gift Card
Spend $1000+ and get a $250 Gift Card

There are some Gift with Purchases (GWPs) being offered from different lines, but I'll be discussing Le Metier de Beaute's GWP :D ! I got the Le Metier de Beaute GWP as a gift (free) for the sole purpose to give my review and to show you the colors. From the mailer I got you have to spend $125 at Le Metier de Beaute to be entitled for the GWP, but to get the Gift Card, you have to spend $150. 

The palette is Imperial Gardens--it's a beautiful lip and cheek palette. It's about the size of a business card. It contains 4 lip colors, and a blush color. It's a beautiful palette. The texture of the lip colors are like the lip kaleidoscope palettes.

To those of you who know me, I'm anti lip palettes...why you ask? Because it can get messy over time. The bigger the lip palette is, the messier it looks and it's so off putting. Luckily for me, this palette isn't overly big so even if it does get messy (I'm a klutz), it's pretty easy to clean. 

Colors -- Clockwise from top left:  There's a purple with a tinge of brown lip color with golden sparkles, which I personally like by itself, but it can be mixed with other colors. Then there's this gorgeous shimmery red that has some pink to it, with pretty golden sparkles. Definitely my favorite lip color out of the bunch.  Then you have this creamy peachy pink with very subtle shimmer that barely shows up, it has pink and almost a red sparkle to it, definitely unique. Then the last color is this light brown-champagne shade, with multi-dimensional sparkles. 

As for the blush color. This is the definite winner. The GWP is honestly worth it just for the blush. It's so beautiful and I have yet to see a color like this in cream form. It's like a dusty pink-mauve color. I'm seriously INFATUATED. I'm dead serious...Seriously, really, infatuated. I think you can use the blush as a lip color too, but I haven't tried it on my lips. Just stating a potential option. :)

Dear Le Metier de Beaute: Please make this cream blush a permanent color in your collection. I seriously hope you're reading this and taking it into consideration.

I will apologize upfront because I have serious limited arm movement, therefore difficulty to swatch the colors evenly. I will say the light brown champagne shade was hard to apply since it was the last color for me to swatch. Plus I didn't have the best applicator on me. I do hope you guys get the idea of how awesome it is.

Onto the pictures and swatches:

Left to Right:

The cream blush

Then the four lip colors from top left, clockwise.

*To note, the purple color looks more brown in photos than in person.

Is it worth getting?: For a Gift with Purchase, I think it's very versatile and just straight up beautiful. The cream, just WOW.

To make your Le Metier de Beaute order, here's their phone number: 212-872-8612


  1. oh yes that blush is gorgeous!!


  2. I know ! i'm so excited about this blush. it's a pretty decent size too in comparison to the lip products...besides, it will last a while :)

  3. this palette looks so gorgeous! I was just wondering, have you tried to LMDB foundation and if so, what did you think of it?

  4. @luv2smilexo: I use Le Metier's Peau Vierge foundation, which I use as my tinted moisturizer. I did my review on it, seen here: